To Serve, Not Command

The Prime Minister was visibly more angry than usual with the line of questioning from reporters at yesterday’s news conference. Unfortunately, he once again didn’t come across as a leader but as a spoilt child who is not getting what he wants – praise, power, and his own way.

In this country we have a history of vindictive leaders who care more about their fragile egos than their country. All these leaders have forgotten they were and are simply public servants who work for the people. They may be, and have been the top public servants, but that’s all. That is why their arrogance and contempt for the people is always hard to stomach. Yesterday, people saw the re-announcement of the Chatam Smelter as an act of revenge on the people by the Government. What else could it be? It could be to distract the people from the uncontrollable crime situation. It could, but it seems more like an act of revenge. What kind of leader purposely inflicts revenge on the people for complaining? That is not a rhetorical question.

The message, which was intentionally sent to the people, is “shut up and don’t complain, the country belongs to the Government, not the people.” Maybe the Prime Minister is annoyed that that everything his Government touches turns to stone. Maybe he is simply feeling we don’t appreciate the know-it-all cabinet decisions. I agree that people make mistakes but when they do the mistake makers should own up. If we are to count the amount of mistakes this government has made by the amount of times they owned up we would come up empty handed. If we count the amount of mistakes the people think the government has made you would fill every page of every daily newspaper for five years.

What Governments always fail to understand is that the people and Governments should never be at war. The only reason a political party is elected and a small group selected to “govern” is simply because most people wouldn’t get time off to attend cabinet meetings and fly in private jets. The Government and the people should be one but recent industry trends show they are two separate bodies with two separate agendas. Is it any wonder the country is falling apart.

For any Government to be effective they need feedback on their performance from the people. If the Government ignores or sends four police Jeeps to stifle this feedback then the people are doomed. The former Government was like that and the present Government is even more so. The best and most effective Government will always be one that serves rather than commands, and listens rather than dictates. Clearly, judging from the state the country is in, and the rudderless direction it is heading, we need an effictive Government before it’s too late.

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Why We Survive

Portuguese Man o’ War – a potentially lethal pink creature which is in no way associated with this blog or the current crime wave sweeping the country

The main purpose of a newspaper is to report bad news while pretending to look for good news. Every unsuccessful newspaper owner and vendor knows that good news, like hair spray for bald men and skimpy carnival costumes, will never sell. That’s human nature, the nature of baldness, and our lack of passion for revealing clothes. I am beginning to wonder if a human begin could even survive in the imaginary and blissful world that John Lennon and many others described. In my opinion, human begins need conflict and an enemy or two because it gives one the best reason to live – revenge.

Drunk with joy is probably no different to being drunk with Scotch and coconut water on Christmas day. I believe what we want in life is not to be drunk with Scotch and joy, but to be constantly challenged to get a drink. Yes, we want to be challenged but not challenged to stay alive as it is in some countries like Iraq and Trinidad and Tobago. We want to be surprised, but not by bandits, kidnappers and stupid Government Ministers mumbling on TV. People want the freedom to choose from good choices. People need brief, but regular periods of happiness and to see a constant light at the end of the tunnel.

Man has always been under the constant threat mainly by our own kind so we (yes, I am human) didn’t evolve into creatures of happiness, but rather creatures of survival. We men (yes, I am male) are in our element when we are in survival mode, rather that lying on the beach gulping beer while watching bikini strings go by. That is probably a bad example but what I am trying to say is that the main reason people blog is to survive and the only reason we want to survive is because we are not good at anything else.