Trinidad and Tobago Travel Advisory – Danger, Gun at Your Head


The Trinidad Guardian today carried a summary of current Travel Advisories for Trinidad and Tobago. These Advisories truthfully warn visitors  that Trinidad and Tobago is a haven for crime where visitors’ bodies and their possessions are at great risk.  These Travel advisories paint Trinidad and Tobago as a place where criminals  and  their guns are safe and where no crime is solved.

In an apparent retaliation for these advisories from five countries that have already attained 2020 status, the Government is planning to unleash, once again, The Minister of Works or a similar dodo head onto the population.  It is also expected that either the Commissioner of Police or The Minister of National Security will go on TV and state this will be the safest Carnival ever but nothing about after. The population will jump up and down on hearing these words of reassurance and feel safe once again. The Minister of Works will call these travel advisories mischievous and foolish and put the blame on the Opposition while The Prime Minister will continue looking through newly acquired files for more evidence against The Leader of The Opposition and upload a new profile picture on Facebook. The Minister of Finance will continue Googling and Wikipediaing Financial terms and concepts. While all this Ministerial activity is going on three hundred serious crimes including three UDECOTT tender awards would have occurred.

Government’s Vision is clear and that is what is so frightening.

Trinidad Was Nice, Trinidad Was a Paradice

11 thoughts on “Trinidad and Tobago Travel Advisory – Danger, Gun at Your Head

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  2. Hey All,
    I was just in Tinidad with my GF, we are from NYC, we are not from TT. We loved it!!!
    The people we really nice, direct and cool. They warned us about the crime and we were careful.

    We had no problems. I saw these warnings before we left.
    We were in POS, the Arima Valley and Grande Riviere.
    May be we were just lucky to have a crime free trip.

    I would go again. But I would take even more precautions.
    Great country Trinidad!

  3. Never mind the advisories, they say the same thing about every country I travel to. However the _locals_ were constantly warning me to be careful!

    That certainly didn’t make for a ‘carefree vacation’ (lol!)

    I’m pleased to say that my trip was crime-free and the people I met in Trinidad were great (a few man-pests excepted, but those were mainly a problem in Tobago).

    I definitely want to come back. I also want to experience carnival, but on that occasion I want to have local contacts!

  4. i am a trini living in toronto, i believe that our government are doing nothing about crime. for example they found a “container on the dock some time ago filled with children ready to be sold on the black market for slavery or as body parts and instead of stopping the culprits behind this hainous act they shut it up from the media.

    They were brought to the mount hope hospital, and one of the nurses there said she would talk she was treatened.

    The government of trinidad and tobago is as dirty as always and mr. manning is mush as to blame as involved due to his reluctance to do absolute nothing.

  5. I have observed Trinidad and Tobago for some time and I have even worked here and I feel the crime rate is due to the police force.
    “There is something rank in the nation of Trinidad and Tobago”

    It was best said by George Orwell, “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.”

    If you all would recall, there has been two exercises with regard to the selection of Police officers and there is a constant plea that qualified individuals are not seeking employment in this field.

    This lie must end. I want to share the findings of an investigation I conducted. It was just by chance that I came upon these facts which I am about to relate.

    A few persons whom I know, young individuals who were looking for a job all applied and went through the recruitment process for TTPS. All the brave young men and women made sacrifices to attend all of the stages and were told that they had passed each one and would move on to the final stage selection.

    The final stage these individuals attended would be the agility held at the Police Barracks in St. James.
    They are now to wait for selection confident that the system would provide them an opportunity. To their surprise there is an advertisement for those individuals interested in joining the police service to attend well the various locations. The individuals decided to call the barracks to enquire as to the status of their applications. To their surprise not one of them got accepted and they were told to re-apply the reason being that they failed the agility test. When they mentioned they were told that they were successful, the female police corporal informed them ,” well I just say you all fail”

    The COP keeps calling for qualified persons to apply all the persons to whom I make reference have at least five subjects and are currently pursing higher level education and are all of east Indian descent.

    I ask you all:
    Is this a coincidence?

    Could ethnic cleansing also be taking place in the Police service?

    Have we reached a stage in Trinidad and Tobago where every creed and race do not find an equal place?

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