Wikileaks will never die – it will just change webhost

The new symbol for Free Speech

Countless prominent people in Trinidad and Tobago are worried about those illegally-obtained, SIA (Security Intelligence Agency) phone-tapped files which featured their private and sometimes racy conversations because they fear the files might end up on wikileaks, or worse, the local version called something like trinileaks. The spied-upon people are afraid that if their conversations were to hit the streets of Port of Spain, more bacchanal and scandals might break loose. Even if these files were destroyed by two unidentified Isreali men, there are spies walking freely amongst us who know some juicy secrets.

even the truth needs help

The website wikileaks is now an international celebrity and has won the hearts of hundreds of millions of fans by its ability make classified Government information available to the world. Wikileaks claims it is doing this to “help keep Governments open,” which is the biggest fear of any democratically elected and dictatorial Government as information in the public’s hands tends to make the Government’s grip on citizens slippery and weak. Governments like to claim they are transparent but like some underwear, never transparent enough to please the man in the street.

Is this transparent enough?

The Internet has created a nightmare for any government as the old method of feeding the public bullshit to keep them in check has lost its nutritional value and flavour. The US Government is now in a battle with wikileaks over leaked cables (correspondence), some of which have proven embarrassing to them. The US Government, being big, huge, powerful and secretive, has deemed the act of leaking these cables illegal all over the world and maybe the US can ask the International Criminal Court to prosecute the website. The US Government, not to be confused with US citizens, is not getting much support as citizens of the world would always choose a website over a Government in a streetfight any day. Governments have been putting pressure on web hosting companies that host while  Mastercard, VISA and Paypal have pulled their plug on wikileaks making the site less able to get donations from the public. Apparently the US Government has secretly tried and convicted wikileaks and secretly sent the court order to Mastercard, VISA and Paypal. Hackers have already attacked the mastercard website in retaliation and may focus their skills on other sites soon.  The hactivist are calling this Operation Payback. Let the cyber war begin.

say no more

Knowing how free speech actually works, it will only be a matter of time before democratic Governments band together to censor the Internet to help keep the public from hurting itself with too much of the right information. Censorship is sometimes necessary especially when it comes to things such as what is actually in that tasty hot dog or knowing the sleeping habits of some people, but banning people from leaking government information via the internet or courier pigeon is simply wrong.

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