Silent Explosion

I don’t know what this looks like to you, but the first thought I had was “explosion.” The entire “cloud-explosion” happened over a twenty minute period at around daybreak. Another bloger pointed out to me that the cloud movement is also interesting. This animated-gif is made up of twenty two frames.

Blogers-block and Other Non-fatal Conditions


A creative bloger is one who has no sense of bloging purpose from the first keystroke to the last. Being confined by a sense of purpose, order, spelling, grammar and hideous rules of composition will only stifle creativity. The only rule for being creative is that there are no rules. Creativity is the art of letting the neurons be themselves and letting them have fun. Neurons are like children, they grow and flourish when left to explore. Naturally, I wouldn’t recommend children play near a cliff which is unguarded nor would I let my brain be artificially simulated by substances know to be neuron-unfriendly. Ok, that’’s a rule, so what? I am being creative.

Some complain about suffering from blogers-block. I have also suffered from this blockage and now realize there is no single cure. This is no laughing matter since a blocked bloger can wreck havoc on the planet in search of the perfect creative laxative. I unfortunately can offer no real hope since I have recently taken up the dark art of blog-commenting rather than bloging in my own space. I reasoned that blogers-block is caused by the idea we must have something meaningful and worthwhile to say. Don’t be caught in this trap since life itself is struggling to find even one universal meaning and any blog is likely to be more meaningful than that.

I have seen meaningful blogs in the form of an eye drawing, the observation of dry to green ferns, and the dressing up of feet with foot gloves and then snapping it with a cell camera. There are no rules and they all make perfect sense.

Blogers-block should never happen since the easiest thing in the world is to have nothing to say and then just type it. Can you imagine what would happen if a bloger did have something to actually say? I shudder at this thought 🙂

p.s. this blog is subject to change without notice for reasons never to be revealed to the general public and itergalactictic friends.

It Breaks Every Day


“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” These are words of wisdom born from ages of experience by those who broke many things and whose wives, girlfriends, or lovers have had enough. A day breaks every day and that is natures way of telling us he answers to a Female. He? Nature has a Male side? Yes, yes and yes. Father Nature does exist and is responsible for daybreaks (day breaks). Mother (or Female) Nature ensures that it happens more or less on time.

I took this series of pics from my front porch today. They were taken over a 6 minute period sometime around 6:15 a.m. My philosophy is “if you can’t sleep then snap.”

My Doughnut Comment

Dangerous Nut

This is the comment I made on a very inspired blog called
Sirius83’s Journal of Insanity under the heading A donut with a rash . I have recently become an uninspired bloger and I decided to draw on my comments on other blogs to tide me over until my normal level of abnormal creativity resumes. What lies below was hardly modified to fit this blog.

Over the years I have become quite sympathetic to the plight of the doughnut, not only locally but internationally. This up-and-coming modern-day food group has been subjected to the most despicable treatment by food sellers and food buyers alike. This affectionate food has been callously dunked, sprinkled, jellified, choclified and now appallingly fungerised, much to the indifference of mankind, and certain educational intuitions. But all is not lost.

Hope is once again on the horizon since a lone bloger, Sirius, is raging a one-man campaign against food-group abuse. In Sirius’s latest book, Doughnuts – The Hole Story, several hundred appalling cases of doughnut-abuse are documented. This graphic book also lashes out at the TTSPCF and accuses them of sitting on their collective butts while doughnuts are mercilessly squished and squashed by two-faced doughnut lovers. Some even go missing, never to be found. He is also championing the fight to extract finances from various notorious sources to help fund research into the cure for doughnut fungus and selected jelly diseases. Donations can be made to the Save the Doughnut fund by calling 800-DNUT, and you can be rest assured that the money will be very well spent 🙂

Cloud Formation

For reasons unexplained, I captured this rain cloud formation on a Friday afternoon. This can be considered time-lapse photography. I think it looks scary but exciting. It looks like life, coming for us, whether we like it or not.