Why Flow Trinidad Internet Sucks

Flow Trinidad Internet Speed Test - 8:00 pm

Flow Trinidad Internet Ping Test 8:00 pm

This is what Flow Trinidad and Tobago, at St. Augustine looks like at 8:00 pm every night with a 10 Mb/s account – a 56kbs dial up. As predicted, Flow cannot  deliver what they promised customers because they either lack the infrastructure or technical competence to deliver what they sell. The test is one thing but people can’t even stream low resolution YouTube without 6 pauses for buffering during a 3 minute video. Half the time the video even stops loading completely.

There was no spyware on the machine as this test was done on a new Dell Studio XPS 8000 protected with the latest version of McAfee. The test was done with a direct connection from the modem to the PC via an Ethernet connection. There were no other applications running which would suck up bandwidth.  I am not the only one to have this complaint in St. Augustine and  Flow knows it. I refuse to do a speed test using the Flow Speedtest servers  located in Trinidad because, in my opinion, those servers were set up to scam customers. Sorry Flow, but your customers think you are  Dishonest, you Suck, and you Failed.

To be fair, Flow works well at around 5:00 am but at night, when it is really useful to most people, Flow is as good as WASA in the dry season.

On a brighter note, the Best Cable TV in Trinidad can be had, not from the fuzzy picture quality Flow, but from:

79 thoughts on “Why Flow Trinidad Internet Sucks

  1. i cant complain about my FLOW service… its probably coz the ppl in my area are not tech savy or they settle for bmobile’s service which for me has been terrible…

    • I put this post up as a last resort – t has been going on for months and but Flow just won’t or can’t do anything. Maybe now they will respond because it used to be so good.

    • flow is very poor when is comes to streaming, why is that? and with blink the speed is lowwer but the steaming is way better

  2. OMG!!!!!!!! ….. I’ve never heard anything bad about FLOW internet before ….. actually …… is FLOW self dat everybody does be tellin me tuh switch to ….. every time I complain about BLINK!

  3. So Flow ent flowing?

    Sometimes I think it is the fault of customers who don’t protest enough… and settle for second class or even third class treatment…

    • why should consumers have to resort to protesting? Flow for all intents and purposes should have their business sorted out. This is not funny anymore.

  4. That’s really strange, you should really call them about that. Its now 7 pm Wednesday and I just did the test myself. Never had a problem with either flow or blink

    Results linked as follows for Flow:


    Ping test

    I live a little further east than you do

    • Thanks Girlblue. I confirmed it is a St. Augustine problem but no one was able to say when or if would be fixed. I decided to give Blink a try since they changed all the cables in the area and made the place Blink TV ready.

  5. Seriously this same thing as been happening to me, now somtimes during the day as well, i live down sando side and flow just cant preform, got a 10mb package aswell.

  6. I have been hearing about these off-peak “overloads” that Flow’s customers are experiencing. I doubt it is a maintenance issue and it looks like more a competence issue.

  7. My main problem with Flow is that their customer service sucks! I could not stand their take what you get attitude. Even getting the service disconnected was a problem, prompting me to take their box put it in a nice hilo bag and leave it on the teller’s desk which she said I could not do…blah. blah. blah. lady talk to my back as I walk out the door.

    Blink’s customer service sucks too but for a different reason. Can’t understand the Indian accents and they are horrible at problem solving if the problem falls ouside of the, if then flowchart they use..

    • This is bad. I don’t know if Flow is suffering from capacity overload or from the lack of technical know-how to give people what they pay for. I think Flow is committing fraud and should be investigated.

  8. I hear , i see , all the complaints why dont we all just cancel all our accounts from all bad suppliers do without until they get it right !!!!!!!!!!

    change only happens with masses !!!!!

    • I have changed to Blink and their 2 MBPS account which is infinitely faster than Flow’s 10 MBPS. I don’t know what the masses are doing but I hope they read this blog and spread the word via blogs and Facebook. Down with the dishonesty of Flow!!

  9. I am in Maraval and am experiencing those same issues. Worse yet is the customer service, its non-existent. They will not even pick up the phone when there is an outage (which seems to happen often). Over all I have never gotten over 5 mbps even though i am paying for 10mbps. The upload speed in particular needs to increase to offset the overly high latency rates. I used to have Blink and switched because I did not get use of my internet due to line issues at least 4 days of the week. I hope they have improved. Maybe I will switch again.

    • I think Flow is falling apart and in order to satay afloat they have to employ deception tactics like not answering their phone and calling a dial-up speed connection 10 MBPS.

      I am with Blink for almost a month and a half with no problems expect the wireless part of the router is a complete waste of time. Linksys is best for wireless. For Internet speeds, Blink is consistently high day and night.

