When I’m Sixty-Four

And now for a musical interlude but the Fab-Four.

When I’m Sixty-Four was written by Paul McCartney in 1966 as a tribute to his father and the music of the thirty’s. Sir Paul McCartney is now sixty-five and strangely divorced. He now has four grandchildren and is a vegetarian who loves lambs. He is one of Britain’s wealthiest men and could possibly have his way with most women.

The song When I’m Sixty-Four first appeared on the Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band Album, which was later rated as the most influential album of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Please note that Rolling Stone is a magazine, The Rolling Stones is a band and rolling stones is something people do in Bedrock, and sometimes in bed.

Zesty Zing

aka_lol - Dragonfly

I never met Sir V.S. Naipaul but I came close in April 2007 during a book signing held in Trinidad. He signed my new copy of Miguel Street but first looked carefully at the book, as if taken aback by the cover picture. Maybe he thought the book was counterfeit but it possibly was the new cover design from the American publisher. I didn’t have to explain and he didn’t ask. We almost made eye contact and that was the closest I came to meeting Sir V.S. Naipaul. My V.S. Naipaul blog interview was a creation of my imagination and it happened around 5:00 am one Saturday morning, a few days after the book signing, hence the deranged thoughts.

Aka_lol is obviously not a real writer, but a dabbler in words and sentences. I am famous for being grammatically incorrect and disorganized in thought. In terms of writings, I have very little to show but this blog and few sarcastic office memos. I never attempted to write anything that was long, deep, or meaningful since I am an engineer. This is my blog-life, which if analyzed by specially trained blog analyst, may reveal my life through their eyes.

There is no special theme for my blog other than what I feel to write at that point in time. I don’t have an intentional sense of humor, and I write normal human thoughts derailed by another, sometimes unrelated, notion. The end result could either be funny or strange. It could even be both.

For hobbies, I chose photography as my number one distraction. I have a website which I use to display some of my photos but which has not been updated in any drastic way recently. My aim is not to create a big impact on the photography landscape, but to track down copyright violators and bring them to justice or at least to a kangaroo court. The main purpose for having hobbies is to give life a zesty zing, which it eventually comes to lack.

Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin

What is extra virgin, or more precisely, do you know any. Suicide-bombers, a flourishing, yet dying profession, will blow up the world for the reward of a few regular virgins can you imagine what they would do for extra virgins. Extra virgin is a loose and misleading term that should not be bandied about on the streets and especially on supermarket shelves because the average parent is not ready for the questions it may bring during family shopping expeditions:

Son – Mommy, Daddy, what is extra virgin and is it better than regular virgin?

Daddy – In my days Son, we only had regular and even those were hard to find.

Mommy – I doubt your father ever had one…except for one I mean.

Daddy – Year, right. I knew quite a few in my time…

Mommy – …and they still are virgins.

Son – So, should we get the extra virgin or the regular?

Daddy – It’s all a matter of taste and how good your heart is, Son.

Mom – Your father may develop a heart problem if even thinks about it.

Son – Does this mean Daddy can’t have it?

Daddy – Your Mommy says I can look all I want but I have to leave it on the shelf.

Son – Even the extra virgin?

Mommy – Especially the extra virgin.


1408 – You May Never Leave

1408 is a four-star scary movie based on a three-star Stephen King’s story. It stars John Cusack as a writer who makes a living by debunking claims of haunted hotels rooms and overpriced beer-nuts. This all changed when he met the depressing Room 1408, which allegedly killed more occupants than the POS General Hospital. The movie also stars Samuel L. Jackson as the cigar-smoking “I told you so” hotel manager. Many ghosts, and one live, abandoned wife made guest appearances when you least expected. Most ghost were badly dressed and had a tormented look, not unlike people in Trinidad traffic or Trinidad Parliament. The abandoned wife wasn’t too bad considering it was a horror flick.

Spill-the-popcorn was the name of this movie’s game and judging from the crunch under my feet at the end of the show, I would say 1408 succeeded.

Live Earth 7 7 07

Live Earth Trinidad

Seven is considered lucky only if you are superstitious and winning. This doesn’t mean the promoters, performers, attendees and viewers of the Live Earth Concert are superstitious or losers, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the Live Earth concert is being held on the 7-7-07 to raise funds and awareness of worthy causes – the Planet Earth and beach front property prices. The concert is being held in ten locations on the planet, including the Antarctica, but it should have been seven for effect. The list of performers is long and anybody who is anybody in the performing world is taking part with only a sprinkling of those who are SUV owners, private jet fliers, and chronic bean eaters.

During the concert people and politicians will be asked to make a seven-point pledge and if successful it will change the political climate for a good. It doesn’t matter if you look at the concert but only that you are aware that acts such as Madonna and Huang Xiao Ming will be performing. Global Warming is not a fad or a cause. It is real and it not only threatens the lives of all living creatures on our planet, but our ability to emit more greenhouse gases. I am supporting the Live Earth cause because man has the uncanny ability to destroy himself in his quest for happiness.

When Padma Left Salman

The controversial writer, Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie, is getting a divorce. Some say a writer and his wife should be separate but this is taking things too far. Rushdie became famous and notorious for his writings, but infamous for his looks. Then he married Padma Lakshmi, a very beautiful model-turned-actress, twenty-four years his junior, and his fourth wife. Exactly what he dangled before Padma to attract her is unclear but it worked, I hope. Padma enhanced Rushdie’s image but did little for his looks. This – the twenty-four year age difference – is what authors call heaven on earth but heaven can be hell if you over do it on the weekend.

When Rushdie fell for Padma the British press was annoyed and some journalist even wondered why beautiful women marry ugly men. I suppose one can always argue that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but ugly is absolute. I make no judgment on this beauty and the beast issue only to say beauty diminishes with familiarity but ugly never does.

I am not a fan of Rushdie because I never read any of his books. I was afraid to and still am, but critics say he is a good writer. If it wasn’t for the fame of the fatwa and the beauty of Padma, Rushdie might have ended up like many prize-winning authors whose books sell by the dozens; obscure and unread.


Cork Ball

What do suicide bombers and West Indian Cricketers have in common? They are both easily blown away. In recent years the West Indies cricket team has become adept in not only losing, but in making excuses for losing. The excuses range from “we played badly” to “Lara make duck.” There’s now a ritual at the end of every match where the West Indies Captain say to the fans huddled around their TV sets, there is hope, and then promptly put on what can only be described as a duck-fest. Fans are embarrassed and hide the shame by faking a Sri Lankan accent. Even some of the players are doing it.

In just a few years the West Indies has moved from cricketing supremacy to cricketing boboley. The West Indies Players Association demand big pay checks but little performance. I have no problem with paying players for work done but to pay them for playing bat-and-ketch with the opposing team is ridiculous. The board is demanding discipline and respect but they get none. The board has no credibility because they have no game plan. The team is bewildered and lacks the fighting spirit, the mental stamina, the cleverness, the discipline, the professionalism and the balls to make it in international cricket. We are unable to learn from our mistakes so we entertain the crowd by becoming the laughing stock of the cricketing world. I have no problem in supporting a team that is trying to win but to support a team that is indifferent to victory is hard to do. But I persist because I can’t fake an accent without migrating first.

Corrective action needs to be taken and if that action means we fire or don’t fire the selectors, the board, the coach, the players, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we beat everybody senseless. West Indies Cricket is not only about winning, it’s about trying, and that is what we have forgotten how to do.