Flying Sexy – Cebu Pacific Understands Why

This is how airline flight safety instructions should be delivered. I have always been a firm believer in the old adage from the Wright brothers, “flying should be fun, sexy and successful.” Yes, we all need to pay strict attention to airline safety instructions but judging from the amount of passengers who scream and bawl when a pilot announces the aircraft is going to hit the ground in an unplanned location and manner, you know the passengers were not paying attention earlier. This is an example of how the Philippines’ Cebu Pacific Airlines make customer safety and attention their number one priority. Obviously Cebu Pacific requires flight attendants to not only be able to dance but to be attractive, young, females who look good in tight orange tops. Passengers want more that a half pack of peanuts and a cold beverage delivered from random looking people in uniforms, passengers want to be happy while they are still alive.

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5 thoughts on “Flying Sexy – Cebu Pacific Understands Why

  1. Have a fun flight everyone!! I love it!
    So we’re gonna have some happy men and peeved women. So they may be happy while they still alive, but chances are they would prolly still not have heard ONE thing the instructor was .. instructing lol But it sure is entertaining and gets ppl’z attention!
    I say go with lyrics free techno music … cuz I find myself singing along forgetting to try to remember how to inflate my floaty thing

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