WASA – Still Bathing in their own mess

Here we go again!

Trinidad and Tobago took one step closer to becoming a Police State a couple of days ago  when WASA announced they will be calling the police to arrest citizens who WASA suspects are wasting water. People like housewives, farmers and generally, people who over soap themselves while singing in the shower. Fortunately for citizens, it is the same police who can’t even ketch dey breath after a nap. I think WASA is doing the right thing as now we might actually see police on patrols and the real criminals caught. What WASA did not say was if the police was also going to arrest the WASA officials who refused to fix leaks over the last few decades and still continue to refuse to acknowledge leaks  exist simply because their leak inspectors and supervisors prefer to work in rum shops and malls. Are the WASA officials who glorify the statistics to look good on TV also going to be arrested? Are the officials who will give fast-tracked-due-to-water-crisis contracts to “friends” be arrested? I hope the Minister is keeping a close eye on this deliberately created crisis-for-opportunity.

The only way the water crisis will be solved in Trinidad and Tobago is if WASA starts randomly using the breathalyzer, curry duck and integrity detectors on selected employees. Until such time, more than half of the country’s water will continue to go down drains  and destroy people’s properties in the dry season. Until WASA empower the powerless messengers at their complaints centre, the country is doomed to die from other people’s  preference for getting paid to lime whole day by the riverside.

The situation is serious. WASA is still not.

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