Trinidad Rain

Rain-August14th-2009So, yesterday we had another day of strange weather as a tornado landed near Mucarapo Road and close to Eric Mackie, CNC3‘s Weather Man. I did not see any images from Mackie so I assumed he did not have his camera or cell phone with him. It seemed Port of Spain was flooded again and I don’t blame the government for the amount of plastic bottles and Kia Pride motor cars that floated down the Dry River to form a dam near a bridge any beaver would be proud of. I blame the owners.

I was fortunate to be home and with my camera at around 2:30 pm when the rain started to come in from South to North. I put together an animated GIF showing one and a half minutes of the rain event. No tornados this time.

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10 thoughts on “Trinidad Rain

    • Port of Spain was bad as usual on the 14th but St. Augustine, on the 12th or 13th, was flooded again. It seems a yearly event. Thankfully I live on a hill so only have to worry about landslides and not floods 🙂

  1. Passed through Mucurapo minutes after. It was surreal seeing someone’s roof hanging from the power lines. Took a couple shots with my phone cam, too. Poor quality, but hey…

    Nice rain shots you got there.

    • I saw that image on TV and it looked strange. A sheet of galvanize wrapped around a power line was hard to imagine. Thanks and I was actually expecting to see something like a tornado form since the weather was strange that day.

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