  10. aka you’re right, that speedtest Flow uses is a waste of time. You’re testing your speed on from your isp to your isp? They must really think people are idiots.

    I’m in Arima and have a 10Mbs package, that is worse than dialup MOST days. As for nights you might as well use smoke signals rather than trying to send an email.

    Yeah Flow sucks, reminds me of TSTT before Digicel came on the scene, they could have cared less, now……hehehe, they’ll never get my business again.

    • Despite the millions Flow is investing in infrastructure, they operate like a hole-in-the-wall company. The public sees Flow as being poorly run with an intentional disregard for customer satisfaction. I have to say this again, but I don’t think Flow has either competent managerial or technical staff to deliver what they advertise and they operate more like snake oil pedlars than a big business. They will not be getting any of my money in the very near future.

  11. I am in Cascade and Flow’s service Flops !!!!…The 2mb package is generally below 1mb…i.e. useless for utube…..I signed up for the 10mb package twice and they could not deliver ….first time got less than 1mb….(upgrade from 2mb to 1mb!!!! and pay more!!!Sign up NOW!!!!)…… second time it maxed out at 3mb FOR ABOUT 5 SECONDS then would fall back to less than 2 mb….reverted to the 2mb package which sucks….their tech is clueless…blame everything on spyware and viruses or hackers in tall trees!!!!!…easy way out!!!!!

    • Flow’s flops seem to be a nationwide thing. Blink at 2 MB is consistently around 2 MB day and night and 7 days a week. That is what Flow has to compete with. I think Flow is very dishonest in dealing with customers and I am happy the word about this practice is spreading.

  12. is anybody getting busy signals when they makes calls,the call would not go through, not even to flow an that sucks,the gorvernment should look into this we are not getting what we pay for

    • Flow seems plagued with technical and competence issues and to combat these problems they make sure the CSRs can’t help customers. Flow is the perfect example of incompetence in the private sector.

    • YEs that is true, Imagine I wanted to get a reconnection from moving and 6 months of tilling and nothing. But have the audacity to call me and wish me a merry christmas voice mail (phone didn:t ring) “sorry we missed u”

      Dishonesty and games


  13. n e 1 having Blink problems in St Augustine?

    I have major issues with flow, and of course their techs are clueless, so I switched to Blink, outta the frying pan and into the fire, whereby i had a slow connection with Flow, I now have intermittent connection with BLINK. modem drops and reconnects and not getting the 10MB.

    BLINK sucks, gonna have to eat some crow and go back to FLOW …lolz that rhymes

    • No problem with Blink in St. Augustine but my neighborhad serious problems with Flow over the last six months. He is also going to Blink next month. I am only aware of one outage with Blink which lasted less than an hour. I am on Blink for a few months now.

      • The St. augustine problem was a big issue, I am happy to say they fixed the issue around the beginning of june. I am using the 10mb in gustine and all is good now for streaming, torrenting etc.

        The problem lasted about 6mths before they finally upgraded and fixed the issue. Very poor service during the life cycle of that issue but I made sure every flow call and complaint I made during the period was logged by the admins.

        They have new rates/packages coming out in July from 5mb – 100mb speeds but the pricing has increased overall in these high times. The lowest unlimited now starts at 199.99 instead of 189.99 which was already to high for a student or low income home for internet only. There triple play packages have no concept of the savings that packages like that were designed for. In short flow is an expensive company that is not for the poor and barely for the middle class especially in these trying economic times.

    • Well no real problems with where I live. Or with my other family and friends that has FLOW. I think the whole issue is that FLOW only provides promised results to areas with larger populations. All other areas are either left out or fed second hand service that is more or less dependent on the probability that a portion of customers in their “preferred areas” may not be using their internet on particular days. Which is still fraud btw. But from my experience

  14. The problem I had with Flow regarding the speed problem was the failure by the people at Flow even admit there was a problem. I will not be moving back to flow unless TSTT decides to give poor service but so far Blink is great – leaps and bounds ahead of anything Flow ever provided. It is this dishonesty by Flow which I an unwilling to put up with.

  15. I think u must be a PR for TSTT b/band service because any one worth his/her salt and taking the position you’re taking to bad mouth a company by name should be brave enough to state his/her name. I think it cowardly of you to go about it in the manner you’re doing!!!

    • Says the person who comes on using an alias eh Siren. If you so want a real name and occupation why did you come under an assumed name yourself.

      To make that ASSumption after reading one entry on a blog covering all sorts of different topics is indeed ASSinine and just shows what a small minded, immature and truly idiotic person you are.

