Trinidad and Tobago State of Emergency and the Zaboca Thief

Trinidad and Tobago zaboca ready for teifing

The State of Emergency has a long way to go as the police in my area seem to be arresting people in alphabetical order of the crime committed and I reported a zaboca thief.

I confronted the neighborhood fruit and zaboca thief in my yard only last Thursday and explained to him the State of Emergency and how police was rounding up everybody who in even small ways was a menace to society. The zaboca thief became quiet, and I could tell he was going through some deep introspection.

“So, for two zaboca dey go haul mih ass in jail?” The zaboca thief asked.

“Yes” I promptly replied “Even if dey don’t find the zaboca in yuh possession dey go haul yuh ass in jail and in Toruba too.”

“The incomplete, cracking up stadium dat draining the treasury and so much people get rich off and people still getting rich off ah?”

“Yes, that stadium.”

“Dey arresting de Stadium teif an dem too?”

“No, dem is bigger fish yuh see and de State of Emergency is only for big fish.”

“So wuh is dis thing about de Hyatt?”

“Dat is only for gang leaders who want to hide out with call girls and cell phones, not the arrested.”

“Oh hoe!”

Suddenly, he said he had to leave, mumbling something about no family down South.

“Wey yuh going?”  I shouted as he skipped over the chain-linked fence and into the road with enviable ease and rod in hand.

With his back turned, he waved his hand and mumbled something about how he was late for an appointment in a nearby street. I started to wonder what the zaboca thief would do for a living now since the Government was bringing part of the national underground economy to a screeching halt, just like the official one.


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10 thoughts on “Trinidad and Tobago State of Emergency and the Zaboca Thief

  1. Finding a zaboca thief in your yard is part of the essential Trinidad experience. They should turn it into a tourist attraction for the foreign culture vultures. The part when the victim chases the thief out of his yard with a cutlass should provide a nice dramatic touch.

    If you really want drama, though, cultivate a plum tree. We tried to cut down ours after too many years of headaches culminating in the plum thieves graduating to house-breaking and cleaning out our house. No deal. That !@#$% plum tree refuses to die.

    As for the BIG teef and dem… You know they untouchable. Teefing on a big scale is the perk for undertaking the onerous, thankless job of managing the country’s purse.

    • Sorry to hear about the plum tree but the strange thing is I understand before the zaboca tree came in my yard, a plum tree existed in the very spot. Ii was one of those frying pan to fire things 🙂

      It is always easier to catch small fish since they have small or no political connections, unlike the big fish. I am happy about the arrest of gang members but with only 20 guns seized so far, I am worried like hell.

  2. There is hope yet… Today’s Express says:

    “A 49-YEAR-OLD Carenage man who was stealing avocados from the yard of another Carnage resident was shot in the shoulder by police on Tuesday.

    Western Division officers said at around 12.30 p.m., they received a report that the man was stealing the fruits in a yard along Jericho Street.

    Upon going to the address, the man, police said, pointed an object resembling a firearm at them after which the officers said they became fearful and opened fire, hitting him in the shoulder.

    The man, who lived at Hope Street, managed to run a short distance but was eventually captured by the officers. The object he had in his possession was found to be a toy gun.

    Police took the man to hospital where he was treated and eventually discharged. He was later charged with praedial larceny and possession of the imitation firearm officers said.

    He is expected to appear before a Port of Spain Magistrate today.”

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