Michelle Jenneke Makes Female Track and FIeld Sexy Again

It has always been rumored that some of the sexiest female athletes come from Australia wearing shorts and Michelle Jenneke proved that a few days ago. Not only was her warmup hot, spicy and productive but she made women athletics  a spectator sport worth spectating. I have nothing but sympathy for the poor camera man who was trying to find one reason for focusing on Dou Wang or any of the others instead.

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Olympics 2012 vs West Indies Cricket

The video is blocked from this website by the IOC and the song is called Survival and sung by British rock band Muse. I hear this song nearly every day and probably even on our local Star 94.7 and still can’t picture it as a theme song for the Olympics.

On the other hand, the song below is a West Indies Cricket song which has enough energy to power the 2012 Olympics in London for all its days. The song is called We Are The West Indies and its performed by Tian Wynter & Keida.

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