Portrait of a Puppy

Brownie, through the eyes of a Pentax

Brownie, through the eyes of a Pentax

Two month-old Brownie looks at the photographer and wonders why a Pentax and not a Nikon or Canon. Though everything is new to Brownie she is already like most of the world and thinks in terms of  Nikon and Canon, not Pentax and only occasionally Olympus and Sony (formerly Minolta). Like most of the planet, Brownie’s mind is shaped by ads, product placement in movies and hearsay, not on the truth about glass , dynamic range or water proof seals.

But for a moment she forgets the commercial world of cameras as she sees  the photographer is using a Pentax smc P-FA 50mm 1:1.4 lens . Brownie is now more interested in what f-stop the lens is set. She is relieved to learn it’s f4.5 so her pose lasting 1/60th of a second, an eternity in a puppy’s life, might not have been wasted.

Is her portrait underexposed, she wonders. Could it have been sharper? Is it JPG or RAW? Why no tripod? She is asking the questions of the innocent but will soon learn photography is like life where there are so many questions and no right answers, only possibilities.

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