      • Thanks, GirlBlue 😉

        Siren is probably a satisfied Flow employee or related to one. What Flow must realize is that the first step in solving a problem – technical or otherwise – is to admit they have one. Ignoring customer complaints is what Flow appears to do best.

  16. i think that the government under the ministry of communications should be monitoring these companies to verify that they are not ripping off the citizens, the cost of internet service in trinidad is way too high, these companies making millions, their service is bad, and the citizens have to satisfy with what they get, let the government step in please……

    • The Telecommunications Authority of T&T probably has the power to penalize any Internet Service Provider for nonperformance. People expect value for money and the Authority should be the first one on their case but blogs are usually quicker.

  17. Well that article on nodes was enlightening. Just throwing an idea out there. St. Augustine has a lot of internet cafes maybe that’s why customers at home suffer so much. I’ve been having this problem here at Gustin for the past year. I haven’t changed to blink because the wiring in my compound is terrible. I’m really cautious about going back to blink, cuz i’ve had a worse time with them than with flow. Customer service calls on hold for 20 mins and longer.

    • My neighbor is on Flow and he said the service has improved. I can’t say Blink is bad and I am happy with the service and performance so far. Only had to call them once to have the firewall removed and that was quick and painless with a Spanish accent.

      • In another place persons complainerd of the internet and phone service…well just yesterday flow installed, upgraded watch, talk, click, yep more than twenty four hours ago and all I can do is watch. A call was made and the usual promise to look into the complaint…still waiting. Hope this is not a sign of things to come.

    • Based on talking to people who know the insides of Flow I have to conclude that Flow is a poorly run company with very little of the technical competence they need to sell customers what they claim they have to sell. Flow is evolving into another scam-like company.

    • Hey ppls
      I work with the company and just happened to come across this
      I’m sorry to hear about the problems that you all are having
      But if you can send your info to me i can see what i can get done to have these issues rectified

      Send your info to swallace@columbustrinidad.com

  18. Hmmmm
    So we’ve finally downgraded our 10MB package with BLINK to the lowest 256kmps (just to keep as backup) and we switched over to FLOW 25MB package… (much cheaper than our previous blink)……..
    and I kinda regretting it 😦 … it’s soooooooooo unreliable! *sighs* all I can say is that I’m so glad we didnt d/c BLINK all together, cuz not a day goes by w/o me having to switch my connection to my super slow blink while FLOW takes its merry time to snap back to life.
    I do have hope tho… that maybe, just maybe, sooner than later, FLOW wud behave and start being normal
    But like my bro said ‘FLOW sucks. Cheap ting not good’

  19. Hey ppls
    I work with the company and just happened to come across this
    I’m sorry to hear about the problems that you all are having
    But if you can send your info to me i can see what i can get done to have these issues rectified. I’ll be happy to assist

    Send your info to swallace@columbustrinidad.com

  20. Flow sucks in their delivery of almost every service they provide. Their billing system also sucks. No matter when you pay, they send you a penalty for late payment – I had to complain at least 20 times. There was a time I had to go abroad for 2 months and I wrote them to suspend the service. They charged me a basic fee for the suspended service and also charged me the full rate on top of that. They admit that it was their fault, but refused to fix the problem for years. The sad thing is that bMobile service (TSTT) also sucks in St. Augustine – more than half of my calls are dropped. Heaven help us poor banana republic natives !!

  21. it is true Trinidad lacks the infrastructure for proper broadband connection its cus we are backward when it comes to that if u have ever experienced the the quality in Europe they have the best broad band u can ever have the line we have coming to Trinidad cannot facilitate the growing number of users it has today and every thing has to get routed through servers in Miami i tested this by using speedtest.net at least flow is better than all the rest blink isn’t even worth the toilet paper i whip my ass wit

    • Maybe flow has improved since I changed to Blink several months ago. So far I never had the cause to call Blink for a performance related issue and I am hoping it stays that way.

      As the number of users increase and as people now stream more than browse, the undersea fiber pipes have become inadequate. I expect that upgrades are being planned as we speak but the question will always be about who will pay for it and how much will it cost. The other question is how much bandwidth will be enough.

  22. why would you connect to a server in Tampa FL to prove a point about ur internet connection you have to use ur own country highlighted with a gold star, its obvious that if you try to connect to another server from another country ur net connection would would like that cause that isnt the host ISP so that post is totally irrelevant

    • This comment highlights a degree of ignorance of what we are really paying for.

      The internet we know and use exist OUTSIDE of Trinidad, thus any test you do SHOULD be to an off island server.

      WHAT is the point of getting a very high speed connection to a server in Tacarigua? You pay for 100MU connection to tacarigua and you get a 2 – 5MB out of island.

