Where is My Sahara Dust, Mr. Mackie

Weather Prediction - Carnival 2009

Weather Prediction - Carnival 2009

Mr. Mackie, you are our weather man and we depend on you for our weather. You know about rain and flood and clouds and Sahara Dust. You know what we like. Google told me we are in the dry season but I only see rain. I know about Trinidad and Tobago weather, Mr. Mackie,  and Google is right. So, Mr. Mackie, where is our Sahara Dust and our sun?  Please, give us an answer and please, give us hope.

I am only writing this because  things look a little bleak for Carnival Monday and Tuesday next week. I hope the forecast is wrong and I hope you would say so. You are our weatherman and you must know better. Tell us the truth, Mr. Mackie, and make it go away. We don’t want any more bad news. We don’t need anymore bad news. We want sun on our backs and dust in our face. We want oil to go up so our PM won’t be sad. He is so sad these days. We want our money in our banks. We want the crooks in our jail.  We want to jam and whine and take plenty pictures. So, Mr. Mackie, tell us we will have a good time and please, tell us today.

7 thoughts on “Where is My Sahara Dust, Mr. Mackie

  1. hopefully the Spanish Monarchs will bring some of the excessive Sun that Spain has been experiencing with them…

    other than that we will have to hope that the Rain only falls in the Plains… Caroni…

  2. bandi, the rain in POS falls mainly of the plains – correct 🙂

    Blue, maybe it is 😉

    Liane, I don’t have a waterproof camera and that is the main reason I don’t cry 😥

    Jumbie, wine, or whine will be fine 😉 We depend on Mackie, period 🙂

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