Sherlyn Chopra is Getting Naked Soon

Sherlyn Chopra at the Playboy Magazine Press Conference

Sadly, I didn’t know who Sherlyn Chopra was until I read in the August 13th issue of Newsweek that she will be “the first Indian woman to be photographed unclothed for Playboy magazine.” Being a man, I understand the term “unclothed in Playboy” to mean tastefully nude as compared to  vulgarly naked but what is one man’s tastefulness is another woman’s vulgarity.

Sherlyn Chopra was originally known as Mona Chopra and is, according to Wikipedia, a model, singer and actress and possibly also a Bollywood sensation. With the aid of Google I discovered that Sherlyn Chopra is an amazingly beautiful and sexy woman thus I see nothing wrong with her wanting to share nearly all her beauty with the world. I wish her all the best in her efforts to make it big in the very competitive world of the-cat-will-eat-all-dog world of female celebrities. Sherlyn might be criticized by the usual self-proclaimed moral ones but she is actually beating the path to worldwide popularity for many more Bollywood actresses to actually shine internationally rather than to imply they shine.

Playboy is in the business of male happiness and they have been making every effort to give men something different  to be happy about every month. I believe Playboy Magazine also carries articles written by famous authors to give observers the impression that men can read picture books.  Playboy Magazine was developed by a brilliant team of male scientists who figured out that men have a thing for nude women and a bigger thing for naked ones.

In the world of female celebrities exposure is everything and the more that is exposed the better. Sherlyn will appear and be exposed in the November 2012 issue of Playboy which will be a memorable one as it will be saved both on ruggedized memory sticks and under mattresses by the millions of real men of this world.

Sherlyn Chopra

Sherlyn Chopra

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10,000-Hour Experts

Expert Bikini Wearing

The 10,000 rule was suggested in the 90s by Dr. K. Anders Ericsson who is a Swedish psychologist and “is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading theoretical and experimental researchers on expertise.  The 10,000 hour rule says that it requires 10,000 hours of intentional practice to become an expert in something. That something can be anything like batting, bowling, bikini-wearing, chess, lawn tennis, ping-pong, classical guitar, belly dancing, watching porn, dentistry, kidney replacement, brain bypassing, writing, blogging, or stealing from the national coffers. Though the 10,000 hour theory was first suggested by Anders Ericsson, it was Malcolm Gladwell who popularized the theory in his bestseller, Outliers, and since then success and competence has never been the same.

Because calculators are so cheap, It is now widely known that 10,000 hours of practice means a person must diligently practice at their field for around 3 hours per day for 10 years, or 6 hours per day for 5 years, or 12 hours per day for 3 years, or 24 hours per day for 1.5 years. There seems to be much empirical evidence to suggest that experts are not born or simply created when appointed to the board of a state enterprise, or even when awarded a consultancy contract by a friend in Government but must practice diligently to become an expert. Naturally, this rule also applies to fools, liars and thieves who all suffer from insomnia and seem to practice their art every waking minute hence become expert fools, liars and thieves quicker than say a chess player can even approach  Grand Master level. This revelation might be shocking to many who call themselves experts after just a few years of some undergrad course and then a few months of post grad work, all from a shady university whose lecturers were trained via Google.

Though a person needs to clock those 10,000 quality hours to become an expert, one can still sound like an expert in less time due to the common effect called the one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind rule. This is what most wannabe experts depend on to boost their egos and incomes along with the wearing of  tight fitting clothes and the owning of a firm butt.

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Tori Spelling in a bikini

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words and you can Google it if you think I am making this up. I saw it on Yahoo today and was happy I wasn’t required to learn to spell this word in school as I might have died from it.

By now everybody knows the longest word in the dictionary is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis which is 45 letters long and the second longest is our friend hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, which has 35 letters. Long words are nothing new to modern man as some websites have long but meaningful names such as Some people also have long names such as the fast bowler Warnakulasuriya Patabendige Ushantha Joseph Chaminda Vaas aka Chaminda Vaas. But then there is Nomatophobia, which is the fear of names, even short names  like Vaas, I suppose.

Amazon’s Shopping-Enabled Wikipedia Page

Sexy Brazilian Two Piece Low Cut Waist Beach Bikini Swimsuit - Hot - available at Amazon - Tattoo and girl not included

Amazon, Stephen king, Wikipedia - One page

There is something I noticed on Amazon only yesterday and that thing is not the bikini shown above but the Shopping-Enabled Wikipedia Page. It’s a Wikipedia page  that is available while browsing at Amazon. The Shopping-Enabled Wikipedia page comes up with the Amazon logo tastefully placed at the upper left-hand corner of the Wikipedia page of the subject being browsed. I cite two example screen-shots, Stephen King and V.S. Naipaul. I think this is a good idea as it will be useful to the buyer and it will also bring much needed funding to Wikipedia. Amazon funding to Wikipedia will reduce the amount of ads from Jimmy Wales, founder of that delightful Britannica-killer, Wikipedia, urging stingy users to donate to Wikipedia, a non-commercial, web-based encyclopedia and brain-replacement/enhancement.

