Toyota Recalls Having a Good Time in Trinidad and Tobago

Akio Toyoda

Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toyota, tells reporters why he drives a Ford

Owning a Toyota is still considered a good thing in Trinidad and Tobago despite the possibility of some Toyotas in some parts of the world accelerating in a wild and uncontrolled manner for reasons other than driver-stupidity. How long Trinidad and Tobago Toyota owners will continue to have fate in Toyota is uncertain as a safety-recall of 8 million Toyotas worldwide does not build confidence even in Trinidad and Tobago. What is more frightening is that the local Honda dealer continues to price Hondas as if they were Audis. Toyota’s latest recall is about unintended acceleration caused by either “floor mat entrapment” or “a sticking accelerator pedal” which, if it does happen,  could lead to onlookers thinking the driver is a Trinbagonian.

Even the Taliban respects Toyota

The information I have is the cars Toyota Trinidad Limited imported were made  in Japan thus are so far not affected by the recall but if you drive a Toyota you should still call Toyota Trinidad just to be sure your car is not affected and to state you won’t take any recall lying down in the typical do-me-what-yuh-want-ah-will-still-love-yuh Trini style.

I cannot recall – no pun intended – Toyota Trinidad placing an ad to reassure customers about the safety of local Toyotas and if this is so then I find this lack of development troubling. Some say the reason the local Toyotas are not affected by the floor mat recall might be because Toyota Trinidad did not provide customers with genuine Toyota floor mats but a cheap aftermarket mat that falls apart in one year even if you don’t scrub it with Breeze. I don’t know how true this is but people should be wary because all floor mats tend to be similar and the design of the accelerator pedal is being blamed, not the floor mats.

Could this be true?

In the US, there is now a hearing taking place concerning these Toyota recalls and it is being suggested by US congressmen that electronic device interference may also be a problem by causing interference with the cars’ electronics. Toyota has so far denied that cell phone electronic interference can cause their cars to go faster than intended since a cell phone is not beer.  If cell phone electromagnetic interference is the problem then it proves that cell phones are even more evil than most thought.

So, if you see a Toyota overtaking on the shoulder it may not be because the idiot-driver thinks the shoulder is also a lane but a technical issue involving a floor mat. You have to also remember when a Toyota is suddenly riding your bumper at 180 kmph and the driver looks like the PM’s driver, it may be due to a faulty accelerator pedal and not just  low IQ in the backseat.  The Toyota recall  is sad, not only because it destroys our confidence in the Japanese,  but it doesn’t recall the number one culprit in road accidents; the driver.

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28 thoughts on “Toyota Recalls Having a Good Time in Trinidad and Tobago

  1. I have to buy a vehicle soon. The family has always been Nissan, but Toyota is so big here that the whole shipment is sold before it is even loaded in Japan. Are our markets down here so slavish to Toyota that we don’t merit an assurance of no-defect in our vehicles. Or is it that Toyota Trinidad KNOWS that Trinis probably read about cars accelerating uncontrollably and think “where can I get one of those?”

  2. Toyota & Honda dropped the ball on handling the recalls , they should have came forward with a full disclosure. Instead of waiting for a huge media blitz and tons of public pressure. But Toyota & Honda are not alone , I never seen so many car companies having recalls all at the same time. I had no idea my car which is not even a Toyota or Honda, was affected until I searched on and found I had a bad Anti Lock control unit on my 2008 Pontiac G8 , So be careful

  3. I own a Toyota …. from new bran ….. and de floor mat mash up long time ….. muzbe after ah two years ….. and it still dey mash up on de floor of de car …..

    I own a Toyota ….. and it does drive real fast ….. an’ it eh have nuttin tuh do wit no cell phone or no interference ….. is all about my foot on de gas …..

    I own a Toyota ….. and to date I have not seen a single bit of info from Toyota Trinidad about dat recall dramas ….. all I’ve seen and taken full advantage of …. is ah CUSTOMER APPRECIATION Discount (20%) on parts and service fuh de month of February ….. which was extended tuh de month of March supposedly because of public demand ….. and not because dey feel dey need tuh kiss our asses just about now!

    aka_lol …. you know Trinidad not recallin no cars!!!

    • Look, the way Totoya Trinidad behaves is greed before everything. Their auto mechanics and their supervisors are real smart men signing-off on forms saying they did a 5-tire rotation when they did a 4-tire one. Claiming they checked a the suspension for “tightness” when not a single wrench was lifted to check. Completely and visibly dishonest people and if Toyota in Japan finds out how much local Toyota customers are feeling cheated they would take immediate action. On the bright side, Toyota Japan has read this blog post. You are right Scene, no recalls for Trinidad since that doesn’t go well with the greed business model.

  4. Interesting posts… how is it, AKA, that you’re aware that the Japanese have already read the post?
    Are you aware that they were in T’dad meeting with management just this week? (because they were)
    I don’t own a Toyota, but I was witness to their Service department “smartness” last week. Dishonesty was seriously in play, right in front of our faces. It’s sad, because the cars are good products, recall aside.

    • Rosie, I am aware that someone at Toyota in jp read the blog a day after I posted the same way I know your comment came via a big oil company down south 🙂

      I had no idea Toyota officials were only now in Trinidad and I thought they met with our local “schemers” before that.

