Making Movies and Movies Made in Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago has many things going for it as an ideal location for making movies apart from  rebates and government bureaucracy. Some of these advantages are highlighted in the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company’s website. Along with  The Film Company, I want to remind moviemakers that we have waterfalls to West Mall, board houses to board Chairmen’s houses. We have mountain greenery to bulldozed greenery. We have a few toy guns and many real ones. We have some tomato ketchup but plenty real blood. We have new tall buildings and flattened squatters shacks. We have people sleeping on Serta mattresses and people sleeping on the streets. We have millstones in Parliament and a pretty Mayor in Chaguanas. We have an irrelevant clown-criminal as Opposition Leader and a real pompous fool as a Prime Minister.

What the Film Company has left out, or I didn’t see, in the website is our uniquely beautiful women who should be given more exposure than just Carnival or in some poorly designed website. I don’t know how successful the Film Company is in getting movies made in sweet Trinidad and Tobago but I wish them success since we have much more to offer than their website or travel advisories would suggest.

backlashUsing IMDB, I made a list of movies where Trinidad and Tobago is the main, or only filming location. There are many other movies which list Trinidad and Tobago as one of the filming locations but the country was only a minor location. I saw some of the newer movies but none of the older ones.  I assume Mystic Masseur was the movie with the biggest budget since it was based on a V.S. Naipaul’s novel, directed by the late Ismail Merchant and had former financial wizard turned cocoa farmer and alcohol industry fan, Lawrence Duprey, as one of the executive producers.

Here is a list of movies made with Trinidad and Tobago as the main filming location:

Rebel Heart (2009)

Contract Killers (2008)

Backlash (2006)

SistaGod (2006)

The Mystic Masseur (2001)

Flight of the Ibis (1996)

Men of Gray (1990)

The Last Island (1990)

Girl from India (1982)

Bim (1974)

Operation Makonaima (1974)

The Right and The Wrong (1970)

Fire Down Below (1957)

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