Commission of Enquiry Fiasco – Only in Trinidad and Tobago

no weed-mayarobeach.comPeople are starting to ask if the whole Commission of Enquiry fiasco was planned from the start of corruption activities. From the actions of a party loyalist disguised as a caring lawyer to his meteoric departure, then to find the COI was illegal because the brilliant minds didn’t publish it in the Gazette. In between all this was the no-nonsense DPP being appointed a judge and the former AG terminated in favor of a more loyal one. All this is awesome and should be made into a movie soon. It could be called “When The Man Hits The Fan The ManWill Smile”

Was there so much to cover up that an intricate plan of staged bias had to be hatched? Was it necessary to spend millions of recession dollars on the Commission then abort the Enquiry? Everybody knows this Government is not good with tax payers’ money and throwing away millions to save some loyal and crooked racketeers from going to jail is not unexpected. This latest incident shows the people how smart manish this Government really is and everybody knows a smart manish Government could never be good for the many, only the very few crooked ones, and those who hate regardless of their crooked backings.

To distract the public, a next smelter should be announced. More guns should also be found hidden in a selected police station as “No Weed Sold Here” signs are placed outside all stations. The price of gasoline should be increased so the Chambers could run dey mouth while milking the country dry in between the floods. Maybe the powers that be could arrange a few more murders to distract the public from the thiefing going on in plain sight. Of course, we are fed up but with the dotish Don Quixote on the other side, afraid to make jail again and our inability to rise above the complaints, we are screwed. We will, no doubt, write several letters to the editors and some may even blog about these historic events but in a few days it will be bad business as usual and a call to clean the drains.

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