      The service department is a racket and I don’t even know when they charge you for oil and filter they actually changed anything. I am beginning to feel that they don’t. My advice to all local Toyota owners is to complain to Toyota in Japan about the suspected “smartness” taking place in Trinidad. I am sure I can get an email contact at to send the complaints. I do not recommend sending anything to the local Toyota people because those are the ones who will do nothing.

  5. On de subject of Toyota “smartness” ……

    Hear dis one ….. the car goes in for a 60,000 km service …. which is a big service ….. so it needs tuh stay overnight ….. and it will cost $2626 ….. oh and they also recommend that I do the fuel injector cleaning thingy ….. which is like an additional job ….. at an additional cost of $500 …..

    Now the $2626 is ah bess price meaning ….. yuh better hope dat dey eh hadda actually change/replace anyting ….. cuz den it go cost even more ….

    Right ….. so …… so far my bill is $2626 plus $500 ….. less de customer appreciation discount of 20% that thankfully is still on fuh de month of March ……

    This morning now ….. they call to advise that the disc pads need changing ….. and that that would be an additioanl $700 plus …… and de labour tuh do dat is $200 plus ……

    WHAT????? …… why is there an additional “LABOUR” cost …… if de car gone tuh service ….. and tings need doing ….. shouldn’t everting fall under “LABOUR” ….. I just don’t get it …… anyway in my confused state I tell dem tuh go ahead ….. cuz yuh doh play wit brakes ….. especially since Toyota cars gettin recall fuh accelerator problems ……

    My 60,000 km service ….. has now crossed $4000 ….

  6. Scene, the problem is that they don’t do many of the things they charge customers for and now they want to turn around and charge you extra for actually doing something. The pricing and taking advantage of customers is wicked and it is the reason people don’t carry their cars back to the people who only know how to thief not fix Toyotas. Let Toyota in Japan know what is taking place in Trinidad. The racket must stop.

  7. I own a Toyotoa which I love but I have serious concerns that a list of recalled vehicles wasn’t made available locally. I did see an ad in the newspaper in the newspaper saying that our Toyotas weren’t affected by the recall. I still have concerns because the ad did not address why our cars weren’t affected. What made them exempt from this flaw? I have a 4 yr old and an 18mth old and it makes me angry to think that their safety might be jepordized. I may never buy another Toyota again. Not because of the flaw. These things happen. What I cannot excuse is that this company obviously did not intented to deal with this honestly or compassionately. Instead they tried to cover up an minimize the obvious danger. This company does not care about the lives of it’s customers especially here in Trinidad.

    BTW they wasted a stamp on my birthday to send me a birthday card. They said it was because I was a valued customer. You’d think they would have sent out letters to customers addressing this matter.

    • I own a Toyota that is also about eighteen months old. I decided on Toyota when I saw the physical facilities available for servicing cars but if something looks too good to be true, it most likely is, especially in Trinidad and sometimes Tobago 😉 Toyota’s Service Department in Trinidad is no exception. The biggest problem is that , since management is paid a bonus for meeting, and exceeding targets, underhand, and in my opinion, illegal methods are being used to meet these targets. These people who manage and operate Toyota Trinidad and Tobago are more like a bunch of thieves than people who care about what the brand Toyota means to the public. As for Toyota’s handling and bungling internationally of the recent recalls – tragic. Another way in which profits and bonuses before customer satisfaction is implemented. Toyota needs to get back to basics and that is making the customer happy.

  8. Aha! I got the feeling you were writing from painful experience and not hearsay, and you are. My mother bought about a Toyota about 25 years ago. She still believes in the quality of the brand, although the service was iffy back then too.

    I’ve been a Nissan buyer in the past, being fond of parts I can actually afford.

  9. I am not loyal to any brand though I know the average Toyota or Honda can outlive most gangstas in the country. I believe in Japanese quality but I am afraid when local money grubbers decide to tarnish the name of the brand with their greed.

  10. Scene forgot to add the price of the paper. It used be be $10.00 Haven’t been in a while so I don’t know what it is now. That’s right just imagine after putting down a few thousand to service they have the audacity to charge you for the paper to print the receipt!!! Me being me I promptly asked for it to be emailed since paperless was more environmentally friendly anyway. The service rep was not amused. I still had to pay.

    • It is because we have too many people in this country who support greed that we are in the situation we are in. Ever tried to question a Toyota Trinidad service supervisor about what the mechanics are doing? These people are worse than Government Ministers.

  11. I am a not so proud owner of a Toyota car. The Service Representatives are horrible! My car has a genuine brakes problem and the Sevice manager is sweeping this issue underneath the carpet. Whenever I attempt to slow down, I get not brakes at all until I step down on it completely. By this time the ABS would have kicked in to stop the vehicle. Perhaps management is waiting for me to die to see this issue as serious.

  12. Aka-lol,
    That link you posted on March 3, 2010 is for US customers. I wasted my time to ask a question only to find that I have to put in a fictitious US state in order for the system to accept my query.
    Check your links first! Otherwise, cool blog.

  13. Somebody sent me an email about this some weeks ago so I should have made the comment earlier. Several people have observed that Toyota treats people in the third world much the same as any big Government does, like crap. They love your money but couldn’t care less if you are swindled by a dealer or run into a brick wall at full speed. Toyota in Trinidad needs to either cut out their dishonest practices or sack their dishonest employees.

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