Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie – Not tits but tattoos

Angelina Jolie wants to world to know via tattoo Quod me netrit me destruit or What nourishes me, also destroys me

A well placed tattoo on an average or good looking woman can amplify her sexiness in the eyes of a beer-drinking man in more ways than a micro-bikini alone can. I like tattoos on women but find the ones that are too large or take the form of a short story or GPS coordinates take away from the woman’s sexiness. From my observations, a sexy woman should have no more than three or four small tattoos, of which one should be above the ankle, one on the bikini line and the other two should only be visible to that special someone or gynaecologist.

Megan Fox likes people to read her back and side

Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are two sexy and heavily tattooed celebrities who may not be as popular as they are today if their skin was virgin. Gone are the days when a sexy female celebrity can maintain media attention with talent alone. The modern day female celebrity must come up with ways to defend and maintain her sexiness using modern tools such as leaked sex tapes or other forms of nudity. However, the commonness of leaked tapes has caused celebrities to rely more on ancient tools such as bikini-line tattoos and body piercings. To constantly remain in the news, celebrities, via unnamed but well placed accomplices, leak information to the media and bloggers about hidden body piercings that were done at the dead of night by a famous piercing artist known as  “Lobes.”

Angelina Jolie GPS tattoo says something very specific plus or minus 20 feet

Angelina Jolie, apart from going high-tech with tattoos of the GPS coordinates for the birth places of her children, has a bikini-line tattoo which says “Quod me netrit me destruit.” Maybe she was targeting priests and Romans with that one. Megan Fox has a tattoo just below the bikini line which says “Brian” but being a man, I thought it said “Brain” as a man’s brain usually resides below the bikini line. Why would the sexy and in-demand Megan Fox  want to condemn herself to only one man is a mystery to me.  On the bright side, the world is full of Brians and I am sure Megan Fox knows this.

In keeping with the competitive nature of celebrity sexiness I am giving the reader the opportunity to vote for the Best Tattooed Female Celibrity:

Megan Fox appeals to Brian and all men's brains

Megan Fox's ankle tattoo says so much with very little

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Most Downloaded Movies on Bittorrent – 2010

Jake Sully and Neytiri - Avatar

1. Avatar – 16,580,000 downloads

2. Kick-Ass – 11,400,000 downloads

3. Inception – 9,720,000 downloads

4. Shutter Island – 9,490,000 downloads

5. Iron Man 2 – 8,810,000 downloads

6. Clash of the Titans – 8,040,000 downloads

7. Green Zone – 7,730,000 downloads

8. Sherlock Holmes – 7,160,000 downloads

9. The Hurt Locker – 6,850,000 downloads

10. Salt – 6,700,000 downloads

The movies I saw are highlighted in bold and I am happy, or more like nerdy to say, I downloaded no movies this year. I also noticed that TATT is asking cable companies to get the rights for the all programming they sell and have up to the 31st December 2010 to comply or face the consequences. This I am in full agreement with this as pirates in suits and ties are too common in Trinidad and Tobago.

Gwyneth Paltrow loves Iron Man too

Ram and Sita - Ramayana

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John Lennon and the Port of Spain Connection

Port of Spain was one of the eleven cities that was named by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in their 1969 antiwar drive called “The War is Over.” Their friend in Trinidad and Tobago was the infamous Michael X aka Michael Abdul Malik aka Abdul Malik. The song Happy Xmas (War Is Over) was written by John Lennon in 1971 and has become a Christmas classic. If you want to see the harsh realities of war done to the music of John Lennon click here (embedding disabled by request).

According to Wikipedia  “Following the impact of “Give Peace a Chance” and “Happy Xmas (War is Over)“, both strongly associated with the anti-Vietnam-War movement, the Nixon administration, hearing rumours of Lennon’s involvement in a concert to be held in San Diego at the same time as the Republican National Convention, tried to have him deported. Nixon believed that Lennon’s anti-war activities could cost him his re-election; Republican Senator Strom Thurmond suggested in a February 1972 memo that “deportation would be a strategic counter-measure” against Lennon.” Some of the intrigue concerning this fear of Lennon by the US Government can be seen in the 2006  documentary The U.S. vs. John Lennon. For some intrigue into Michael Abdul Malick see the movie The Bank Job.

