Trinidad Carnival 2009 Pictures

Trinidad Carnival 2009 Pictures

UPDATE – 25th March 2009

Album 9 is out

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  1. Stef says:

    Thank’s for sharing the beautiful pics.

  2. bandi says:

    love the Carib towel with STAG in hand… priceless

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  4. trinigal says:

    great pix! :)

  5. aka_lol says:

    Stef, trinigal, thank you very much ;)

    bandi, now that you mention it :)

  6. bandi says:

    lovin album 2… digicel certainly got some nice models… but someone was hungry and took a bite out of Marlene…

  7. Charlene says:

    If you have any pics from this particular presentation could you please share?

    Red Ants Presentation 2009 – Clash of the Tight Ants… BAN YUH BELLY

    My Experience:

    As fast as her alarm sounded, she woke me. It was only two hours since we resigned from watching the dimanche gras to catch the zzz’s in preparation for J’ouvert. Carnival 2009 had officially begun for us! It was J’ouvert morning once again. The official theme for the all inclusive band we were playing with was “tighten yuh belt, ban yuh belly”, so without hesitation, we banned ours, donned our selves with our official wear, t-shirt, shorts, bandana, whistle, cup, socks and shoes and we were off. In the wee hours of the morning, there was traffic like a Monday morning which rendered a few hardcore steups from the late comers like ourselves unaware of the cause – maybe a roadblock, an accident, or some band taking a wrong route – it turned out that Police had a major road block in the Cocorite area – stopping pedestrians as well as vehicles doing safety checks. Upon seeing that, I no longer felt the animosity because it was all for a good cause.

    We were late, we drove into St. James and there’s it was; the bachannal started, we couldn’t get onto Mucurapo Road where the band gathered, police advised us to turn back and in so doing, we saw the band passing. We parked up in St. James and footed it!! Hustling to the band, I heard “Charlene” ” Charlene” I looked and turned away because I didn’t see anyone familiar. Once again I heard “Charlene” and when i took a good look, it was Susan, all the way from the UK, O gad! My morning bachannal started, because I was too clean for her likeness, she drenched me mercilessly with paint! Red paint … so it begun, we chipped to the truck and our bumpers started to shake and roll! Settled next to a truck and we were all heading up the road by Western Cemetery, chip chip chipping and we chipping, dancing and throwing bottom and waist to the sweet sounds of Soca 2009. It appeared that “meet superblue” was the favourite, but the dj’s were well in the mix, they played everything to keep the crowd jumping, mud flowed, cocoa flowed, we were drenched in every possible thing.

    The band was a representation of real unity and a reflection of our rich and literal colorful history. It showed how cosmopolitan we really are! There were a lot of familiar faces from all walks of life, doctors, lawyers, farmers, teachers, their children, lecturers, uwi cleaners – it was all in the mix. We chipped, swayed, those who drank alcohol made their name – the band was well organized. The rope at the side kept the outsiders out. One of my relatives buss ah fall, helped her up and on that injured foot, she continued – only carnival eh! We made our way through St. James parlancing our backsides on the street! Shal Marshall said it, this was truely “bum bum ville” – Only bottom in the road. Oh Gyad oye. If the men wasn’t soo drunk they would have had an eyefull!

    A…A… we reach by long circular and was about to clash with the Army band leaving their head quarters, and the army men lined the street, cordoned off their people and gave us passing rights – that was highly commendable, they allowed us for a good few minutes to make our way pass and then, they allowed their persons to pass. Real coordination – It wasn’t too bad. At the corner of Long Circular the band was at a halt for some time to allow guest artists to perform, it was a massive party in the streets. By now we had no grip we were winning and skating all over the road, the combination of chocolate, oil, paint and mud was wicked but “…we won’t stop till the sun sun comes up because we wining! jamming! we chipping in a line mine is yours, yours in mine because we winning! jamming!…” and boy it was only bumpers rolling! Wutlessness! I loved it. I saw some more friends and paint flowed like water. More bum bum bouncing! It was real freeness! Everywhere you looked, you saw Red Ants security, and every two glimpse you were seeing security supervisors! I felt safe, very safe and people looked out for you. A man held me down to buss ah wine on meh bumper, a Rasta man who I never saw before said, Boss man, leave her alone, that’s meh baby sister – yuh know the man disappeared never to be seen again! lol… but that was to tell you how safe the band was- everyone looked out for you, by the end of it all, we made friends with nearly the entire band, minus names and numbers. Chances are from Ash Wednesday, everyone would don their shirts, ties and office attire and go back into their AC office and executive chairs until next Carnival lol.

    What I admired, at 7am as promised, breakfast was served in a timely fashion! Additionally, though the drinks trucks had somewhat of an unlimited supply of stocks and much more to be served, they stopped serving alcohol and started serving drinks to sober up their patrons! Tea! Coffee! Water! Orange Juice! you name it … Yes! Believe it! Vie de France on the streets? LOL…


    See you next year Red Ants 2010!

  8. aka_lol says:

    bandi, you always have a funny view on life :)

    Liane, thank you very much.

    Charlene, very good Red Ants /Tight Ants Review. I enjoyed reading it.

  9. Charlene says:

    Thank you!

  10. Liane says:

    A little bird told me it’s your birthday. If it is then HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AKALOL! Hope it’s filled with good Carnival memories, soothing beverages, a full body massage – and lots of photos!

    [It was a Téa bird. If she’s pulling a fast one please take it up with her.]

  11. aka_lol says:

    Liane, thanks for the wishes and they do resemble my own. All I have to do is work on making them come true – again ;)

    I would have to do something about that Téa bird :)

  12. sprangerca says:

    Thanks for curing some of my home sickness with your pics …..

    Everyyear around carnival time ( also b/day) I get mad sick for home, becaus eof my job I can’t always get back and haven’t been for more than five years. Thanks for sharing Carnival with the world ….

    homesick Trini living in the cold.

  13. aka_lol says:

    I am glad I can be part of a cure for something :)

    It’s hard to describe Carnival but I will keep trying with my pics.

  14. Girlblue says:

    Hey saw a couple of girls that I know cool! Great pics AKA and happy belated birthday

  15. aka_lol says:

    Thanks Girlblue :)

  16. Khakim says:

    Great Pics, great thighs, great waist, haaa very luscious.
    Mmmmmmmwa. More pics please.

  17. aka_lol says:

    Thanks khakim :)

  18. GTboy says:

    Very nice commentary! Was there in 2008 for the first time and loved it although we did not play Mas but to this day I can feel the energy of the carnival. I did notice when we were there how the bands do look out for their group. I like your comment on the “Wutlessness!” All in good fun!!!

    Special Thanks to aka_lol for the blog!!

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