Gone Fishing

Faded Jeans-September-2009

Gone Fishing means the fisherman will be back soon or back in a flash. It doesn’t mean the man went looking for fish. To enjoy fishing all a man has to do is throw his line in the water and see what bites. The joy is in the nibbles, the pull and the wriggling, not in the catch. Gone fishing is about relaxation and rest; a welcome break from the routine. In my case that means no bikinis, short skirts or crashing servers.

See you in a few days or less, which ever comes first.

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Here is the Deal, Pat


Here is the deal, Pat. I will vote for you so that you will win the next elections and continue to be the Big Cheese. By winning elections you will have the power to prevent both you and your friends from going to jail and enjoy the safety of a dedicated security detail. How does that sound? But – there is always a “but” – I want money for nothing, chicks for free and a tee-shirt. Deal? No back stabbing this time, ok. I am glad you are a man of many words.

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The Global Climate Wake-Up Call

“On 21 September 2009, at more than 2600 events in 135 countries across the globe, we joined together to issue a deafening wake-up call to world leaders on climate change. The breadth and creativity of events is breathtaking, and our message broke through to leaders and international media. ” avaaaz.org

Trinidad and Tobago was listed as having one (1) activity and it was listed as:

The Climate Wake-Up Call Hike-A-Thon

Monday, September 21 at 12:18 PM
Place: Lopinot Main Road, Arouca, Trinidad and Tobago
Host:  Heather-Dawn Herre

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God for Trinidad and Tobago

The Pike - Long Beach - California

The Secretary of the IRO said “In times like these, and not just what is happening in Trinidad and Tobago, but all over the world, prayer is one of the ways by which we can communicate with God and let him know what we feel … We have to let him know our troubles and he will find a way,” This statement is further proof that even his followers and those in the God industry realize that our God is not as powerful as believers first imagined since he doesn’t know how you feel unless you tell him in a day of prayer set by the IRO. But he  is a Trini since he is snoring on the job.

By His repeated inaction, the God of Trinidad and Tobago has sent a clear message he doesn’t care about the murder rate, traffic jams, floods, plastic bottles, property taxes or even kickbacks. The IRO, the pinnacle of wisdom in the country outside of Cabinet, is again calling for a day of prayer to heal the nation that is sick of taxes and being severely beaten by bandits at home on Tuesdays. Because of inside information, the IRO is 100% certain that God requires a certain number of people to pray and if that number is achieved then, and only then, he will snap in to action – just like a politician.

“In the beginning, the world was without fault, but now, our country is in a period of darkness and turmoil and we need to pray,”  said another illuminated member of the IRO. This truth is so obviously obvious I wonder why we just don’t pray all day instead of bad talking the Minister of National Security, the Integrity Commission and even the President with a nasal voice and little brain.

“If absolute power corrupts absolutely, where does that leave God?”
George Deacon.

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Jumbie’s Watch and Trinidad and Tobago Bloggers

Click For Larger Image

Click For Larger Image

Comments from Jumbie’s Watch have made the printed Trinidad Guardian, probably not for the first time but it is the first time I noticed. Keep it up, Jumbie!

This wasn’t supposed to be a promo for Jumbie’s blog, which I regularly visit, but when a blogger‘s comments are featured so prominently in the printed daily newspaper then there is  cause for celebration.   Jumbie is on the outside looking in and he sees local happenings in sometimes a different light to those on the inside stuck in traffic. What may also surprise and excite Jumbie is that his comments were posted very close to a photo of The Minister of Finance.

I think blogs are the new media and it is not concentrated single source media but scattered and diverse. Not all blogs will find favor with everybody but blogs build communities and collectively, they can be a force to recon with. Global Voices has that concept and I think it is the right one. I am not suggesting blogs will replace traditional media but it brings a different life to issues that may never have been represented before.

I regularly visit many blogs by local bloggers but don’t always comment because sometimes I just don’t know what to say that would add to the blog. Sometimes I am just too tired. There are probably millions of blogs out there but I prefer local bloggers since  they are easier to relate to even on foreign topics. I list some of the blogs I regularly visit  in no particular random, alphebetial order below. I know when there are list the ones not listed are sometimes offended but the list is not complete and will be updated as I remember and/or shouted at by friendly, disgruntled bloggers.  Getting a point across is what bloggers should always try to do.



Four Fingers and a Thumb 2.0


The Freedom Chambers


Jumbie’s Watch

Lifespan of a Chennette – chennette.net

Lyndersay Digital

The Manicou Report

Mauvais Langue


Words Unspoken

Wuzdescene – a take on life in T and T!

