Music, Laughter, Wine and Sex


Music, laughter, wine and sex are good for your health. Studies conducted by researchers showed when people listened to music they enjoyed their blood vessels opened which caused more blood to flow to those vital organs. However, when people listened to music they didn’t like, or saw certain politicians, their blood vessels narrowed and caused nausea, vomiting,  diarrhea and embarrassment. Researchers also found that sane people who laughed several times a day and who always found life funny had lower rates of heart attacks than sour people.  For years, moderate drinkers hoped that wine was good for the heart and their wish finally came true. Scientist observed that moderate wine and alcohol drinkers not only lived longer but were more interesting people. Scientists are not sure how alcohol extends life but one suggestion is that alcohol gives people something to live for. Male sex researchers, not to be left out, found that frequent safe sex in nearly any position was linked to a healthy body and a life worth living.

With all these health studies taking place, researchers are now studying the effects of Carnival on health in Trinidad and Tobago and whether it does anything for the well-being to those who enjoy it. Some scientist suspect the secret to a long life may not only be as a result of  listening to music while having sex with a funny person after a few glasses of wine, but it may also be due to enjoying Trinidad Carnival.

Nude Body Painting

Jessica White was photographed by Rennio Maifredi in Grenada. All bodypainting and make-up by Joanne Gair for LBB Artist Management, using Body Art Products by Reel Creations, INC and Tinsley Make Up FX Studio.

Jessica White was photographed by Rennio Maifredi in Grenada.

Body painting is a form of artistic expression that uses average paint to make gorgeous bodies look even more gorgeous. Body painting is temporary and is mainly done on female bodies because it isn’t  a macho thing. The Caribbean is not new to body painting and when Columbus landed he met the Caribs and Arawaks using annatto to paint their bodies and surf boards. Body painting can be more than artistic and it can even be used by women to say to the public, “I am Hot.”

Tattoos are a permanent type of body painting and are used mainly by women who think they would look hot throughout their years. Tattoos can have a deep meaning but it’s the shallow meaning which everybody understands. Tattoo designs should be chosen carefully since a heart-shaped tattoo on a butt can stretch in no time to look like a circle with even less meaning. Tattoos can be considered your short-lived friend.

Nude body painting is now popular among top models who are shaped to kill. Nearly every naked female model’s body will look better in body paints but not every model has a body like Jessica White, who is not very ticklish. Nude body painting is one way the media can have models pose nude and offend less than half the people they normally offend. As more and more women choose body paints to express their feminine side more and more men will take up the brush in support.

Blogs of the Day

stats_aka_2009_02_19It’s hard to be great when you’re not humble but who needs either one anyway. One of This Beach Called Life‘s blog post was selected by to be included as their Top Post for the day, February 19th, 2009. One hundred Top Post are selected everyday based on the popularity of the blog  post for that day. The post came in at 77. The popularity is based on unique visits to the blog post. The post that did it was Sir Allen Stanford’s Financial Empire Investigated.  This blog was posted before Sir Allen was charged and it attracted some detailed comments from people who seemed to know some of the inner workings of The Stanford Empire and who tried to defend Sir Allen. Apparently, much was a stake.

Incidentally, my Freida Pinto post is now doing very well and recorded even more visits that the Sir Allen post. The Allen Stanford blog post scored 575 unique visits yesterday while the Freida Pinto post scored 643.  These visit-surges never last too long but it feels good while it lasts.

Since humility is not my thing I will go on to say host over 4,000,000 blogs which contains several million blog post. To make it to the top 100 even for a day feels ok.

Saving Money The Old Fashion Way


Banks are losing the battle against mattresses.  With financial institutions crumbling and others under suspicion people are going back to the good old ways of saving money. Unlike with financial houses, mattresses offer savers the peace of mind of knowing where the money is once the mattress is theirs. Bankers, in an attempt to woo customers back have launched a campaign against the mattress. In a recent ad some bankers are claiming the mattress is an easy target for bandits and people should not be foolish with their money. The ad was signed Madoff, Duprey and Stanford.

It doesn’t matter if a person has ten dollars or ten billion dollars, mattresses are safe havens for both billionaires and paupers alike. Whether you put your money in Sealy, Serta or Lensyl the level of security and peace of mind is the same. However, there are differences in the way people bounce on the various models. Mattress companies are now seeing new opportunities and are developing something called the high-security mattress for those who want a bit more security because they underpay their sleep partners. So, the next time your banker offers you a financial instrument with a high rate of return tell him you will sleep on it.

Beauty or Brains – Why Men Must Matter, I Hope

Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto, the Slumdog Millionaire sensation, was recently quoted as saying she wants to be more than just a pretty face. Freida Pinto may have read this blog some weeks ago which could be the reason for her recent statement. (If Rihanna and Sir Allen could read my blog why not Freida). Freida is lucky in that she is already known for more than her beauty and is also recognized for her talent and presence.

This blog recently conducted a survey where several women on the streets, in offices and in washrooms were asked if they would prefer to be beautiful or to be bright. Nearly all the women I approached asked if they could be both while several more called the police. I had to stress to the willing women it was either beauty or brains, since they were not men. The survey results showed 9 out of 10 women choose beauty. This is not surprising since the desire for women to be beautiful and be noticed has generated a multi-billion dollar industry with First World women probably spending more on anti-wrinkle creams than on the elimination of world hunger.

Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty

The modern woman is not like the ancient woman who would rather be admired on a pedestal while being fed grapes than consulted on world affairs or a cure for herpes. The modern woman wants to be sexy, beautiful and a professional. The enrollment of women in tight jeans and short skirts at universities now outweigh the enrollment of both beer-drinking and eligible males combined. The average woman in 2009 is now attractive, intelligent and pompous. The average woman no longer needs a man in her life to buy her grapes or underwear and makes he own decisions like which man to dump and which man to run over with her car in both directions. To the modern man, the modern woman is intimidating but even more attractive because of her aggression. Some men like it rough.

Men are no longer in great demand by women and this has not been easy for men to accept. Men were brought up to believe the King was the boss but the Queen was in charge. Men never fought this amusing role and played along out of fear of being nagged. Men are now no longer even Kings and are merely being used for sex by women when convenient. This sucks. Men were never meant to be used by women and this cannot go on for too much longer. I am writing this blog post in desperation and  hoping all demoralized men would read it and rally together to regain our rightful place in The Universe and in bed. Men, say no to being trampled on but mostly say no to convenient sex at those uhgodly hours.

Where is My Sahara Dust, Mr. Mackie

Weather Prediction - Carnival 2009

Weather Prediction - Carnival 2009

Mr. Mackie, you are our weather man and we depend on you for our weather. You know about rain and flood and clouds and Sahara Dust. You know what we like. Google told me we are in the dry season but I only see rain. I know about Trinidad and Tobago weather, Mr. Mackie,  and Google is right. So, Mr. Mackie, where is our Sahara Dust and our sun?  Please, give us an answer and please, give us hope.

I am only writing this because  things look a little bleak for Carnival Monday and Tuesday next week. I hope the forecast is wrong and I hope you would say so. You are our weatherman and you must know better. Tell us the truth, Mr. Mackie, and make it go away. We don’t want any more bad news. We don’t need anymore bad news. We want sun on our backs and dust in our face. We want oil to go up so our PM won’t be sad. He is so sad these days. We want our money in our banks. We want the crooks in our jail.  We want to jam and whine and take plenty pictures. So, Mr. Mackie, tell us we will have a good time and please, tell us today.