Safri Duo – The Best

Safri Duo

Safri Duo

Safri Duo is a popular percussion duo from Denmark whose most popular songs include Played-a-live (The Bongo Song), Falling High and Samb-Adagio. The two members of Safri Duo are Uffe Savery and Morten Friis. Their music and be described as Techno, European Dance, Jogging Music, or Trinidad and Tobago Zen. To best appreciate the Music of Safri Duo one needs to have a good sound system such as a real iPod with Bose TriPort headphones or good night club.

Falling High is one of my favorite Safri Duo songs and this music video is one of favorites. I think it was recorded in Brazil so the girl should be Brazilian:

Samb Adagio is stunning:

And here is Nike vs Safri Dou with the Bongo Song appearing to a creshendo:

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7 thoughts on “Safri Duo – The Best

  1. we have the same taste in music I see…I love the Bongo Song…look for a little grey SX4 zooming by with it playing loud, yeah that’s me

  2. I really like ….

    Yuh know long I eh rollerskate boy …. and tuh tink …. I still have my rollerskates from back in de day …. yep ….. black boots wit red wheels ….

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