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

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Tax is a Citizen’s Best Friend

taxesWhenever taxes are increased or new ones created people fuss, forgetting taxes are paid by the people, to the people, for the people. Taxes are used to run a country not ruin it and without taxes like personal income tax, VAT, import duty, corporation tax, oil, gas and property taxes we would have poor health services, a high murder rate, traffic jams, corrupt leaders, clogged courts and tall empty buildings built in one location due to the fragile ego of an incompetent leader. Without taxes we would have frustrated citizens accessing basic services like collecting January CXC forms for stupid children, applying for passports, getting “free” health care, parking, and foreign exchange at the banks. Taxes are for the good of the people and not for businessmen to buy apartments in Miami or BMWs for the Johnny-come-lately contractors who support the ruling party and nothing else. Taxes are increased by Governments not to tax the people but because the Government loves the people and needs more to do even less.  Without taxes there is no power and without power it’s harder to get away with stealing, or as Jumbie rightly said, ‘tiefing.’

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Starbucks and Doubles

doubles Trinidad

The security guards at Piarco are sure AA rechargeable batteries are the enemy while in the US the TSA is on the lookout for chocolate chip cookies and little bottles of hotel shampoo. On some days they even throw a tantrum over conditioner. All this is a waste of time since neither battery nor hair cleaner will bring the US to a standstill but halting the shipments of Starbucks will. Everything stops without Starbucks. If you want to know what life without Starbucks would feel like to an American just imagine no channa in Trinidad.

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Bee In Flight

Bee in Flight

Bee in Flight

A Trinidad bee flies in search of pollen and lower property taxes.

I probably will not be able to get better than a 5×7 print from this shot because I didn’t use a real macro 50 mm lens.  This photo was taken in my yard in St. Augustine. My yard and house will soon be taxed at a fair rate and I am eager to pay my part for the condo in Miami and Alutrint.

The first signs of economic collapse are not only the increase in taxes and zaboca thiefing but in condo buying in foreign.

Until next weekend.

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What The Minister Meant to Say – Trinidad and Tobago Budget News


The Minister of Budgets

Racket House,

Flood Street,

Port of  Spain

Dear Fellow Citizens,

If you were one of the lucky ones who were able to see me on TV charm the population with the 2010 budget, you would by now be driving at no more than 80 kmph or resolved to never turn into the Priority Bus Route again. You may even be shopping on Amazon for car seats for your precious but unruly toddlers because it’s cheaper on the Internet. Yes, you would have yielded to commonsense and suddenly understand what is right but mostly you would have realized that your caring Government is serious about your wellbeing and especially your money. And as I said in the Budget:

The Government acknowledges that the current level of lawlessness in our society is unacceptable. We will not waiver from our zero-tolerance posture towards criminal activity: from the traffic violator to the kidnapper, from the white-collar criminal to the drug trafficker, the message to the criminals is simple: you will be found and brought to justice and you will feel the full brunt of the law. The Government will act to eliminate criminal activity at all levels, especially gang related activity and the threat posed by international drug syndicates and their attendants, the money launderers, who threaten not only the physical well being of our citizens but our economic and social fabric.

That was not a joke. I repeat that was not a joke. How many damn times must we say this, eh!

Despite what we have said before and though we say we want to fine you to save you we hope you don’t take us on too seriously this time. Why? Because, little people, we need the fine-money to fix potholes, bridges and CL Financial. So, go ahead and drive on the shoulder like before, speed like Usain Bolt, loosen that seat belt on the sight of an Officer and try not to restrain your children so much. People saying that Police doe catch nobody anyhow, but you must remember we will be redirecting police officers from hiding things in the ceiling, burning evidence and casino vault duty to the more lucrative traffic and insulting-citizens duty. Murder, as you may know by now, can cause grief but we, The Government, don’t find and fine anybody for murder , so why spend money to make none. Besides, if we clamp down on murderers and robbers there will be mass retrenchment in the Security Officers sector and retrenchment can’t win an election especially when people damn fed up with everything.

I hope this little note answers some of the concerns the budget caused. Though we would be running at a big deficit it, as we said before, ain’t our fault. Is de gas and oil price fault.

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Commission of Enquiry Fiasco – Only in Trinidad and Tobago

no weed-mayarobeach.comPeople are starting to ask if the whole Commission of Enquiry fiasco was planned from the start of corruption activities. From the actions of a party loyalist disguised as a caring lawyer to his meteoric departure, then to find the COI was illegal because the brilliant minds didn’t publish it in the Gazette. In between all this was the no-nonsense DPP being appointed a judge and the former AG terminated in favor of a more loyal one. All this is awesome and should be made into a movie soon. It could be called “When The Man Hits The Fan The ManWill Smile”

Was there so much to cover up that an intricate plan of staged bias had to be hatched? Was it necessary to spend millions of recession dollars on the Commission then abort the Enquiry? Everybody knows this Government is not good with tax payers’ money and throwing away millions to save some loyal and crooked racketeers from going to jail is not unexpected. This latest incident shows the people how smart manish this Government really is and everybody knows a smart manish Government could never be good for the many, only the very few crooked ones, and those who hate regardless of their crooked backings.

