Toyota Recalls Having a Good Time in Trinidad and Tobago

Akio Toyoda

Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toyota, tells reporters why he drives a Ford

Owning a Toyota is still considered a good thing in Trinidad and Tobago despite the possibility of some Toyotas in some parts of the world accelerating in a wild and uncontrolled manner for reasons other than driver-stupidity. How long Trinidad and Tobago Toyota owners will continue to have fate in Toyota is uncertain as a safety-recall of 8 million Toyotas worldwide does not build confidence even in Trinidad and Tobago. What is more frightening is that the local Honda dealer continues to price Hondas as if they were Audis. Toyota’s latest recall is about unintended acceleration caused by either “floor mat entrapment” or “a sticking accelerator pedal” which, if it does happen,  could lead to onlookers thinking the driver is a Trinbagonian.

Even the Taliban respects Toyota

The information I have is the cars Toyota Trinidad Limited imported were made  in Japan thus are so far not affected by the recall but if you drive a Toyota you should still call Toyota Trinidad just to be sure your car is not affected and to state you won’t take any recall lying down in the typical do-me-what-yuh-want-ah-will-still-love-yuh Trini style.

I cannot recall – no pun intended – Toyota Trinidad placing an ad to reassure customers about the safety of local Toyotas and if this is so then I find this lack of development troubling. Some say the reason the local Toyotas are not affected by the floor mat recall might be because Toyota Trinidad did not provide customers with genuine Toyota floor mats but a cheap aftermarket mat that falls apart in one year even if you don’t scrub it with Breeze. I don’t know how true this is but people should be wary because all floor mats tend to be similar and the design of the accelerator pedal is being blamed, not the floor mats.

Could this be true?

In the US, there is now a hearing taking place concerning these Toyota recalls and it is being suggested by US congressmen that electronic device interference may also be a problem by causing interference with the cars’ electronics. Toyota has so far denied that cell phone electronic interference can cause their cars to go faster than intended since a cell phone is not beer.  If cell phone electromagnetic interference is the problem then it proves that cell phones are even more evil than most thought.

So, if you see a Toyota overtaking on the shoulder it may not be because the idiot-driver thinks the shoulder is also a lane but a technical issue involving a floor mat. You have to also remember when a Toyota is suddenly riding your bumper at 180 kmph and the driver looks like the PM’s driver, it may be due to a faulty accelerator pedal and not just  low IQ in the backseat.  The Toyota recall  is sad, not only because it destroys our confidence in the Japanese,  but it doesn’t recall the number one culprit in road accidents; the driver.

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Leave The Prime Minister Alone

I don’t know why people in this country are making a little mole hill into a big mountain again. Everybody knows that our Bible-quoting Prime Minister will never use his powers – official and unofficial – as a Prime Minister to grant anyone favours, including himself, or members of his family, or even a seer-woman. He will never command a Borough Corporation to clear a road leading to a construction site for a church. He will also never order T&TEC to provide electricity to this church construction site. He will also never be involved with any company that hires the Chinese instead of the Voters to build any church. The Prime Minister might be powerful but he is a smart man of integrity and that is the only reason why he is not in jail. Our Prime Minister is so honest, he is almost a perfect role model for our country and Government Ministers. I now feel like a common criminal after washing my car with a hose last weekend.

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Beyonce Cries on Behalf of Fans and Bmobile Customers

Beyonce in Brazil or Brasil

Beyonce in Brazil

One newspaper  reported that Beyonce was moved to near tears at the end of the concert in Port of Spain, and I am sure it wasn’t just because she gave a great performance or that she finally learnt how to “Palance”. I think she nearly cried because she realized the masses couldn’t see her on stage and most of the VVIPs missed the show because they were too busy fighting for doubles. From all the concert reviews and letters to the Editors published, I can only hope Bmobile will pay the ultimate price for their typical customer-discourtesy by the loss of customers, including some VVIP corporate accounts but this is Trinidad and Tobago where the more you ill-treat someone the more they love you.

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And The Prime Minister said “Get off my grass!”

The Prime Minister’s contractor was caught watering the Prime Minister’s lawn by the Trinidad Express and was fired by the Prime Minister because the Prime Minister didn’t know his contractor was still watering the Prime Minister’s lawn with scarce national water because the Prime Minister told the country he can remember telling the Prime Minister’s Wife to tell the grass contractor to stop greening up the grass as if it was a fete.

It appears the Prime Minister only became aware there was a water crisis in the country a couple days ago during a speech where he urged a handful of supporters to stop wasting water on grass. One wonders if the Prime Minister would have fired the contractor, stopped watering the people’s grass or even noticed his grass was the greenest in the land if the Trinidad Express hadn’t brought it to the nation’s attention.

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Megan Fox Sexy, Sexy Superbowl Ad

I said this before and I will say this again, sexy girls are the number one cause of  havoc and happiness in the average man’s life.