V.S. Naipaul Amazon Shopping-Enabled Wikipedia Page

This shopping-enabled Wikipedia page might have been around for ages (days) but I only noticed them a day or two ago. This might be experimental and may disappear if found not to be very successful but so far I am ecstatic about the merger of money and independent thought.  I was told by a Google developer last year that because of the number of hits Google receives per second some experimental features may only be available for a few minutes for complete testing.

Amazon Bikini - No Help from Wikipedia Needed

Thought I am happy about the added information on authors  Amazon is allowing customers to access without leaving their store, I am a bit concerned about the influence Amazon may have in determining Wikipedia’s content. I have not seen any Shopping-Enabled Wikipedia Pages yet for things such as bikinis and adult toys as Wikipedia may add little to making up a human mind on such purchases.  But Amazon may have had that influence on Wikipedia even before since the content of Wikipedia is determined by the users of Wikipedia and their volunteer-experts.

Jimmy Wales donation ad on Wikipedia

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Helping Haiti

I am following the lead set by Wordtryst on the Haiti earthquake crisis.

Digicel is donating five million US dollars to Haiti and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago is forking out one million US. Guyana is also donating one million US. I understand that Digicel is the largest single foreign investor in Haiti so their ties run deeper than the any country in the Caricom or even all the countries in the Caricom combined. Many countries are pledging aid to Haiti especially the US who are always ready assist in times of disaster because of their wealth and nature. I am not sure if any terrorists have pledged aid, explosives or even an imaginary cause to help the Haitians at this time.

Digicel, through full-page newspaper ads this morning, has informed the public of a number they have setup, or soon to setup, so residents of Trinidad and Tobago can use to send TT$ 3.00 per text to help Haiti – text 5151 with the word HELP. I think Bmobile, a company some strangely like to perceive as being a true local company, is still putting out full page Beyonce and Green Carnival ads while Digicel is on the right ball.

Donations can also be made using Amazon Payments to MercyCorp and also by using this Google Haiti Earthquake Page

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Beyonce Good for Trinidad and Tobago

I don’t think the money TSTT is spending to stage the Beyoncé Concert is exorbitant or unnecessary as it will bring more exposure and happiness to Trinidad and Tobago than the two useless summits held in the country last year along with the vindictive property tax. If Government Ministers are to be believed, the summits cost around a billion local dollars and caused nearly 99.99% of the World’s population to yawn almost in sync. Yet, when the Anya Ayoung-Chee sex-tape hit the Internet, Google was flooded with interest in Trinidad and Tobago, and genuine interest, not a corn soup level of interest. Some say the sex-tape was a fiasco but given the spate of suicide bombings and attempted terrorist attacks on the productive people of the world, I would say a sex-tape is a wonderful breath of fresh air for our country. But, I digress.

If staging the Beyoncé concert will take away sales from those who sell things for Carnival then it will show how weak Carnival really is among locals. It’s always better to know a weakness than to pretend it doesn’t exist. Beyoncé is World Class and world-known, and for a country the size of Trinidad and Tobago to stage a Beyoncé concert says more about our abilities as a country than holding useless Summits to entertain the top dummies from various countries. We have to stop pretending that world leaders are important and start recognizing the greater influences entertainers have on the world.

Despite the increase property tax, I am in favor of Beyoncé since she has a pretty face, great legs, wicked dancing ability and great personality. These characteristics are appreciated much more than the ability to lie to the public or to wrongly say one is stronger than a lion. To pretend that Beyoncé hasn’t done more for world hope and happiness than all the politicians in Trinidad and Tobago combined, is to continue to live in the delusion that we as a nation are as World Class as Beyoncé Giselle Knowles.

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Hurricane Names for 2009 – Including Hurricane Bill


2009 Hurricane Names

By the time you read this blog post, if you ever read it, Hurricane Bill might be a category 4 or 5, which means your house, land, car, Julie mango tree, and love life would be in serious danger if hit by such a hurricane. The good news is that Bill is not going to seriously affect any land masses or insurance companies. Update 19th August, 2009 @601 p.mBill is now a categoery 4 and may affect Bermuda, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland.

I did some research using Google, not Bing, and came up with a list of Hurricane/Storm names to be used in 2009. As usual, the names may offend some while numbing others into sleepy indifference. I doubt my name will ever be used for a Hurricane since Hurricane Aka sounds placid and even good looking. I list the names for the season below along with comments frivolous comments.

