Trinidad and Tobago State of Emergency and the Zaboca Thief

Trinidad and Tobago zaboca ready for teifing

The State of Emergency has a long way to go as the police in my area seem to be arresting people in alphabetical order of the crime committed and I reported a zaboca thief.

I confronted the neighborhood fruit and zaboca thief in my yard only last Thursday and explained to him the State of Emergency and how police was rounding up everybody who in even small ways was a menace to society. The zaboca thief became quiet, and I could tell he was going through some deep introspection.

“So, for two zaboca dey go haul mih ass in jail?” The zaboca thief asked.

“Yes” I promptly replied “Even if dey don’t find the zaboca in yuh possession dey go haul yuh ass in jail and in Toruba too.”

“The incomplete, cracking up stadium dat draining the treasury and so much people get rich off and people still getting rich off ah?”

“Yes, that stadium.”

“Dey arresting de Stadium teif an dem too?”

“No, dem is bigger fish yuh see and de State of Emergency is only for big fish.”

“So wuh is dis thing about de Hyatt?”

“Dat is only for gang leaders who want to hide out with call girls and cell phones, not the arrested.”

“Oh hoe!”

Suddenly, he said he had to leave, mumbling something about no family down South.

“Wey yuh going?”  I shouted as he skipped over the chain-linked fence and into the road with enviable ease and rod in hand.

With his back turned, he waved his hand and mumbled something about how he was late for an appointment in a nearby street. I started to wonder what the zaboca thief would do for a living now since the Government was bringing part of the national underground economy to a screeching halt, just like the official one.


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The London Riots and Aka_Lol

The Daily Telegraph

Aka was in London during the riots and not for the riots. Luckily, I wasn’t affected by the disturbances, and I went about my tourist business like the hundreds of thousands of other tourists in the city, walking almost aimlessly and trying to connect the stops on bus and Tube maps. These riots were not localized to London and eventually spread to Manchester, Liverpool and a few other places. It it weren’t for TV and newspapers, the average London tourist hardly had a clue there were disturbances taking place at night around the city center. Some say these were not riots against oppression but simply a perfect opportunity to loot successfully and frequently using the mobilization potential of social media like Twitter, Facebook and BBM.

Like many modern-day riots, it was triggered by the police shooting of someone and that someone was Mark Duggan, who was either a “gangster and drug dealer, or loving family man.” The riots started while I was already in London for a few days and after seeing the prices in stores I realized why looting was so attractive to some in the UK, even the rich. It was alleged at the time that most of the looting, and smashing, and burning was being carried out by teens from the disadvantaged sectors of British society who were bored during their summer vacation but there were cases of rich teens also looting. Sky TV interviewed a few of the looters who expressed no remorse, and one happy looter said his new Sony flat-screen was working perfectly, a treat he would have never been able to afford through legal means like working. I don’t think book stores were looted or even burnt despite housing tones of flammable paper. It was as if looters had no interest in books, even bestsellers.

The strange thing about the riots was the press calling their (British) society sick not unlike what the average Trini thinks about our own society now under a State of Emergency in choice locations. At least the British has a reasonably good public transport system and great museums housing some loot plundered years ago.

The Daily Telegraph on the riots

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Tropical Storm Irene

Tropical Storm Irene looks set to do some damage in the not too distant future. Possibly affecting Florida by Friday. Luckily, again, Trinidad and Tobago will not be affected but some may want to blame this on God being a Trini.