The Last Puff

January 30th, 2020

Three years ago the last puff of natural gas made its way through a rusted pipeline and into the last functioning generator to give the last feeble jolt of electricity to the depleted, debt-ridden nation. The dictator, who had squandered the future of the nation on huge concrete monstrosities, unsustainable transport systems and several other nonproductive idiocies, had long since fled the country in his shinny private jet along with his entourage of mindless devotees. They went to a better land and any land was now better than the destroyed and polluted land of this once beautiful country. The people, who for some bizarre reason, were once revered by the rest of the world as the highest per capita consumers of electricity, were left to fend for themselves without even a candle of hope. There was no more greenery as the dictator loathed the color as much as he loathed intellect. The multinationals, which by nature loved Banana Governments, jumped at the chance to plunder the nation and rid the country of not only its greenery but its future. The dictator passionately disliked intelligent people so he helped the crime sector to flourish beyond belief. The flourishing state-encouraged crime industry caused the brain drain to accelerate leaving the dictator unchallenged and the country mindless. Any form of opposition to his ideas was met with the full force of his loyal enforcers. Internationally, he claimed the people were free but little did they know they were only free to worship him. Access to the Internet was closely monitored, and the blogging of opposing ideas was made the most heinous crime in the land.

Operation Hand Bill

Citizens breathed a sigh of relief as it became apparent that the countless millions spent on intensive crime-fighting training for the much respected police service, and the countless millions more on hi-tech balloons did not go to waste as the latest crime plan was unleashed by the Government onto the population. High ranking security officials, including the CoP, are said to be overjoyed over this latest, and last crime fighting initiative which they once again feel will hopefully be the blimp to break that back called crime.

Officially, the anti-crime drive is called Operation Handbill but unofficially it’s called Get Him Now. It is also reported that the Police Service, like CEPEP, will leave no stone unturned in the quest to make the country safe by eradicating those who commit the unpardonable crime of handing out handbills without the printer’s name and address. The announcement of this latest crime plan has now caused countless thousands of once perceived law abiding citizens to go into hiding but not under stones, or cable TV stations for fear of being uncovered by CEPEP, or the Government’s Telecom Authority. Experts have indicated there is now little difference between the two organizations and they are expected to be merged later in the year.

Full page ads are to be placed in the all the daily and weekly newspapers informing citizens to immediately report the sighting of any handbills without the printers name and address by calling 800-HAND or 800-BILL. Millions have also been pumped into a special handbill witness protection program to ensure its success. Operation Handbill will continue until citizens learn that final lesson of the lengths and depths the Government is willing to go to retain the status quo.

Diehards, the Destroyers

For a large percentage of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago known as diehards, which party is in power is more important than what is happening to the country. For them, the party takes precedence over any crime committed, human plight, ethical values, logical thinking, or the destruction of the country. For reasons unknown to the few reasonable people left in the country, diehards seem to put party above self, or any concept of God ever imagined. It’s frightening to normal people to see when a member of a particular party does something that is either morally wrong or illegal their supporters cheer loudly and endorses the act with a passion. That is something only a diehard could understand and savor.

Diehard supporters are never concerned about the consequences of the wrong, but only which party the wrongdoer belongs. The obsession with the party makes me feel that diehards are even more dangerous than kidnappers or drug pushers because they promote evil hidden under the guise of national development. I am no longer amazed at how easy it was for Hitler to get supporters to believe in evil. Diehards have constantly shown that they are dishonest, vindictive, pretentious, ruthless, delusional, and destructive. The moral (really immoral) value system of diehard supporters on all sides of the political Atlantic is ripping this country apart and they are enjoying it.

Trinidad and Tobago is rapidly degenerating simply because our leaders only speak the language of hate with passionate venom and encourage their loyalist to do the same. Their mantra is “Hate, hate, hate!!” Our leaders are ruthless and manipulative egomaniacs with evil in their hearts, and not one ounce of love. I have never heard any political leader, maybe until now; speak with compassion. We get the type of leaders we grow, and those leaders grow more supporters in their likeness. I am afraid, very afraid for what Trinidad and Tobago has become because there is no light at the end of the tunnel of hatred our leaders continue to build as their legacy.

Legal Piracy aka DVDs: 11 for $100

I can’t help but feel that lawlessness is a part of our culture and mindset. I recently read in the newspaper where the CEO of Directv in the Caribbean was complaining about the legal cable company pirating some channels, mainly the so-called premium channels like HBO and Cinemax. This was supported by a statement from HBO that the cable company had no permission to broadcast those channels. The Directv CEO also said he wrote the Minister responsible for the protection of intellectual property about a year ago on the issue and he is yet to receive a reply. This lack of interest shows where the Government stands on intellectual property – nowhere.

I feel successive Governments have turned a blind eye to cable and DVD piracy because it would create an uproar among the masses and the masses have too much to worry about. The reasoning goes beyond that. If the Government clamps down on big “legitimate” business because of piracy then the Government would also have to clamp down on the “small man” for the same reason. This is a no-win situation for the Government because hitting the small man means losing votes and hitting big business means losing friends.

The people continue to be ignorant about what makes a society better and therefore continue to support the things that are illegal and/or immoral. Our leaders continue to only run their mouths about the value of intellectual property while blatantly refusing to protect it. Laws and their enforcement would not eliminate piracy but it would make a strong statement about the value of intellectual property to the nation.

Critical Mass

Speed kills and that’s a fact. Stupidity is the lack of understanding of the consequences of one’s actions. People who speed on the roads are not fully aware that it is not an acceptable risk, and insurers will tell you that. People who speed are stupid people, but even more that that, they are dangerous to society. Self-contained stupidity is typically safe but public stupidity can be lethal. That is what we are facing now, an exponential increase in the amount of people who are a menace to society. When this number of people reaches critical mass society will meltdown, and I think we are on the verge of societal meltdown. Excess speed is one symptom, pig manners and government arrogance is another. There are too many other symptoms to place in this blog but I am sure you can easily name at least three more.

New Year Scrooge and All That

I have no fans or fan club so my quiet reentry into the blogging world will go as unnoticed as my departure. For those who are curious as to why I gave up blogging I can only say it was due to my disillusionment with blogging. So what was I disillusioned about you may ask, but I have no answer which I can remember. Maybe I simply wasn’t achieving the level of fame I thought blogging would bring. Maybe blog wasn’t the answer. For those who are now way past the edge of their seat in curiosity as to why I am back again I can only say I have discovered that Blog is a many splendored thing and what the world needs now is blog, sweet blog. I have also realized it is just as important to find out why we blog as much as how we blog.


I would normally wish people Happy New Year or All the Best around this time of the year but this year I decided to not put more rubbish in people’s head. It’s not good to do people’s jobs for them and filling heads with rubbish is the job of politicians and clergymen. Also, those greetings are customary and empty. We do it because we are afraid no to but fear is not the answer. Furthermore, asking someone How Are You is a highly rhetorical question and as such, more than other rhetorical questions, requires deep silence because it is a reflex action greeting. Since I do not wish people happy new anything I simply look at people with disinterest and grunt vaguely as they offer their hand to be shaken as a gesture of goodwill while spewing new year greetings. They think I belong to some strange religion that doesn’t believe in fireworks. I might also come across as sour and that is my intention because I am a born again New Year Scrooge.