Random Thoughts – One

  • Sanity is mainly another name for inert and it’s the main cause of boredom, which quite often leads to insanity.
  • I am not ashamed or afraid to admit that “Harry Potter” has never sparked my curiosity. There is something about an imaginary boy wizard having more powers than I have that’s just irksome.
  • The most abused modern-day technological wonder is the cell phone, especially with the camera built in. Nothing is sacred anymore and everyone is a potential spy and private detective. This is a total abuse of a convenience.
  • The new Santana CD “All That I Am” is to be released soon and it is to be one of those “Content/Copy-protected” CDs. I think the recording industry is clutching at straws because since when does copy protection prevent people from copying?
  • If I ever wanted to open a store it would definitely be a book store selling only books. My reason would be that the chances of a break-in would be minimal since in this country books are not attractive to thieves and politicians (but I repeat myself). Books are not any more expensive than other pleasure devices but it requires greater brain effort than most pleasures. When I say pleasure and pleasures I mean it in the most decent way your brain could understand the word. The word pleasure has taken on a new twist lately and word association games have proven this many times over. We are a society of pleasure seekers, especially on Fridays after work…so I hear.
  • Small and miniature can impress friends and onlookers but it depends on what they are looking on to.
  • The Police have finished their investigations into the recent bombings and is unable to determine who is responsible since the bomber did not leave his name, address and phone number. How else can they solve any crime?
  • The fact there were four consecutive full-page ads for the Jaguar X-Type in a local newspaper today is mind boggling. It used to be that the people who could afford these cars in this and many countries were few and far between, but now they are everywhere there is a load of gravel on the road, government contract, or kidnapping establishment (but I repeat myself). I must now conclude the wealth is being distributed evenly, tough forcefully. That’s what is known as good governance.

The Back

At a recent concert, which was held at a location not too far form where I am typing this blog, I sat behind someone’s exposed back. The back wasn’t a bad back since it was an early to mid twenty something year old female back and seemed to be in good visual shape. Don’t for one minute think that I am one of those many weirdoes who spends the better part of his waking hours observing and scrutinizing female backs. But you see folks I had time to kill because the music was too loud to have any meaningful conversation without screaming, also the back was practically begging to be watched and even admired. I succumbed to the begging and the admiring.

Being an armature photographer exposure is always on my mind. The back had me thinking whether this back was correctly, under or over exposed. In my opinion it was correctly to under exposed but some conservative people would say any exposure is over exposure.

Backs are normally ignored until it starts to act up or become exposed. In this case it was clearly an “in your face” issue. At first I looked at the back in general terms, not as components which made up the back. To fully appreciate back beauty you need to look at it as a whole and not break it down into its components such as freckles, skin conditions and hair content. Believe me, this back was quite attractive but not when it was separated and analyzed, and few things ever are beautiful that way.

Mind you I didn’t constantly stare at the back as if to burn a hole in it and I doubt there is any back worth more than 5 minutes of attention in any given hour. What really happened was every look brought a thought and I looked several times therefore I accumulated several thoughts.

Apparently The Back had a nice Motorola cell with a camera, which she used to take several pictures of Mr. Grizzly, sitting next to her. What a waste of pixels I thought. Then, as if she sensed and was curious about my presence, she took a pic of me without turning around. It was a perfect voyeur photography technique. I then saw her look the captured image and scream. She then deleted the photograph without any indecision. The Back must have thought it was too early for Halloween. My feelings were not hurt because I knew if she did turn around or kept the picture Mr. Grizzly would be less than pleased and I less than alive. I was thankful to be still alive and physically intact because the concert hadn’t even started. However, after the first act performed on stage, my imaginary demise by Mr. Grizzly didn’t seem to be such a bad idea.

Maybe I will say more on what happened under the fancy lighting coupled with the over amplified sound but for now I will go. And despite popular request I will be back.

My Nobel Prize

Yesterday I developed a theory which would either earn me a Nobel Prize or no prize. My theory proposes to explain a mysterious phenomenon which has been bothering men and some women for thousands of years. The phenomenon is known as “Unexplained Missing Socks (UMS).” Yes, people have suggested alternate theories before but they were all preposterous and never intended to be serious theories. At best, the existing theories can be used as standup comedy material or in politicians’ speeches, which are the same things actually. However, I must admit my theory also sounds ludicrous on the surface but once you start to give it some thought, it flies.

I want to propose to the world that socks are going missing because aliens are kidnapping and studying them in their quest to find out what makes The Earth tick. The reason socks are being singled out is quite simple; the aliens in question look like socks therefore think that Earth socks are the highest form of intelligent life on the planet. Some of you may know people and several politicians who are less intelligent than Earth socks but generally speaking, socks are not very smart. The aliens probably came to the conclusion that “Socks are it” not only because socks are their look-alikes, but because they have been observing that socks are involved in every meaningful activity on the planet, except swimming. Just think about it for a moment and you would see what I mean. The Sock Aliens also observed how some lesser intelligent life forms, namely humans, throw a fit when they can’t find their socks. The aliens think humans are the slaves of the socks because if a slave ever loses his master all hell will break lose. That is probably why some humans go ballistic when they lose their socks. Could you imagine what would happen if you couldn’t find your Prime Minister? Ok, bad example, but you see where the aliens are coming from.

I submit two photographs of these Sock Aliens for your consideration. The first (above) was taken one morning. The hideous creature looked so much like my socks that it almost went unnoticed. The second (below) was taken more recently when I spotted the alien at a popular DVD club taking out two movies for the weekend.

As more evidence is gathered about UMS and Sock Aliens I will share it with the World, even if the World doesn’t want it shared. Even if the World is afraid of the Truth.