Not All Hooters Are The Same Or Are They

   A policeman and Hooters waitress address the concerns of a visitor

A policeman and Hooters waitress address the concerns of a visitor

I just returned from the land where Joe Biden and Sarah Palin are competing to be vice president, and just as in Trinidad and Tobago, the run up to the General Elections in the US is entertaining. Strangely, the US General Elections resembles that of the General Elections in Trinidad and Tobago since its outcome may be determined by non-issues like melanin, designer eye wear and lipstick.

The OLympic Square in Atlanta

The Olympic Square in Atlanta

I visited the city of Atlanta in Georgia, a city which has probably more visitors than residents and a city which is peacefully modern. The first thing a visitor from Trinidad and Tobago would notice about Atlanta is that though its buildings are extremely tall, its streets are clean. A Trini visitor would also notice policemen all over the city and they are actually friendly to people who are not committing any visible crime. A Trini visitor would be impressed that people could be found walking the city streets after dark while not having to hide and run from muggers and rapist as they do in Trinidad. Tourist Guides, or Ambassadors as they are called in Atlanta, can be found walking the streets just waiting for someone to look confused so that they can offer advice and help. I constantly had Ambassadors talking to me. Jaywalking is not encouraged in Atlanta and the secret to a crime-free life in Atlanta is patience. I didn’t see any traffic jams downtown and I probably wasn’t there long enough to see the buildup of cars and anger on the City’s streets. Countless Yuppies can be seen in the city shopping in the latest designer stores for things that would make them look stylish and trendy but cause them to walk side by side with debt.

The CNN logo at the CNN Center

The CNN logo at the CNN Center

Atlanta is famous for being the birthplace of Coca Cola, hosting the 1996 Olympics, the CNN Center, and the Peachtree Street Hooters Restaurant. While walking past the Peachtree Street Hooters a friend blurted that all Hooters are the same and I had to disagree since some Hooters seem larger than others from the outside. The Hooters of Peachtree Street seemed average size but still pulled very large crowds daily. For those who don’t have a taste for Hooters and prefer classier food with a less revealing atmosphere I would recommend TWO urban licks.  I also liked the Durango Steakhouse with its reasonable prices and freshly killed meat served with mash potatoes and Cesar Salad. There are the usual Hard Rock Cafés for those who like a home away from home and Hsu’s Chinese Restaurant with good Chinese food and one very pretty waitress who barely spoke English but smiled internationally.

Dr. John Pemberton Invented Coca Cola

Dr. John Pemberton Invented Coca Cola

There is not much more to say other than US Immigrations accept Trinidad and Tobago machine readable passports and are moving away from asking for just an index finger scan and towards a scan of all four fingers on each hand if you have two hands. Since you also have to remove your shoes to leave the US by air it is felt that a big toe scan will soon be needed for entry into the US. It is rumored that odor resistant big toe scanners are being secretly tested at selected shoe stores throughout the United States. It is also rumored that these scanners are to be made in a foreign country.

One More Picture of the Centenial Olympic Park

One More Picture of the Centenial Olympic Park

Some of the Tall Buildings In Atlanta Which Can Easily Impress a Trini

Some of the Tall Buildings In Atlanta Which Can Easily Impress a Trini

4 thoughts on “Not All Hooters Are The Same Or Are They

  1. Excellent pics as usual ….. very interesting piece …… LOL at the big toe scan …… cuz you crappin ….. but dat may very well be in de works fuh tru ……

    and dat gyul not working Hooters ….. were are her hooters ….. and dat brotha in black ….. he’s not ah real cop …… wud up wit dem chicken legs ……

    and boy do I know about ….. stylish and trendy tings …… dat could cause yuh tuh walk side by side wit debt ….. 4 pairs of shoes I bought last week ….. fuh absolutely no reason …… but tuh walk side by side wit debt!

  2. The management claims Hooters is now more an attitude and a spirit than a physical feature. It’s an equal opportunity country where protrusion discrimination is frowned upon.

    The cop was a real cop and chicken legs might be an asset in running up some of those hilly roads in the area. Compare this to the size XXXL policemen we are blessed with in TnT.

    The Peachtree St area in Atlanta catered for the Yuppies of the financial district – there were many – and some car parks were flooded with the latest BMWs Benzs, Audis, Porsches and even a Bentley or three…the kind of everyday cars we see in TnT. I noticed that for every one pair of shoes a man has a woman has twenty but yet men and women have the same amount of feet in most cases 🙂

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