Dinner Mints – Something To Suck


The Dinner Mint is the second most sucked item in Trinidad and Tobago and is part of the country’s identity. The sweet is adored by all and it doesn’t matter if the Dinner Mint is made by KC or Diana. In Trinidad and Tobago, Dinner Mints are used as a breath freshener, a meal, a kitchen table decoration, fast foreplay, and also a form of currency. Only last week I received three dollars and two Dinner Mints change from a Doubles Vendor in Curepe and had to hold the Mints to the light to make sure it wasn’t counterfeit. Some of the better Vendors also display a rate of exchange table. It’s only a matter of time before Ewart Williams starts to put his signature  next to the Be Mine Tonight comment on Dinner Mint wrappers.

The Dinner Mint is popular among restaurant owners and is given to customers along with the bill. The reason being the mint can sometimes hide the smell of curry duck and rum from the boss.  The price of Dinner Mints has increased over the years and it joins the ranks of Crix and Ping Pong as items that were once affordable to the poor. However, price increases and the Chinese have not made Dinner Mints less popular in Trinidad and Tobago since the average Trini must have something to suck all the time.

The Problem With UDECOTT


The biggest problem with UDECOTT isn’t that the public thinks it is a corrupt organization staffed with people who are born to be crooked. The biggest problem with UDECOTT isn’t that the designers of the Brian Lara Stadium couldn’t tell the difference between a tulip and a coconut tree. The biggest problem isn’t even the stadium may become a billion dollar white elephant and make Israel Khan more angry. The Biggest problem isn’t even with the millions of taxpayers’ dollars that is being spent on lawyers to defend foolish men employed by taxpayers against taxpayers.

The biggest problem with UDECOTT is that the masses who screamed about the corruption with the Piarco Airport Terminal are now silent and indifferent about UDECOTT. These are the masses that are on standby to either wave a flag in support of something that can’t be defended logically or keep their tail between legs. It depends on what their Leader says and not their brains.

People in Trinidad and Tobago believe right and wrong isn’t based on logic but based on who thief. Kevin Baldeosingh,  in his masterful Trini trolleys and More Trini trolleys articles, pointed this out. Sadly, Trinidad and Tobago hasn’t developed into a logic-thinking  society but into something frightening.

Earth Hour 2009


Millions of homes, businesses, and tall Government buildings will be shutting off lights for one hour tonight in support of Earth Hour. This is being done to highlight to World Leaders the need for energy conservation and something to blog about. Lighting accounts for 11% of a home’s electricity bill in the US but in Trinidad and Tobago it is less because of the dense streetlight population. During this one hour of darkness from 8:30 to 9:30 pm people are being urged to switch off all lights and take a moonlight stroll, get fit by running from bandits, or make love in those nearby bushes you had your eye on for so long. The Las Vegas Strip and parts of Beetham will go dark for one hour tonight but possibly for different reasons.

If lights-off becomes a habit the world will not only last longer but the population may increase if people don’t know what they are doing in the dark. This blog is urging people to tell a friend but stay away from Bougainvillea tonight.

Please Complete – The Cabinet Note

humor_kiss_my_ass_red_shirtA Cabinet Note was discovered pinned to a tee-shirt which was found in a shinny, black, new SUV. Here is the content of that note and it is being made public for the first time.


Dear Cabinet,

Here is a list of things I want done ASAP since many, many years is a long time even by my standards (for those who don’t know or are just too stupid ASAP means As Soon As Possible and sometimes pronounced Ass Arp or Ass Up in your case). These things are not to be done for the Summit but for the lovely people. Please have all task finished at least seven days before 17th April.

  • Paint concrete dividers on the highway so that drivers and dignitaries will notice how clean they look and think our hands are also clean. Have no fear; we will stick posters on them before the Local Gov elections.
  • Cut trees in airport car park so that thieves can be seen smashing car windows to get to valuables and bags of bene balls left on car seats. Seeing is believing.
  • Cut trees near lighthouse to prevent the Sea Lots bandits from hiding in them. Those bandits will have to hide elsewhere so think of somewhere else for them to hide. Bandits are our friends and supporters.
  • Widen road near Light House so that people will feel we want them to come to town.
  • Get somebody at UDECOTT to make up another completion date for the white…I mean the Brian Lara Stadium.
  • Pave airport tarmac to accommodate VIPs (for those who do not know or are simply stupid it means Very Important Planes)
  • Cut bush where necessary.
  • Install CCTV where it matters.
  • Remove tints from cars so we can see who we looking for with the CCTV.
  • Move the homeless but make it sound humane. I don’t care what you do with them since most don’t have ID cards.
  • Promise the Unions dialogue since talk is cheap.
  • Lock down appropriate areas.
  • Promise the people anything to keep them from burning tires.
  • Monitor blogs which are critical of the Government and take appropriate action but keep action quiet.

p.s. Mr. Minister of Works, why am I paying a consultant to tell the public the steel no good. I have a good feeling to pay him from your cu…your salary.


Jesssica Alba and Kate Winslet – Nudity

Sin City

Sin City

Sexy sex kitten, Jessica Alba, does not want to be type cast as a sex kitten in future roles and does not want to do nudity in movies. She probably feels she is capable of being more than a shape and now wants to try words. Kate Winslet has been nominated for six Oscars and won Best Actress in 2009 for the Movie which she did the most nudity, The Reader.

Kate Winslet - The Reader - Nudity

Kate Winslet - The Reader - Nudity

There will always be people against  any form of nudity and sex in movies but you can’t stop the  sex  because movies are about life and you can’t have life without sex, or a test tube. It is also difficult to have proper sex without nudity.

Sometimes a forceful point can only be made with nudity as was the case in The Reader. One reviewer said there was too much nudity in the movie but  how else can film makers attract a young audience to artistic movies. The Reader was not phonographic  but the first half hour was eventful.

Jessica Alba wallpaper

Jessica Alba wallpaper

Nudity has been abused in some movies and it is sometimes used to prevent the audience from going into a coma, as done with porn movies. The plot in most pornographic flicks can numb even the dullest brain so nudity is used as the device to keep the audience alert and even erect.

Maybe Jessica Alba should shun showing her entire body to an eager audience since her body may prevent the audience from noticing the rest of her. Some actresses may be very comfortable wearing shorts on magazine covers but being nude on the big screen can be like a photographer without a camera on Carnival Day.

England and the West Indies vs Duckworth-Lewis


Never send a cricket coach to do a statistician’s job ~ aka_lol (2009)

West Indies cricket Coach John Dyson gave England the glory of a statistical victory rather than let the West Indian batsmen plod to almost certain defeat because of fading light in the lightless Providence Stadium in Guyana.

It was the move of a lifetime when Dyson waved the batsmen in. The batsmen were confused as there was no scrolling banner below the scoreboard saying which team was Duckworth-Lewis ahead and there was no communications between Dyson and the Match Referee. It was all down to the nail-biting misinterpretation of the Duckworth-Lewis charts by Dyson. Another fine day for Cricket.