Here is the Deal, Pat


Here is the deal, Pat. I will vote for you so that you will win the next elections and continue to be the Big Cheese. By winning elections you will have the power to prevent both you and your friends from going to jail and enjoy the safety of a dedicated security detail. How does that sound? But – there is always a “but” – I want money for nothing, chicks for free and a tee-shirt. Deal? No back stabbing this time, ok. I am glad you are a man of many words.

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9 thoughts on “Here is the Deal, Pat

  1. You forgot a few tings.. like free publicity for fake assassination attempts, getting to stay in the mansion and not have to move back south close to Bas, not having to hear the wife whine about losing she ‘job’ and nag about that chile in the USA, no more cushy armchairs, police escort to get haircuts, and Lee Sing might not even fire people if I tell him to (gasp!!), Meh boy Calder might feel he ent have to share any more (is lorse wuk den)…

    PM PM

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