Pro Max Screws Nation After Speedo Bulges



The sounds of “Oh no, ah doe have tuh goe” crooned over the Sony Boom Box that Pro Max hugged. It was the inspiration for his first, post-European speech he had been looking for since he removed his Red, White and Black, frontally-enhanced Speedo that he wore  on his recent screw-the-nation European tour. The Plagiarizing Priest told Max the answer would come either in a song or in mid-wine but Max didn’t think Destra’s “Wey yuh want” was quite the song and all his wines now ended before the middle.

Pro Max decided, apart from telling people he was not going anywhere, except for vacation, he would talk down to them. He would hide behind the false shield of confidentiality even though the letter from The Judge and the emails from the Brilliant Journalist were on the streets. How stupid the public is, he often thought. PM PM, his guru and desktop background, often said the best defense is a good offense. Accept responsibility but say nothing, was going to be the gist of his speech. He wrote with renewed arrogance since he knew for sure The Party wasn’t about to throw him on the street and may even chant his name in approval at public events, in the way cult followers do. He learnt The Party admired the extra mile he went to select some line-towers and this thought made his Speedo bulge ever so faintly in approval.

Pro Max finished his speech and realized how much he loved his nation but  over the years that love turned to lust. He was sure it was the love/lust relationship which caused him to screw the nation so much. As he closed his laptop he could swear he heard distant booing and wondered if it was The Shand Man or just his conscience acting up again.

Max is conveniently missing the point to justify ignoring the country while he was on vacation. What non-party supporters and even some party supporters are asking (the population) is:

(1) Did Max appoint a chairman to the IC who was an exposed-eventually-self-confessed plagiarist? Isn’t a plagiarist a type of thief? Why would somebody who is knowingly a type of thief be appointed as Chairman of the IC by the President? The answer to this one should be a classic. Lets move on like Max.

(2) Did Max promise The Judge the deputy Chairmanship but reneged on the offer (promise) and failed to inform the Judge until he was handed his Instrument of Appointment in front of everybody? This was not only embarrassing to the Judge but it smelled of something sinister. Did the Judge lie in his letter of resignation? If the judge didn’t lie then Max should resign. There is nothing confidential about his letter of resignation, and 99 out of 100 people don’t think the Judge lied. Moving on like Max.

(3) How come Max did not know the appointed Deputy Chairman was not even eligible to be a member of the IC but common sense told the rest of the nation he wasn’t? Ignorance of the fact by Max is not an answer, it is a reason to resign. Moving on like Max.

If Max cannot answer these questions to the comfort of the nation, during this time of serious corruption allegations against big men in society who are openly backed by big politicians in society,  then he must step down in  what now looks like a big disgrace. It didn’t have to be like this.

A large percentage of the population fears about Max have be realized and every attempt he made at defending his position reaffirms the public’s suspicion about him.

Sadly, there is little that can be done to remove Max and the country might just have to sink with his ego, his guilt,  his misdeeds, and his support of a Dictatorship.

Let’s Move On, Max.

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F-Word – The BBC and Christian Bale Fiasco



Before you press play on the YouTube video there is something you should know. The video contains the f-word and was shown by the BBC on national TV, hopefully by accident. The BBC expressed great remorse and the announcers were on the verge of tears. One broadcaster even said “Oh f***” but the microphone was fortunately turned off.  I know it’s childish to even use the word f-word instead of the real word since your daddy and mommy probably use the f-word in your presence and even when calling you (f-wording child, come here!) but the world is always offended by the truth so we must hide it.

The f-word in the YouTube video was repeatedly uttered by Christian Bale during one of the best actor-outburst in recent actor-outburst history. Mr Bale is a famous actor who became famous for dressing as that superhero so many impressionable children and women with a thing for men with muffled voices adore, Batman. Bale also makes a few extra dollars from acting in imitation Terminator flicks. This can upset some and his use of the f-word can also.

The f-word-offended would include people and priest – holy men actually say bless you my child instead of the f-word – who never use the f-word regardless of prevailing conditions such as stubbing recently stubbed toes, trying to put on a condom in a crowded airplane washroom, seeing the PM up close, talking to a TSTT customer service representative, looking at the West Indies play cricket, seeing a Newsday editor, or trying to find a new Kevin Baldeosingh article to read on a Friday.


