Freida Pinto in a Short Dress

Freida Pinto in a Short Dress

Freida Pinto in a Short Dress

Sometimes, when the world around you seems to have no integrity and the insane lives in mansions while the greedy sails in yachts, there comes a bright spot. Sometimes that bright spot can appear as Slumdog Millionaire’s Freida Pinto in a short dress at the Directors Guild Awards.

When a man sees  a pair of female legs at the end of a short skirt the man is prone to stare at the legs for longer than what is considered socially acceptable.  Unfortunately, apart from becoming a priest, there is no known cure for this affliction.

To a man, the female leg is not overrated but a necessity and that is why those Slim-Fast women who visit the gym and perform three sets of squats, with ten reps each set, using heavy weights, three days a week are  a blessing to all mankind.


note: The mini skirt was invented decades ago by a man with a dream and a need, and not during the great cloth shortage of the 50s. Ever since this breakthrough in fashion science the mini skirt has remained at least 8 inches above the knee, in style and in demand.

Acting Without Integrity

newsdayThe Integrity Commission acted in bad faith and was guilty of misfeasance in public office. Imagine that, the Integrity Commission has no integrity. Imagine that! Look, I don’t care what standing these Commission members hold, or once held in society or even how big or tall the pillar they like to stand on is. As a body, this group seems to be on par with a Gang in Laventille since they appear to be working against the good of the public. I think their faces should be published in every daily newspaper and their names boldly printed below each mugshot. We need to know who these people are just incase we have to stand next to them while waiting for a maxi. And, as Dr. Rowley said, The Commission should resign. If The Commission could not successfully defend their actions in the High Court then something must be wrong. Where is the money to compensate Dr. Rowley coming from? Not the taxpayers, I hope.

This is no longer a faceless thing the public can tolerate since every Public Institution of trust is being infected with a rot causing disease brought about by interference and hate. This is something the President, if he can take the time off from wining and boring citizens with hollow speeches said in a nasal and irritating tone, should act on. But, I won’t hold my breath since the Pres is widely considered by many to be an ornament of the State, and apparently, the Integrity Commission is not famous for Integrity.

update 6th February, 2009: