The Water Crisis in Trinidad and Tobago – WASA and Bribes

I have to knock WASA again because, apart from the government,  it is the one organization that threatens to bring this country to its knees and by the end of March, 2010.

Naturally, people ignored WASA’s media-enriching ads to conserve water but that is not the reason Trinidad and Tobago find itself in hot water with no water. The reason has to do with the state-encouraged incompetence that plagued, and apparently still plagues WASA up to today. This incompetence caused over half of WASA’s water to go down the drain and people’s back yards.  Ask the average customer how long WASA takes to repair a waterfall-level leak without paying a bribe and the answer would be something like a few months to never.  That is the reason the public sarcastically laughs at WASA’s top and bottom including their chairman who is all grandiose smoke and no fire. The organization is visibly inept, and if the visible part of WASA is so frighteningly dysfunctional one can only imagine what is happening underground and in behind closed doors.

If I was the Minister of Public Utilities or the Prime Minister, I would announce the firing of WASA’s entire Board and Management at a high-profile press conference.  Let the public know who the criminals really are. Now that WASA has the country’s back against a wall again, they are bringing out the rum-shop-and bribe-friendly WASA police to harass and charge citizens for washing their cars or bathing their dogs using a garden hose.  Fix the leaks first and then charge yourself, WASA!, You are the biggest waster of water in the country.  Everybody in Trinidad and Tobago knew for years WASA’s truck drivers were selling water, everybody except the authorities at WASA because they don’t listen to the news. WASA’s management style is known as Incompetent Ostrich.

WASA is now saying  meters may be the answer to conservation, something a 11-year-old could have told them 30 years ago. Do we have stupid people running WASA? That was a rhetorical question but I must answer it – we do. Let’s hope the Government and the RIC will light a big fire under WASA’s lazy, incompetent and dishonest butt.

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