Music, Laughter, Wine and Sex


Music, laughter, wine and sex are good for your health. Studies conducted by researchers showed when people listened to music they enjoyed their blood vessels opened which caused more blood to flow to those vital organs. However, when people listened to music they didn’t like, or saw certain politicians, their blood vessels narrowed and caused nausea, vomiting,  diarrhea and embarrassment. Researchers also found that sane people who laughed several times a day and who always found life funny had lower rates of heart attacks than sour people.  For years, moderate drinkers hoped that wine was good for the heart and their wish finally came true. Scientist observed that moderate wine and alcohol drinkers not only lived longer but were more interesting people. Scientists are not sure how alcohol extends life but one suggestion is that alcohol gives people something to live for. Male sex researchers, not to be left out, found that frequent safe sex in nearly any position was linked to a healthy body and a life worth living.

With all these health studies taking place, researchers are now studying the effects of Carnival on health in Trinidad and Tobago and whether it does anything for the well-being to those who enjoy it. Some scientist suspect the secret to a long life may not only be as a result of  listening to music while having sex with a funny person after a few glasses of wine, but it may also be due to enjoying Trinidad Carnival.

3 thoughts on “Music, Laughter, Wine and Sex

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  2. Well I totally agree.. some would huff at the idea that “if you don’t drink you won’t enjoy yourself”…I think you will enjoy yourself..but not as much!

    I recently started to drink again after a 2yr fast from alco, and I must say..that just 1 glass was enough to make me feel GOOD..about life, where I’m also made me feel sensuous..couple that with some good music and I was in heaven! 😀

  3. Babooshka, I noticed over the years that people who don’t drink, also don’t do a lot of other things in life. It’s not that drinking is all that important but not drinking goes with a whole lot of other “don’ts.” I feel life is too short to be governed mainly by the “do not” rule.

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