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Trouble In The Bag

devilIn the land called Trouble In The Bag, The AG resigned, bringing with it accusations she wouldn’t tow The Party Line. Or support The Dictatorship, depending how you say it. While Pro Max decides between resignation and wining, the country carried on mumbling and burning. Crime, aided and abetted by You-Know-Who, is now exploding, threatening to make a bullet to the head the leading cause of death, followed by holding breath for Pro Max to let go of his Speedo. The Dictator’s Favorite pull all her money and knows she could always depend on her honey .  No-Integrity-No-Decency is about to be appointed as AG and he is just what The Dictator ordered to get Party Enemy. The Newspaper, pretending to want democracy but only wanting money,  is doing its part in firing the right people.  They know instinctively how to protect The Evil.

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What is Twitter?

twitter-logoIt is pointless. It is fun. It is one line. It is real-time. It is emotion. It communicates. It connects followers. It has no leaders. It encourages cleverness. It is stupidness.  It is short. It is sweet. It is tweet. It encourages slackness. It condenses thought. It can be global. It can be local. It is the new order.  It hurts the head. It numbs the brain. It causes migraine. It kills spam. It is spam. It’s made by man. It informs. It misinforms. It promotes.  It is a craze. It is a maze. It  may stay. It may go. It shreds language. It is a new language. It passes time. It wastes time.  It is addictive. It is restrictive. It is vast. It is personal. It is public. It is sexy. It is loose. It bonds. It is low-fat. It is light. It is life. It cures lice. It kills mice. It has no ticks. It can play tricks. It never shaves. It never bathes. It talks back. It is not a cat.  It is freedom. It is jail. It cannot get bail. It can make love. It needs no protection.  It cannot glow in the dark. It cannot take out a shark.  It’s on a Blackberry. It’s not a cherry. It can vibrate. It is sometimes late. It can be great. It can start a war. It can be more.  It conquers all. It’s like talking to a wall.

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Safri Duo – The Best

Safri Duo

Safri Duo

Safri Duo is a popular percussion duo from Denmark whose most popular songs include Played-a-live (The Bongo Song), Falling High and Samb-Adagio. The two members of Safri Duo are Uffe Savery and Morten Friis. Their music and be described as Techno, European Dance, Jogging Music, or Trinidad and Tobago Zen. To best appreciate the Music of Safri Duo one needs to have a good sound system such as a real iPod with Bose TriPort headphones or good night club.

Falling High is one of my favorite Safri Duo songs and this music video is one of favorites. I think it was recorded in Brazil so the girl should be Brazilian:

Samb Adagio is stunning:

And here is Nike vs Safri Dou with the Bongo Song appearing to a creshendo:

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Pro Max and The Party of Power

lightening“The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power….Power is not a means; it is an end….not power over things, but over men….In our world there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph, and self-abasement….There will be no loyalty, except loyalty toward the Party. There will be no love, except the love of Big Brother….Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.” ~ George Orwell
Nineteen Eighty-Four, 1949

ruins_2Pro Max will resign if The Party wants him to. He is a creature of The Party and not one of his concience or principles.

Pro Max was installed by the Party because he was clever enough to appear fair while being biased. Our system was not designed to be fair but to make it impossible to prove it was unfair.  Pro Max was installed because The Party thought he had good Party survival instincts and not have to depend on clandestine phone calls to understand what is the next step. That is the skill The Party requires for the position. If Pro Max no longer has that skill or is unwilling to bend beyond breaking point he will have to go.

The Party’s confidence in Pro Max is all that matters and the public’s lack of confidence is just a minor irritant. Anyone in The Party will be disposed off if they jeopardize the Party’s power. The Party Members’ fear of disposal and the common hate towards enemies are the glues which The Party needs to keep members together. If the glues ever get weak The Party will fall apart and The Party will do whatever it takes to bond for Power. If a boot has to stamp on the people’s face for The Party to survive it will be stamped. Power to The Party; to hell with the people. That is our system of Government.

note: Please feel free to substitute the name of your favorite, or least favorite political party for The Party. Please also feel free to substitute the name of any person appointed by The Party for Pro Max. It really doesn’t mater.That is our system of Government.

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This Blog Supports Kevin Baldeosingh

The Daily aka

This blog supports Kevin Baldeosingh because this blog…

  • …believes in integrity
  • …is against hypocrisy
  • …supports people of intelligence and honesty
  • …is against cover ups, regardless of imaginary heavenly or social affiliation
  • …is against any newspaper that tried to hide vital truths from the public since that newspaper’s opinions are now tarnished beyond shine
  • …understands people who hide vital truths from the public is part of the real problem
  • …understands that hiding the truth doesn’t create integrity
  • …is disappointed that a newspaper has stooped so low

As a result, this blog has decided to not buy any newspaper that has supported people without integrity, especially newspapers that fire those with.

