Beyonce Cries on Behalf of Fans and Bmobile Customers

Beyonce in Brazil or Brasil

Beyonce in Brazil

One newspaper  reported that Beyonce was moved to near tears at the end of the concert in Port of Spain, and I am sure it wasn’t just because she gave a great performance or that she finally learnt how to “Palance”. I think she nearly cried because she realized the masses couldn’t see her on stage and most of the VVIPs missed the show because they were too busy fighting for doubles. From all the concert reviews and letters to the Editors published, I can only hope Bmobile will pay the ultimate price for their typical customer-discourtesy by the loss of customers, including some VVIP corporate accounts but this is Trinidad and Tobago where the more you ill-treat someone the more they love you.

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8 thoughts on “Beyonce Cries on Behalf of Fans and Bmobile Customers

  1. Lol, aka, you’re too funny.:-) Sounds like the event was not organized at all.
    I hope this is not true: “the more you ill-treat someone the more they love you.”

  2. HaHa
    $1600 for doubles ah wonder if the price of doubles will go up?

    “the more you ill-treat someone the more they love you” that’s the code of conduct & motto of T&T.

  3. I am happy I didnt go because if i paid so much I would want to have a good time. From the youtube vids I have seen they are horrible..I cant watch them on the Beyonce Tour….thanks for posting this….gonna research it.

    • The local newspapers and radio talk-shows are full of bad comments about the organizing of the show. It was even suggested that one known people-unfriendly Government Minister praised the show because he got two free VVIP tickets and extra doubles free. It seems that nearly everybody felt cheated and that is so typical of how TSTT (Bmobile) customers feel about their service.

  4. Incomplete venue aside I would say that it was not a complete lack of courtesy or disregard for customers. Those that paid for the $1600 for a concert and got food as a bonus…I’m thinking that when you go to a concert in the States or elsewhere food and drink (all-inclusive fete style) is not part of the deal, drinks sure but any kind of food. In addition those that fork out US$50 for a ticket get what are described as “nosebleed” seats and for good reason.

    So I did some research (naturally), her tour is over so I could not get ticket comparisons but decided to look at Alicia Keys who ranks just below Beyonce in the great scale of things (not voice scale mind you just performance and energy) and found this

    <a href=""Ticket info for her concert in Quebec

    Could you freakin imagine being any seats in the 400 aisle range and look at the price, TT$630 or thereabouts to use your binoculars.

    I am not saying that things could not have been better, loads better, but at the end of the day you guys got Beyonce in Trinidad and while viewing may have been difficult for some (esp of Machel, okay they could have done a lot better with the screens and sound system for that) patrons got to see and hear Beyonce an actual International Now Superstar and not someone who is just say big in Japan.

    People paid to see Beyonce and they got to see Beyonce and from all accounts it was totally worth the money.

    • I am not saying Beyonce wasn’t worth the money but the customers didn’t get what they expected. The expectation is the problem. I listened to Anil Roberts – ok, maybe not the example since Anil could be extremely brutal when you tick him off – yesterday on Power 102 and he was fuming mad about his experience as a VVIP concertgoer who paid $3,200 for two tickets. He obviously felt cheated and so did many pepople. As I said, it was the expectation and that is what TSTT didn’t manage well.

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