Megan Fox looks so hot in bubbles I am willing to exchange my Blackberry for the Motorola whatever. These ad people knew their investment of around US$2.3 million for one 30-second spot and thousands of YouTube views was money well spent.

Ad hides Megan Fox’s imperfection, which apparently is a big thing

Megan Fox - The Back

Trinidad Carnival Girls

I think these girls go well with the music – not too laid-back like the video before and not too wild, like the video in my mind. These girls look even better at 480p.

It is that time of the year again where I hope to get some Carnival photos and not get arrested by the Water Police for using a hose. People complain that every year Carnival is the same but yet every year it is different. I  was never in Port of Spain on a Carnival Monday or Tuesday and asked myself what year is this. And yes, there will be some level of skin showing, which will aggravate those who are moral and virtuous in their own minds but its fun to aggravate people like that as they choose to live among humans but fail to appreciate them. As far as the music for 2010 is concerned, I am now enjoying last year’s music so maybe next year I will know if this year’s music is any good.

If I don’t get any Carnival photos for any reason this year then this YouTube is it.

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Getting Naked on Valentine’s Day

Natasja Vermeer

Natasja Vermeer Nude

This year more and more people will be getting naked for Valentine’s Day as the celebration evolves into its true nature. Those who have accepted Valentine’s Day as a meaningful occasion have over the years realized that the original Valentine was not a saint but a simple man needing sex. If love was really the reason for celebrating Valentine’s Day I am sure nearly all men would not have the motivation to buy even a single plastic rose from a street vendor for the one they claim to “love.” A wise man once said the answer was hopefully yes and the question was always sex.

Only recently actress Julia Roberts urged women to strip for Valentine’s Day. This made Julia a hero among men who eagerly passed on a modified version the news article to as many women as they could find. Julia Roberts is no fool and her experience as a woman has now evolved into vital wisdom. I think she did mention something about making dinner reservations and having a glass of wine as well but I can’t remember.

Some would argue that Valentine’s Day should be romantic and I agree as I am a pseudo-romantic. To me, and most men, romance is really foreplay and foreplay is only foreplay when it leads to hot and steamy after play. Notice the sequence is romance followed by sex; there is  no room for love. Love is a tricky thing and it can exist alone without the romance or the sex but in that form it lacks the excitement to live a long and meaningful life. So for love to last there must be kinky romantic sex at a secluded beach resort either in Antigua or Barbados. This concept of love gave rise to the saying “A man falls in love through his penis and a woman through his credit card.”


Karina Smirnoff

Karina Smirnoff Nude for PETA

Some Famous Love Quotes

“I was nauseous and tingly all over. I was either in love or I had smallpox.” – Woody Allen

“You’d be surprised how much it cost to look this cheap.” – Dolly Parton

“If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?” – unknown

“Love is grand; divorce is a hundred grand.” – Unknown

“If you do kiss a politician, remember this: You are not only kissing him, you are kissing every butt that he has kissed in the last eight years.” – Jay Leno

“True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.” -Erich Segal

“When a man opens the door of his car for his wife, you can be sure of one thing: either the car is new or the wife is.” – Unknown

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The Water Crisis in Trinidad and Tobago – WASA and Bribes

I have to knock WASA again because, apart from the government,  it is the one organization that threatens to bring this country to its knees and by the end of March, 2010.

Naturally, people ignored WASA’s media-enriching ads to conserve water but that is not the reason Trinidad and Tobago find itself in hot water with no water. The reason has to do with the state-encouraged incompetence that plagued, and apparently still plagues WASA up to today. This incompetence caused over half of WASA’s water to go down the drain and people’s back yards.  Ask the average customer how long WASA takes to repair a waterfall-level leak without paying a bribe and the answer would be something like a few months to never.  That is the reason the public sarcastically laughs at WASA’s top and bottom including their chairman who is all grandiose smoke and no fire. The organization is visibly inept, and if the visible part of WASA is so frighteningly dysfunctional one can only imagine what is happening underground and in behind closed doors.

If I was the Minister of Public Utilities or the Prime Minister, I would announce the firing of WASA’s entire Board and Management at a high-profile press conference.  Let the public know who the criminals really are. Now that WASA has the country’s back against a wall again, they are bringing out the rum-shop-and bribe-friendly WASA police to harass and charge citizens for washing their cars or bathing their dogs using a garden hose.  Fix the leaks first and then charge yourself, WASA!, You are the biggest waster of water in the country.  Everybody in Trinidad and Tobago knew for years WASA’s truck drivers were selling water, everybody except the authorities at WASA because they don’t listen to the news. WASA’s management style is known as Incompetent Ostrich.

WASA is now saying  meters may be the answer to conservation, something a 11-year-old could have told them 30 years ago. Do we have stupid people running WASA? That was a rhetorical question but I must answer it – we do. Let’s hope the Government and the RIC will light a big fire under WASA’s lazy, incompetent and dishonest butt.

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