‘Whistle-blower’ fired

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Sulfur in Aviation Fuel – Trinidad and Tobago

PlanecrashThe Trinidad Express reported that The Minister of Energy, Conrad Enill, said the effects of the excessive sulfur in the Aviation Fuel used to refuel aircrafts at Piarco International Airport, Trinidad, would have been “minimal.” I suppose because of this “minimal” effect it was decided to immediately stop all refueling at Piarco. Hundreds of passengers were left stranded because of this “minimal” effect. Mr. Enill said there was bad instrumentation at Petrotrin so the bad instrumentation gave the bad fuel a good rating. It was random sample testing by foreign labs that picked up the problem and thankfully the foreign lab also didn’t have bad instrumentation. However, even if the foreign lab also had bad instrumentation the effects would have been “minimal” according to the Minister’s logic.  Mr. Enill said such incidents were normal in this type of industry. Is it normal worldwide or is it normal in Trinidad and Tobago? I suppose bribe-taking is normal in the Government Industry and pig-manners is normal in the Police Industry.

Maybe Mr. Enill is right but the action to stop all refueling doesn’t match a “minimal” effect. If a company is making something as important as aviation fuel and does not have a procedure in place to check the credibility of their instrumentation then something is wrong. Relying on defective instrumentation is as good as relying on no instrumentation so were there no checks and balances? Just imagine, state oil workers are among the highest paid in the country and Petrotrin still couldn’t afford to hire someone who knew what they were doing. But I think that is normal in that industry as well.

I know Mr. Enill is trying to raise the public and international travelers confidence in local aviation fuel but by playing down the situation and saying it is normal doesn’t sound right, and to some people, it may even sound like a cover up.

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Angelina Jolie – Wanted – Nude


While we wait for clan member, Pro Max, to send us his Speedo photos from destination x, I decided to post some photos of Angelina Jolie’s tattoos as seen in the movie, Wanted. I take the risk of being removed from the integrity shortlist by posting this animated file I snapped together but at least I didn’t try to fool people into thinking I took these photos of Angelina last,  or any night.

I think the entire movie was made just so that this scene could be included. I don’t know the relevance of the scene to the movie or understand the code of the tattoos but I enjoyed looking at it very much.

Angelina Jolie is not only a great actress but a great canvas for art. I can see why Mr. Pitt was swayed the way he was.

I hope the animated file was not distracting and you eventually found the time to read these pointless words.

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The Firing of a Journalist or The Cover up

THE PLAGIARISTI have been toying with ideas for a short story but haven’t been able to come up with many plots. I am new to short stories and only know about blog post, which is a type of writing that is inherently bad, in my case.

However, sometimes ideas hit you when you least expect it, like when looking for something to read in a newspaper that was once interesting and credible. At least that newspaper gave me an idea for a short story which might be called The Firing of a Journalist, or The Cover Up. I might even call it The Plagiarist:

Idea and for a short story – take 1:

An exceptionally talented and brilliant journalist of a popular daily newspaper discovers that a person who is about to be appointed a member of a commission to oversee integrity in a corrupt, banana republic is a serial plagiarist. The journalist confronts the prospective chairman with the accusation and the accused admits to plagiarizing – mainly because the evidence was very strong.  The accuser still goes ahead and accepts the post of chairman claiming he told his appointer about the plagiarizing and his appointer said “no big thing.”

The journalist realizes something is amiss and decides to go public with the information. For rather strange reasons, the owners of the newspaper the journalist works for warn the journalist about going public and threaten the journalist with dismissal or something similar. The journalist, a man of genuine integrity, refuses to keep silent because he understands the consequences of this silence, and a rival newspaper breaks the plagiarizing news. The public is horrified that such a person of high public standing can be appointed to a commission of integrity despite his appointer knowing about the plagiarism. The newly appointed chairman resigns a few days after his appointment citing some vague law and conveniently not the plagiarism. The journalist is dismissed by his employers because of his integrity. The public likens the newspaper to being pro-corruption, pro-bullying, pro-clique, pro-hypocrite.


Any resemblance of the above plot to actual events in any country is purely, and even sadly, coincidental.