      So in essence when you subscribed for the “bigger pacakge” by paying 150.00 (or whatever your prior package was) more you are not getting any major performance boost.

      Flow sets up a dedication connection to a datacenter for their “speed test”, this show a great speed as per their ads. But the quality of this connection versus what they route for regular traffic is two different things altogether

      There will be some moments when you acutally get what you will be paying for, but as demand grows you will get this less and less.

  23. I agree to what Thread says completely but the image you posted last year with the speeds are completely off key… data is mainly passed through the miami server for off island internet (99% of what we use) and thats what you get the real download speed roughly around a 2 MB upload/download for users regardless of their FLOW connection speed, I get a 6.1 MB / 0.25 MB upload speed normally to the servers in Trinidad (50Mb package). The point is that FLOW is using false advertising but only tech savy and people who would notice the slightest lag would actually notice anything.

  24. Guys, there are 2 types of internet. Dedicated and Shared Internet. Most homes and small/Med use Shared Broadband internet meaning that a pool of people share a node that has internet and people can affect one another in terms of latency and speed. So you are not guaranteed the bandwidth and this goes for most of the providers – Flow and Blink. Also note it is Asymmetrical meaning a high download and a lower upload speed.

    Dedicated internet is guaranteed bandwidth to NAP in Miami so if you do a bandwidth test to a server in Miami it would get what you are paying for both on download and upload. Note that is Fibre Internet and it is more costly than broadband.

    So if a Blink ADSL and a FLOW cable is tested to miami both would be lower than expected.

  25. Fedup
    September 20, 2011 at 9.15pm
    I want to know why I am paying for cable when I can’t watch a program when i want on the channel ion which it due to show. Why is Flow allowing channel 3 to take all the programs exclusively,
    Don’t the paying customer have any rights?

    I am switching to Blink Entertainment and I hope all the fedup customers do the same.

  26. This is article may be outdated but I’m having the same issues stated & worse.
    Was paying for 5mbs find it was to slow so upgraded to 25mbs n I’m getting 17down on a good day.
    Lately every 2 minutes I have to restart the router cause signal keeps dropping smh.
    Theyre customer service sucks big time too.
    They told me is because I have an iMac that’s why It dropping.
    If that was so then why my iPad or iPhone not picking up wifi either?
    They think people are stone headed.
    Blink hotspot sucks as well but I never tried the land line.

  27. I live on Lady Young Road and go through constant interruptions of service. The latest of which was yesterday when the service suddenly went off after observing a truck and workmen on the pole in my area. When i called them about it they claim that the problem can’t be rectified before June 26th.

  28. Flow is the worst ISP i have ever had the misfortune to be inflicted with. In the last 6 months since their self proclaimed “Upgrade” which they said would double the provided speed, my speed has DROPPED by 50%.and the service is up maybe 5% of the day. It constantly drops and forget loading a video from youtube – i cant even get a regular webpage to load. Disgusting internet service, and incompetent customer service – better off with blink.

  29. flow iz shit…. Cud never get what u pay for.. Plus d damn service kp on cutting on and off, steupssssss, months nw and i tried it all so blve it…paying for 20 mb n cud barely get 5… smh

  30. i have flow 2mb package and download speed is 270kps,i fine that slow for a service that claim they have a 100mb connection..

  31. I think Digicel Fibre is just about to put the cat amongst the pigeons and turn the broadband market upside down! I am a Digicel business customer with a 200Mbps/50Mbps broadband package, and get 195Mbps download speedtest to Miami, New York or New Jersey nodes. They are putting cable up in residential areas too, so launch cannot be too far away.

  32. To TSTT and FLOW Board & Executives:
    There are about 16,000 students at all levels in the St. Augustine UWI area.
    Installing fibre DSL would be very profitable for who does it first!
    Both TSTT and FLOW have failed to serve this profitable niche of customers.
    How stupid.

  33. i have been with flow a while now and the recently advertise that you ca bump up to 30 mbps for $220.00 so i did but since december 2015 i have been getting a whooping 1.5 to 5 mbps sevral attempts to contact flow and a few hundred dollars porer i have yet to be connected to customer care i did a speed test using speedtest by ookla and tonight i was getting a really fast speed of 1.28mbps so i think flow is incapable of providing the much touted 30mbps seeing that am getting under 5 mbps for the last two months really fed up with flow ..but i got an idea maybe some of us can pool our money and open an internet provider we dont have to provide any service just take people money and dont answer the phone ..well be millionaires haa haa haa and we wil get away with it legal thiefing …politians do it all the time i dont see any of them in jail lol well i’ll be cahnging to some other internet provider soon

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