Trinidad Carnival 2010 Photos

Album 2 is out

Trinidad Carnival 2010 Photos

Album 1 is out

Please note: the music on Albums will shortly be removed

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  1. kseverny says:

    great shots full of activity

  2. Can’t wait to see them.

  3. Chica says:

    I sure hope that you will decide to post some pics. :-)

  4. Liane says:

    Protect your eyes out there, akalol. Don’t want to hear you were blinded by the, er, light. :D

  5. aka_lol says:

    So photos will be coming soon as I said in the update – it’s getting harder… to post photos I mean :mrgreen:

  6. Jumbie says:

    Nice, nice. I bet someone will ask, ‘where de men?’ tho.

    • aka_lol says:

      I have probably two photos with men and one hundred and something with women – that is either a true reflection of the ratio of men to women playing mas or what my eyes look at :)

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  8. […] bloggers post photos from the Carnival Tuesday […]

  9. bandi says:

    i see the helicopter still following you

  10. Chica says:

    Beautiful pics as allways aka!:-) Love the costumes and am wondering what kind of beas they use.TT does have some pretty women but I like to look at men. I have to side with Liane here and ask where are the good looking men??? I was hoping for tall,dark and handsome with some sixpacks.:-)
    @Liane, Scene has a pic of some nice looking policemen on her site.:-)

    • aka_lol says:

      Thanks Chica!

      I feel there will soon be a photographer who will dedicate her photographs and website to those tall, dark and handsome men with six packs who roam the streets just to excite women on Carnival days ;)

  11. Brazil overtaking Caribbean Carnival? Just think dental floss bikinis. Not even!!

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