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Pro Max Apologizes After Removing Speedo

jesterPro Max finally took off his Speedo that he wore the whole time he was on his Mediterranean cruise and got down to writing his subjects a sorry letter. Ever since he heard how the people who paid his salary, but did not elect him, were calling for his head while he was on vacation, he thought of ways to keep his job. It was the best job he ever had and he wanted to keep it so bad. He loved his job even more than the country since it allowed him to vacation at the country’s expense. Pro Max thought if he wrote a three-page “I am sorry” note that he didn’t plagiarize he could get people to believe he wasn’t stupid. Stupid people write blogs not apologize, he thought.

ps3-mushroom-clownPro decided he would send the note after The Enquiry start back since people cannot feel two sets of pain at the same time. Pro couldn’t understand why the people were calling for his head since every other institution in the country was falling apart. Was he being victimized, he wondered. Pro Max thought even though he looked like The Guilty, sounded like The Guilty, and quacked like The Guilty, he would be seen as The Innocent once he admitted to being human. If all else fails admit to being human, was his motto. Pro Max felt if he avoided major issues like plagiarism and promises and instead talked about the next time and systems all would be forgotten. After all, he was having fun in Europe and didn’t want to come back home.

tt-speedoPro Max would blame his blunders and dishonesty on a few scapegoats and claim it was the dawn of a new era and debate. People always liked to hear about new eras almost as much as they liked hearing about booms and aluminum. Pro wanted to say the sky was not falling but that would be plagiarism. To appear humble while being arrogant is what Pro Max really wanted to do. That, and to wine up on his subjects.

Pro Max finally finished his sorry note and signed it. He hoped  the people would understand that even though he never said it, he was a Party Man and the Party ain’t done yet.

Wolverine, My Butt


Is it my body or my brain
Do I drive you insane.
Is it the power of my touch
Do you need me too much, too much, too much…

What is my charisma
What is my charisma

Charisma –Howard L. Marks and Gene Simmons

x-men-origins-wolverine1Women find the x-man called Wolverine to be a charismatic super hero who has more charisma than Spiderman or even the Incredible Hulk. Initially, Wolverine became a charismatic sex symbol because he was a bad ass with a good butt. The movie directors, in an effort to rake in millions in a sagging economy, decided to have the x-man bare his butt on the big screen to help generate income. This formula worked and women dragged their boyfriends and lovers, along with their wallets, to the cinema for men to see what women were missing in bed – a bare-butt, Australian actor.

Despite the Hulk having a bigger and greener butt Wolverine is considered sexier. It is clear that butt size and color alone does not make a man sexy. Men and superheroes are sexy to women because of their bad-boy attitude and animal instinct in bed. That animal should, however, never be a mouse, rat or skunk but be a wolf, a tiger and an anteater at the same time. A firm butt is  an asset to any man who is trying to attract a gym-shaped, hard-to-get female but once that man also has bushy eyebrows and the ferocity of a wolf he will have his prey.

wolverine_600x400A woman says she wants a good man but some men misunderstand this to mean a churchgoer. What she really wants is not a man who can pray and send her to heaven but a man who can send her to heaven without a prayer. Apparently, Wolverine is such a man.

The Integrity Commission’s Newest Member

integrityPro Max: Hello, aka please.

Aka: This is He.

Pro Max: This is Pro Max. How are you, aka?

Aka: Pro, ah make out yuh voice one time. I ok man. How you?

Pro Max: Boy, I had to leave my undisclosed destination to come home and fix up some loose ends. That press have no idea how much stress I have and when I wineup so much I have to unwind sometimes.

Aka: Ah hear bout dem loose ends.

Pro Max: That is why I am calling. I am looking for people with integrity again. Or at least people willing to serve on The Commission. That is why I am calling you.

Aka: Why?

Pro Max: Would you be willing to serve, Aka?

Aka: Serve what? Tea? Tennis balls? The Party?

Pro Max: No, you joker you. On The Commission.

Aka: Nah boy. De way I see they crucifying people on that Commission. Not me.

Pro Max: But the pay is good and chicks will go for you.

Aka: Ok, I will serve. Buh whah position yuh offering? Ah think ah goe hah tu get dat in writing.

Pro Max: I am a man of my word and I have to ask you a few questions first before we can sign off on the deal.

Aka: Shoot. I aint fraid that.

Pro Max: Have you ever been dishonest in the last 15 years in ways people might find out about?

Aka: What you mean “dishonest?” I does download some MP3s off and on and I does buy a pirate DVD sometimes. I even download some software cracks but these days dem thing loaded with spyware.

Pro Max: That doesn’t sound too dishonest. What about jumping over fences to pick Julie Mangoes or other priority fruits?

Aka: Only Starch.

Pro Max: I am considering mainly Julie today but I might have to start considering Starch if the press makes a fuss.

Aka: I suppose yuh going to ask about plagiarizing now.

Pro Max: Nahh, is only serious thing I worried about. Everybody does do that. It like breaking traffic light and driving on the shoulder. Anybody know about the starch mango thing?

Aka: Only mih two partners who jump with me and the one who remain on lookout.