To distract the public, a next smelter should be announced. More guns should also be found hidden in a selected police station as “No Weed Sold Here” signs are placed outside all stations. The price of gasoline should be increased so the Chambers could run dey mouth while milking the country dry in between the floods. Maybe the powers that be could arrange a few more murders to distract the public from the thiefing going on in plain sight. Of course, we are fed up but with the dotish Don Quixote on the other side, afraid to make jail again and our inability to rise above the complaints, we are screwed. We will, no doubt, write several letters to the editors and some may even blog about these historic events but in a few days it will be bad business as usual and a call to clean the drains.

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Stacey Soloman – What a Wonderful Audition

It doesn’t matter who sings What a Wonderful World, Louie Armstrong’s version will always be the best. According to Wikipedia What a Wonderful World is a song written by Bob Thiele (as George Douglas) and George David Weiss. It was first recorded by Louis Armstrong and released as a single in 1968.”  I am sure it is one of the most recorded and talent-show-performed songs in the history of talent shows. What a Wonderful World is also popular among armature photographers who try to make nature photos look better in slide shows using sound.

In the audition for the X-Factor , The pretty and shy Stacey Soloman does a great performance of What a Wonderful World impressing The X-Factor judges, humans and even Simon.

What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

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Trinidad and Tobago Budget 2010 and Other Money Matters

Trinidad and Tobago - Port of Spain -1The Heritage and Stabilization Fund

The Heritage and Stabilization Fund of Trinidad and Tobago, or fondly called the National Piggybank, is like a hundred dollar bill and once you break it, it may disappear in Miami. The fund is fortunately controlled by law and a five member Board with proven competence in the fields of finance, investment, economics, business management or law, including an officer of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance. Non-supporters of PM PM or critics of Early CL Financial Withdrawals by those who knew will not normally be considered for membership to this five-member Board regardless of competence in the stated fields. However,  an exception will be made for those who have a yacht and high-rise apartment in Miami bought with deadly and sensual money.

The Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Centre

Tall Building Port of Spain Trinidad-1The Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Centre or The Real Central Bank will be launched soon now that the South terminal at Piarco International Airport has been upgraded to the standards demanded by the Important but Greedy People Who Want to Get Their Hands on Our Funds and also now that the top of Number One Woodbrook Place can be seen by all common people even on a cloudy, and floodless day. Big names with private jets and helicopters and who can pass the litmus integrity test set by our President of Integrity and nasal tones are practically banging The Minister of Finance‘s Door to get into the TTIFC. According to a report in the Trinidad Guardian on May 14th 2009, the clientele of the TTIFC will be persons who own private jets, whose currency is time and they have to maximise use of their time. “So private jets are not a luxury but a necessity for people like that.” If they could have a private jet who is he to not.

Budget for 2010

Trinidad Helicopter-1The Budget for 2010 will be  unleashed in Parliament tomorrow and in keeping with developed nation wannabe status there will be no excessive spending except for the excessive spending was committed to in back rooms some time ago. Both the rich man and the poor people with Audis and BMWs will be asked to pay more at the pump which will make pumping even more expensive. An Obama-type tax on the rich will be introduced but not to better the lot of the poor. This new Trini-tax will help fund the shortfall in kickbacks due to the recession and also facilitate vital social programs like reelection of the ruling party and helicopters. The Budget 2010 will see words of caution, hope and as usual, will have plenty Hart.

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Inglourious Basterds – A Big Hit

Inglourious Basterds poster

Inglourious Basterds poster

Inglourious Basterds, and not Inglorious Bastards, is a movie which touches the hearts of men and women over 16 who always wanted to smash the brains out of a Nazis skull but couldn’t find a suitable baseball bat in Nazi-occupied France during the war. Inglourious Basterds is genius director, Quentin Tarantino’s latest way of offending the conventional moviegoers with blood and brains set to inappropriate music and Brad Pitt.

brad-pitt-The movie takes the audience on a trip back to the time when people were judged and killed because of their religion and looks. Tarantino prescribes the suitable revenge on the Nazis through Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt), an American soldier who prefers to say Inglourious Basterds since it’s the American accent way. Inglourious Basterds has been described as a dark, gruesome comedy by some and a mild love story by those whose head got stuck in the popcorn bag for too long during the show.  The movie was made not only to point out what the Nazis did to the Jews was bad but to also show arrogant leaders they could never have too much security they can trust at the movies.

inglourious_basterds_poster04Inglourious Basterds is an Oscar worthy movie since it contains some of the key Oscar-winning characteristics – WWII. I thought in Trinidad and Tobago, Quentin Tarantino would not have many adult followers but the cinema was packed with Brad Pitt fans last Thursday. There was even clapping at the end. Despite Brad Pitt’s award-winning performance, Christoph Waltz may be the Joker who stole the show from Mr. Pitt. Mélanie Laurent and Diane Kruger were only two women in the movie that had a little action in high heels and no sex. Tarantino may be obnoxious but he is very self-critical when he voiced his opinion of the movie through the voice of Lt. Aldo Raine in the last line  saying : You know somethin’, Utivich? I think this might just be my masterpiece. I think he is right.

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