The Firing of a Journalist or The Cover up

THE PLAGIARISTI have been toying with ideas for a short story but haven’t been able to come up with many plots. I am new to short stories and only know about blog post, which is a type of writing that is inherently bad, in my case.

However, sometimes ideas hit you when you least expect it, like when looking for something to read in a newspaper that was once interesting and credible. At least that newspaper gave me an idea for a short story which might be called The Firing of a Journalist, or The Cover Up. I might even call it The Plagiarist:

Idea and for a short story – take 1:

An exceptionally talented and brilliant journalist of a popular daily newspaper discovers that a person who is about to be appointed a member of a commission to oversee integrity in a corrupt, banana republic is a serial plagiarist. The journalist confronts the prospective chairman with the accusation and the accused admits to plagiarizing – mainly because the evidence was very strong.  The accuser still goes ahead and accepts the post of chairman claiming he told his appointer about the plagiarizing and his appointer said “no big thing.”

The journalist realizes something is amiss and decides to go public with the information. For rather strange reasons, the owners of the newspaper the journalist works for warn the journalist about going public and threaten the journalist with dismissal or something similar. The journalist, a man of genuine integrity, refuses to keep silent because he understands the consequences of this silence, and a rival newspaper breaks the plagiarizing news. The public is horrified that such a person of high public standing can be appointed to a commission of integrity despite his appointer knowing about the plagiarism. The newly appointed chairman resigns a few days after his appointment citing some vague law and conveniently not the plagiarism. The journalist is dismissed by his employers because of his integrity. The public likens the newspaper to being pro-corruption, pro-bullying, pro-clique, pro-hypocrite.


Any resemblance of the above plot to actual events in any country is purely, and even sadly, coincidental.

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16 thoughts on “The Firing of a Journalist or The Cover up

  1. Hmmm…. your story sounds like “life immitating art….or is it art imatating life?”
    I don’t know if it will work…sounds too far fetched to me. There is no way that a person appointed to the integrity commisiion in any country could have done such a thing….and besides, they would check his background before appointing him. What kind of country’s government won’t check these things?

    • I guess even Dan Brown would say the storyline is too far fetched. I should tone it down a bit, like you said. It is hardly likely such a government can exist in even a rotten-banana republic.

  2. You could even call it “The Presidential Wine” since I have a feeling that title may be appropriate also, given that a situation such as this might see contortions of a carnival atmosphere from the hallowed appointer.

  3. Does anybody know exactly what the President does ….. other than play mas ….. host fetes ….. and select wackos fuh boards ….. I mean like …. what else does he do ….. dat would warrant a vacation?

  4. Actually aka, a better story would be about a blinded people who are more interested in keeping up their party that they elect the same government every year…..
    but that too may be too unbelievable….

  5. Since the story is already stretching the limits of believability, I think you could throw in a mystical white haze at the end that floats over the banana republic, making the majority of its citizens forget these events ever occurred, or were important in any way for future decisions. The haze could also magically build smelters next to people’s homes, but I don’t know how sci-fi you want to get…

    • The story is already in the realm of “highly improbable” but the “memory loss” will take it to the verge of highly idiotic. The white haze adds the missing sci fi link that all stories need. The opening paragraph could go something like this:

      The Big Man with the foreign accent sped thorough the waters with his new yatch, darting through the mist that was loaded with poison and smelled of corruption. His only passengers were Bigger Men; one wore a Speedo, and another bought it for him. The mist was thick and the tall buildings were not able to rise above the stench the Big Men left behind. The Little People cried but that was all little people could do; cry and write blogs.

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