Amazon, Where is my Shopping Basket and RBTT, You Suck!

There was an outage last night at Amazon which lasted hours and which is rare. There is still no word if the failure was caused by hackers, the Russians, the Chinese or a truck pulling down some T&TEC lines but when the dust settled my shopping basket was empty – over thirty items gone. To many this is no big thing but I use Amazon’s shopping basket to track prices of mainly photography equipment and some hi-fi stuff so when my shopping basket was somehow emptied in cyberspace, I nearly threw a fit. Maybe later today the basket will be restored but I doubt it. I am not sure if any other customers had their baskets emptied by the Amazon IT people but many who track prices will be annoyed. I am sure some would say I should be using to track Amazon prices but that can be cumbersome if one is tracking the prices of many things.

Strangely, the Amazon outage coincided with the sloppy IT service RBTT has been providing customers in Trinidad and Tobago with recently as the bank ignore customer service just to provide the new Canadian massas with the control they paid for and now demand. Despite the hollow claims by the bank’s PR people, customers will not benefit from this computer upgrade – none. I doubt there are any customers in Trinidad and Tobago who can say the service at RBTT is better since the acquisition by RBC and in fact most can testify that the service at RBTT is now the sloppiest banking service in the country by far.  Their incompetence is now legendary and their staff’s response to customer queries is hopeless and usually idiotic.

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7 thoughts on “Amazon, Where is my Shopping Basket and RBTT, You Suck!

  1. OMG ….. that same thing happened to me too ….. not on Amazon tho ….. on another website ….. and boy was I MAD …… cuz I had spent an entire day working up a massive shopping cart ….. and the next day when I logged on to finalise and ORDER ….. poooooofffffff ….. it was nowhere to be found …. so I had to take a stiff drink …. and start the process all over again ….

    • I know what you mean. Some sites require you to be logged in to save the stuff in your shopping basket. What happened to you was worse since you were actually going to buy the items.

  2. Yikes. Thank goodness my pittance doesn’t go through RBTT these days.

    The Amazon weirdness was, well, weird. A year or two ago I lost everything in my shopping cart forever. That’s when I started using the wish list feature. So guess what? I went in there some day this week and 99% of the items on my various lists showed as “This title is no longer available.” When that happens they don’t say WHAT the item is, so you don’t have a clue what it is that’s no longer in stock so you can look for it from another seller. I’m talking about HUNDREDS of items, mostly books and DVDs that I’d spent countless hours sorting and attaching helpful little notes to.

    Thankfully, things were back to normal the next day, but yeah, I didn’t see any apology or explanation. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough. Reminds me of the time last year when gay literature disappeared from their lists. The explanation didn’t convince many people then, but if I were Amazon I wouldn’t want to go telling everyone that I’d been hacked either.

    Aha. Just saw your second comment. So they backed up from an earlier point. Don’t have a clue what was lost from mine but I guess I’ll live.

    • An apology would be nice and even some reassurance that every effort is being made to prevent it from happening again. Whenever there is silence I always suspect something sinister like hackers.

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