Zinedine Zidane Helps Italy Get A Head

It’s impossible to know what was going on in Zidane’s head when he decided to use it in the most unconventional, but effective manner at the World Cup finals against Marco Materazzi. But, even if we do know, it wouldn’t prevent a movie being made about this everlasting one-second-pride-of-France incident.The head butt incident was the highlight of the most-watched event in the history of television and it took away almost all the glory from Italy. Even with the Italians poorly dancing in victory while holding the Word Cup, the name Zidane was on everyone’s lips and in everyone’s inbox. I imagine that Zidane thought if you can’t score against Buffon you might as well floor an Italian. Zidane has, by this one action, changed how the game is played with chest and head pads soon to be made mandatory on the field, especially when playing against the French. It is rumored that Zidane has signed a deal to star in three French films as a head-butting superhero that takes on the Italian Mafia and selected football players.

It is suggested that the name Zidane be included in Wikipedia with the definition being a form of head butt used by star French football players to floor random Italian footballers at World Cup finals. Regardless of how much people dislike Zidane for what he did, several million people admired his flawless and flowing execution of this now classic and effective street fighting move. Zidane is truly talented.

Zidane -Hey Materazzi, check this out! I am using a new razor on my head!!

Plonk!! Materazzi falls to the ground and screams in pain and on camera. He points to a funny-shaped head in the distance.

Zidane – Help! Somebody help! Materazzi is clutching his chest! I wonder why?

Everybody knows the French pride themselves with being able to use their heads effectively and Zinedine Zidane has proven this is not just a myth, butt a fact.