Pro Max: Good. Loyal friends, I hope. Anything the press could find out about?

Aka: Boy, dem newspaper people does be everywhere and read everything yes. Ah does look at a little Adult porn in guava season and sometimes ah does zoom a little close with mih lens.

Pro Max: Stueeps. Even Priest does…Well zooming is better than wining up … never mind. So far, yuh sounding like ah man of Integrity. Yuh like PM PM? Just a joke, boy. Did you ever take a bribe?

Aka: No, but if ah take this post yuh offering…

Pro Max: …hush nah.

The New Integrity Commission Fiasco in Trinidad and Tobago

integrity-one1Plagiarismis the “use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.” Random House Compact Unabridged Dictionary,

Integrity – One needs to be honest to have integrity – aka_lol

Somehow I don’t feel a self-confessed, under-pressure, serial plagiarist should be allowed to even come within 1000-feet of a member of the Integrity Commission much less chair it. What makes the matter most horrible for The Father, and the country is that he is a Father which requires him to be more honest than even a PM.

Now Pro Max was under pressure from both the Drunken, Proven-Corrupt Opposition and the Assumed-Corrupt Ruling Party to appoint honest members to The Commission and choosing a famous Father might have been an easy choice. But maybe Pro Max has not lived in this world long enough to realize that there is nothing about being a Father which makes someone more honest than, say, a Central PH taxi driver. Also, maybe Pro Max never expected an appointed member to tell the public the truth about what position he was promised on the board. Pro Max should have realized the consequences of plagiarism since he is from the academic field where plagiarism is well known. So when a prospective appointee to the Integrity Commission admits his bouts of dishonesty to the Prez then the Prez should have taken the appropriate action – I don’t think that wining and dancing as appropriate for this case.

Maybe, unlike the ex-Judge, the Father met Pro Max’s strict political requirement. Maybe The Father has more Integrity than the Prez himself, which doesn’t say much. If Kevin Baldeosingh didn’t point out the plagiarism to The Father would he have confessed? That is the big question but the answer seems horribly obvious. And as Kevin Baldeosingh said “I found the apology unconvincing and I would have let the matter  rest there, except I am now wondering what will happen when, as chairman of The Integrity Commission, Mr. Charles, finds himself under pressures rather more intense that writing a weekly newspaper column.”  Please note the inverted commas and thus no plagiarism.

The Father seems to be our local Stephen Glass – a disgraced columnist.

The only difference between a fishmonger and a man of the cloth is that nobody expects the fishmonger to be honest.

So the new Integrity Commission is even worse than the last and somehow I don’t think people are surprised given the recent track record of the Justice and the Integrity systems in Trinidad and Tobago. We are going from bad to off the cliff and we don’t even know we just hit a big Julie mango tree and are about to burst into flames.

Zoe Saldana – Star Trek

zoe_saldana007b1Zoe Yadira Zaldaña Nazario or Zoe Saldana, is the new Uhura in the latest installment of Star Trek due to open on May 8th 2009. She is both beautiful and sexy which reduced the need for special effects and makeup in the movie. I can’t say I remembered Zoe or Zoë from any of her previous movies such as Vantage Point and After Sex because I had not seen them. Now they are on my list.

I snitched the follow from Wikipedia about Zoe :

Zoe Saldana was born in New Jersey on June 19th 1978 to Dominican Republic parents. She is of Lebanese, Indian, Irish, and Jamaican descent. She was raised in Queens, New York, and her first languages are English and Spanish. When Zoe was nine, her father died in a car accident, and her mother moved with Zoe and Zoe’s sisters to the Dominican Republic. There, Zoe enlisted in a ballet class at one of the most prestigious dancing schools in the country, gaining experience as a dancer, which benefited her later for her role in Center Stage. She returned to the United States after her sophomore year in high school and enrolled in the Faces Theater Program, an acting course.

Pro Max, The Judge and The Piper

botanical-fruit-guavaIt was starting to look like a real guava season but then Pro Max decided to embarrass The Judge. Even people without integrity jumped on Pro Max’s case and chastised him for his action which caused an early withdrawal of a member, thus causing much disappointment instead of satisfaction. Some even went so far to say Pro Max was hypnotized by the music from The Piper, who was man capable of doing many favors but little good.

The word on the street was that Pro Max was not a sportsman therefore never had the need for balls so even if he had them he would not know how to use them. Besides, Pro Max was not in the ball-having industry but the Piper-music business. Pro Max even heard a voice like the Piper’s say “you pick, but I will choose.”

Pro Max packed his bags and headed for a much needed rest from nothingness, leaving the country with guilty silence.