Paula Patton – The Secret of Mission Impossible 4

Paula Patton - Closeup

Paula Patton

The car sported a BMW emblem - A Ghost Protocol BMW

Paula Patton and Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 4:Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol is clearly the butt-kicking action movie of the year. Not only that, but the movie starred the sexy and mostly unknown Paula Patton as main attraction for male fans, closely followed by various BMW vehicles and Dell servers. Throughout the movie I was wondering not only what the salary of secret agents are and how much they charge for endorsements, but why I haven’t dreamt about Paula Patton before and hoping I will see her wearing a short, tight-fitting skirt in the near future. Everybody knows that Tom Cruise is a fine actor though he is on the short side even with platform shoes but Paula Patton was the homing missile that propelled Ghost Protocol to the top of the box office charts.

Ghost Protocol may not be a feel-good movie like “Miracle on 34th Street” , “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “Dr. No” but the movie left the audience feeling that the secret of life is knowing all about curves: where to find them and how to negotiate the finest curves the world has to offer without ending up wrapped around a light-pole at 2 a.m.

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Have A Very Sexy Christmas

Sexy Christmas

Form: The management and staff (one and the same) of This Beach Called Life

To: All those who managed to come visit this blog at random intervals during the last 12 months – have a Sexy Christmas and may the stockings, g-strings and/or Speedos that you bought fit that special someone almost as well as it did the mannequin and/or sales person in the store. May your tingles be in the right place and be bright and cheery.

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Doubles With Slight Pepper

Ian Harnarine

Although the word has been around since August, I only found out about the movie Doubles With Slight Pepper from the Trinidad Guardian on Monday. It was good news for movie making in Trinidad and Tobago. Doubles With Slight Pepper is a movie by Ian Harnarine, a Canadian with Trini parents and who is a movie sound recordists and mixer. The movie won Best Short Award at the International Toronto Film Festival (ITFF) has been considered among the top ten movies in Canada this year. According to the ITFF website the movie runs for 16 minutes and has the famous American director, Spike Lee listed as one of the executive producers. The Trinidad Guardian’s article said the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company (TTFC) assisted Mr. Harnarine with grant funding for the movie. I checked the listing for the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (TTFF I suppose) for listings for 2011 but didn’t see Doubles listed. Maybe Flow will offer it on-demand soon.

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Trini Christmas – The Photo Story

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Here is another photo-project which I am calling “Trini Christmas.” I will start with a few photos and as I find more time I will take and post more shots. The photos shown are some of what I observed during this Christmas season. Christmas in Trinidad has a high content of foreign decorations, foreign movies and local pigs. None of this is a criticism since nearly everybody is happy with what we do during the Christmas season with the one exception being dying and killing with drinking and driving.  Local Christmas music is mainly the Spanish influenced Parang, White Christmas and Scrunter wanting A Piece of Pork for the Christmas. Sorrel is the most popular drink in Trinidad and Tobago at Christmas time after Scotch and coconut water. Sorrel drink is made from the fleshy red calyx of the hibiscus sabdariffa ( Ginger beer is popular but not something I am fond off so I will not try to big it up via blog.

There are several new trends developing over the years in Trinidad and Tobago for the Christmas Season such as avoiding the malls and streets and instead depending on Amazon and skybox addresses for everything from books to underwear for that special someone. There are now a number of these skybox services available in Trinidad and Tobago, services that can easily frustrate customers with unreliable delivery during this season of buying affection with credit cards.

The best way to describe the weather in Trinidad in December is tropically cool. Only last week I heard thunder then got soaked but generally the skies are sometimes blue and even bluer if a polarizing filter is used – no Photoshop is necessary for the season.

Christmas time is the best time of the year in TnT for those who have some money. Even if a person fell through the cracks and was never able to make any money because they lacked the skills and health necessary to get a job and live like people, there might be short-term charity made available by the rich and the Government. Nobody wants to be poor and in an attempt to combat poverty and unhappiness some public servants, politicians, and contractors team up to dabble in the corruption field at the expense of even those who don’t have any money.

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Mayaro Beach Photos – 2011


Fishing Boat at Mayaro Beach

Mayaro Beach beach

St. Peter's and St. Paul's Church Mayaro Beach - 2011

After some years of a drought of photos of Mayaro Beach, I finally posted a new album. The beach looks the same and possibly a bit cleaner, except for the odd pen or cigarette lighter. I also paid a visit to the church for photographic reasons and found out from the priest the church, which is 167 years old, may be demolished soon as the owners of the land is interested in bulldozing the building. I don’t know if I got this part right but I think he said the land was sold by the church several years ago. Well, Mayaro could always do with another hideaway for families etc.

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