Julie Mango – Trinidad

julie mango - 600In Trinidad, and to some extent, Tobago, the Julie Mango is considered the Queen of Mangoes for its wonderful flavor and soft flesh which doesn’t leave strings between one’s teeth. Julie Mangoes fetch the highest price among Trinidad Mangoes thus it encourages the most skillful backyard thieves. A Julie Mango tree is short by comparison to say a long mango and starch mango trees making it preferred by the sensible and the people living in small plots of land in sophisticated residential areas around the country. Everybody who wants to create an impression says they have a Julie Mango tree and it bearing and sucking good . Nobody ever says at dinner parties, I have a long mango tree because  long mango is considered unrefined. Eating a Julie Mango at your desk can be challenging if you want to eat it without cutting it into two faces and the seed and not look like a pig  since it’s a very juicy mango.

Some say the Julie Mango got its name from Angelina Jolie and her juicy mangoes but most experts doubt this since the name Julie Mangoes predated the phrase Jolie’s Mangoes.  

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15 thoughts on “Julie Mango – Trinidad

    • The Julie mango has been “around” since LONG before Angelina Jolie was even thought of! So it’s name has nothing to do with her !!

  1. i dont know much about the julie being the best….imperial way up there for me. it is certainly however one of the most tasty varieties of the best fruit on earth 🙂

  2. yuh know, AKA, dat de Julie mango have a distinct advantage over Jolie’s mangoes…

    Ah mean, Jolie’s mangoes is no doubt the choice of most men to look at and some go no doubt break dey neck for a chance to bite dem mangoes…

    But under de skin, dey ent really as tasty as ah Julie mango, altho I bet dem same men swear dey tastier… is all about taste for me, but as I point out, there’s no accounting fuh it nah… taste that is.

    Yuh have to ask yuhself tho… will Jolie’s mangoes be as attractive if she wasn’t rich and famous?

    I prefer to bite Julie, not Jolie.

    • Fame has a way of making something more attractive to the observer. We men say many things but when we are forced to decide between Julies and Jolies logic goes out the door 😉

  3. I never had a julie in my life, just plain old mango. Then again, I never seen any fruits from the caribbean over here. We get the suff from either africa or south america. 😦

    • I don’t know if Julie is a Caribbean fruit of a international one. Julie mangoes are delicate so I doubt they will be exported to countries far away. Some varieties are planted just to export and not the best flavors available.

  4. I like the colours of a Julie mango and was happy when the parents nurtured a Julie tree in our yard so that I didn’t have to suffer by admitting that all we had before was a long mango tree that was also pretty tall. And old. And still there.
    I like the ice cream and doodoos varieties.
    Did you go get free samples at the Festival?

  5. I grew up with a Julie Mango tree which eventually died. The neighbor had a Long Mango tree which was tall and had to be cut down to avoid damaging their neighbors.

    Dooodoos is very good and I can’t remember eating an ice cream mango in years. Check out Dr. Brat’s Julie Mango article which was published this week in the Guardian.

    I went too early on Saturday (9:30) and the festival wasn’t quite ready. But couldn’t get back early enough, so I basically missed the festival. That would have made a good blog post with pictures.

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