  • Ana – I know a couple Anas and who knows if they can be stormy. But all women go through the phase Depression, Storm, Hurricane, and in just five minutes.
  • Bill – I know a William who is never called Bill or pays it. Brilliant Hurricane name – Kill Bill
  • Claudette – I don’t think I ever knew one even in a novel
  • Danny – I know a Danny and he is the least destructive person I know when not drinking
  • Erika – Nope, no Ericas except for Eric’s daughter but I know a couple mild Erics
  • Fred – Yes, I know one Fred who is German and would take great offence if he only knew. I will let him know.
  • Grace – I know a young Grace and a Grace who is a bit older.
  • Henri – I know one Henry but no Henri
  • Ida – I da think so
  • Joaquin – Nope, not a name I could associate outside of Mr. Pheonix. Who names a baby or a Hurricane Joaquin? A Mexican.
  • Kate – As strange as it may sound, I don’t think I ever knew a Kate
  • Larry – Yes, I knew one Larry from high school but it’s not a popular Trinidad name or ever will be since Larry Gomes stopped making runs. It will never be used for a Hurricane after this year. I was a mistake
  • Mindy – Yes, but she was a cat. A real cat.
  • Nicholas – Everybody in Trinidad and Tobago knows at least two boys and one man called Nicholas.
  • Odette – Sounds Old English and not a name I would call a child.
  • Peter – I know one Peter too many
  • Rose – I know a Rose but an old one.  A bit thorny.
  • Sam – Sam the man and the woman I know
  • Teresa – Yep, know a couple girls called Teresa and it’s a very popular Venezuelan, Colombian ,Miami and Baratarria name.
  • Victor – I am sure I knew a Victor but I am trying to remember who he was. Maybe a sales rep.
  • Wanda – Crap, I know a Wanda but she is hardly a storm. More like a Depression.
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Where is My Sahara Dust, Mr. Mackie

Weather Prediction - Carnival 2009

Weather Prediction - Carnival 2009

Mr. Mackie, you are our weather man and we depend on you for our weather. You know about rain and flood and clouds and Sahara Dust. You know what we like. Google told me we are in the dry season but I only see rain. I know about Trinidad and Tobago weather, Mr. Mackie,  and Google is right. So, Mr. Mackie, where is our Sahara Dust and our sun?  Please, give us an answer and please, give us hope.

I am only writing this because  things look a little bleak for Carnival Monday and Tuesday next week. I hope the forecast is wrong and I hope you would say so. You are our weatherman and you must know better. Tell us the truth, Mr. Mackie, and make it go away. We don’t want any more bad news. We don’t need anymore bad news. We want sun on our backs and dust in our face. We want oil to go up so our PM won’t be sad. He is so sad these days. We want our money in our banks. We want the crooks in our jail.  We want to jam and whine and take plenty pictures. So, Mr. Mackie, tell us we will have a good time and please, tell us today.

Google – The Latest Word

Google - The Word

Google - The Word

Google, the word, has now become an official part of the Urban and English Dictionaries. The word Google will not only be used to mean a search engine but something more meaningful. It was decided the word Google would be used as a verb , a noun and a sledge hammer . Here are some examples of the use of the new word Google and its derivatives:

  • The police pulled aside the suspect and Googled him right there in the street. They found at least ten relevant items.
  • The grocer performed a thorough Google of the storeroom but could not find a single ham or box of Canadian smoked herrings so he decided to alter his Google.
  • The Prime Minister Googled for answers when he learnt the economy was about to hit the dirt but all he found were cutbacks in the wrong places and blank faces.
  • The peeping tom was arrested while Googling for a clean window.
  • The priest urged the congregation to Google deep within for answers.
  • Google and you will find. Ask and you will receive.
  • The Virgin was tense as her new lover Googled for an opening; she was beginning to feel he was hopeless.
  • Google some more!” she shouted. “Yahoo!” he cried.

Google Chrome and The New Googleocracy

Google Chrome - Logo

Google Chrome - Logo

Like a thief in Trincity Mall in broad daylight, Google launched Chrome without warning. Unlike a Thief in Trincity Mall, Chrome was a very pleasant surprise. If you were not aware of Chrome until now then you must either be off-line or on Yahoo.

Chrome is Google’s latest attempt to not only dominate the web but help the world. Google is now a household word but is more useful than other household words. The phrase “Google it” has become the second most common expression in the World with the first still being “Not tonight” in which case then you do “Google it.”

Without realizing we, the citizens of planet Earth, are being Googlized. We depend on Google to provide information on things like how to tie a tie or even how to pluck a chicken in a small bathub. Google gives us directions, help us send our mail, blog, calculate our taxes, draw our sketches, analyze our websites and provide us with new ways to ignore our friends. Google makes billions every year from advertising and the more Google becomes a part of our lives the bigger and more powerful Google will become.

I find all this to be fascinating and wish Google success. Google has become the giant it already is by listening to customers and trying to help them and not by forcing the whims and fancies of leaders with fragile egos down the users’ throats. Google has moved beyond simple democracy and gone into something called Googleocracy.  We can all learn something from Google’s success because Google never stopped to ask, they only stopped to listen.

p.s. this post was done in Google Chrome