Beauty or Brains – Why Men Must Matter, I Hope

Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto, the Slumdog Millionaire sensation, was recently quoted as saying she wants to be more than just a pretty face. Freida Pinto may have read this blog some weeks ago which could be the reason for her recent statement. (If Rihanna and Sir Allen could read my blog why not Freida). Freida is lucky in that she is already known for more than her beauty and is also recognized for her talent and presence.

This blog recently conducted a survey where several women on the streets, in offices and in washrooms were asked if they would prefer to be beautiful or to be bright. Nearly all the women I approached asked if they could be both while several more called the police. I had to stress to the willing women it was either beauty or brains, since they were not men. The survey results showed 9 out of 10 women choose beauty. This is not surprising since the desire for women to be beautiful and be noticed has generated a multi-billion dollar industry with First World women probably spending more on anti-wrinkle creams than on the elimination of world hunger.

Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty

The modern woman is not like the ancient woman who would rather be admired on a pedestal while being fed grapes than consulted on world affairs or a cure for herpes. The modern woman wants to be sexy, beautiful and a professional. The enrollment of women in tight jeans and short skirts at universities now outweigh the enrollment of both beer-drinking and eligible males combined. The average woman in 2009 is now attractive, intelligent and pompous. The average woman no longer needs a man in her life to buy her grapes or underwear and makes he own decisions like which man to dump and which man to run over with her car in both directions. To the modern man, the modern woman is intimidating but even more attractive because of her aggression. Some men like it rough.

Men are no longer in great demand by women and this has not been easy for men to accept. Men were brought up to believe the King was the boss but the Queen was in charge. Men never fought this amusing role and played along out of fear of being nagged. Men are now no longer even Kings and are merely being used for sex by women when convenient. This sucks. Men were never meant to be used by women and this cannot go on for too much longer. I am writing this blog post in desperation and  hoping all demoralized men would read it and rally together to regain our rightful place in The Universe and in bed. Men, say no to being trampled on but mostly say no to convenient sex at those uhgodly hours.

5 thoughts on “Beauty or Brains – Why Men Must Matter, I Hope

  1. aka …. I’m afraid yuh on yuh own here ….. cuz I’ve NEVER heard of ah man sayin NO tuh sex ….. and I’ve also NEVER heard ah man complain about ah woman usin him fuh sex ……

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