Take A Bow

Brilliante Blog Award - 2008

Brilliante Blog Award Premio - 2008

This blog has been Awarded the Brilliante Blog Award Priemo – 2008 by no less a blog than the brilliant Wuzdescene, also a recent recipient of this Award.

Naturally, I celebrated on hearing the news and am still feeling the effects of the hangover.

In keeping with the spirit of Brilliante, I have nominated the following Blogs for the Brilliante Blog Award Priemo – 2008. I list them here in no particular order except random or reverse alphabitical.

For instructions on how you can also be part of this Award system click here.

The Awards Go To…

Words Unspoken


Water the Blog

Onedia In The Ozarks

Lifespan of a Chennette – chennette.net

It’s a Maze aaand a Maraca


7 thoughts on “Take A Bow

  1. It was hard to come up with only seven blogs to Award but seven is a lucky number and I didn’t want to break the spell.

    I hope people visit more I certainly visit the blogs on my Blogroll but not having the time prevents me from visiting and commenting more.

    It’s nice to see Tunks back again 🙂

    anonyjw, thanks.

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