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Wikileaks will never die – it will just change webhost

The new symbol for Free Speech

Countless prominent people in Trinidad and Tobago are worried about those illegally-obtained, SIA (Security Intelligence Agency) phone-tapped files which featured their private and sometimes racy conversations because they fear the files might end up on wikileaks, or worse, the local version called something like trinileaks. The spied-upon people are afraid that if their conversations were to hit the streets of Port of Spain, more bacchanal and scandals might break loose. Even if these files were destroyed by two unidentified Isreali men, there are spies walking freely amongst us who know some juicy secrets.

even the truth needs help

The website wikileaks is now an international celebrity and has won the hearts of hundreds of millions of fans by its ability make classified Government information available to the world. Wikileaks claims it is doing this to “help keep Governments open,” which is the biggest fear of any democratically elected and dictatorial Government as information in the public’s hands tends to make the Government’s grip on citizens slippery and weak. Governments like to claim they are transparent but like some underwear, never transparent enough to please the man in the street.

Is this transparent enough?

The Internet has created a nightmare for any government as the old method of feeding the public bullshit to keep them in check has lost its nutritional value and flavour. The US Government is now in a battle with wikileaks over leaked cables (correspondence), some of which have proven embarrassing to them. The US Government, being big, huge, powerful and secretive, has deemed the act of leaking these cables illegal all over the world and maybe the US can ask the International Criminal Court to prosecute the website. The US Government, not to be confused with US citizens, is not getting much support as citizens of the world would always choose a website over a Government in a streetfight any day. Governments have been putting pressure on web hosting companies that host while  Mastercard, VISA and Paypal have pulled their plug on wikileaks making the site less able to get donations from the public. Apparently the US Government has secretly tried and convicted wikileaks and secretly sent the court order to Mastercard, VISA and Paypal. Hackers have already attacked the mastercard website in retaliation and may focus their skills on other sites soon.  The hactivist are calling this Operation Payback. Let the cyber war begin.

say no more

Knowing how free speech actually works, it will only be a matter of time before democratic Governments band together to censor the Internet to help keep the public from hurting itself with too much of the right information. Censorship is sometimes necessary especially when it comes to things such as what is actually in that tasty hot dog or knowing the sleeping habits of some people, but banning people from leaking government information via the internet or courier pigeon is simply wrong.

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What to Give Women For Christmas by A Man Called Aka_lol

It may be green but it is not for novices

Most men find Christmas gift giving for women to be a pain in the butt cheeks since it has become nearly impossible for men to know what women really want  irregardless of what women say they want or how much men spend on them. I have thought long and hard about this problem and realize that spending too much creates bad habits and sends the wrong signals to the bank thus the solution is not in the amount of money but in the cleverness of the thoughts behind the gifts. In an attempt to unravel the mystery of women gift-giving on the cheap without looking so, I make the following win-win suggestions  hoping it will help the confused man score big on a budget this Christmas.

a.) If you want the woman in your life to make you happy I recommend the stable Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, 15th Edition together with the exciting Naughty Net Micro G-String. The cost of the two items together will not break even a pauper’s piggy bank but will bring mammoth joy to  the world of the better women and all men. The gift combo is known as the shake and bake solution.

Bedtime reading for the woman in your life

b.) For men who are a bit less selfish, the woman in your life who enjoys a good book will appreciate Sexy Hot Tales: Selected Erotic Stories by Anonymous Authors and Barbara Hot. It may give her some creative ideas on how best to use the man in her life for things other than simple plumbing jobs. If she is into photography The Mammoth Book of New Erotic Photography by Maxim Jakubowski is not funny but may help tickle her pink if you are a failure at it.

c.) If the woman in your life is struggling with losing a few extra pounds and needs some motivation I highly recommend you ditch those fad diet books and instead buy a copy of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Portfolio: The Explorers Edition.

Illustrated for men but useful to women

To use as a weight-loss guide you, the smart man in her life, should constantly look through the book and circle here and there as if you intend to order something.  For obvious reasons, make sure she sees you circling and drooling but use a bib. This method has been known to cause women to do what ever it takes to lose those extra unwanted pounds that separate them from looking like a Sports Illustrated pinup girl with sunken eyes and breast. She may seem annoyed at first and the method on the surface may appear unkind  but she will thank you later if you survive the ordeal.

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