Hello Money, Money, Money

trinidad and tobago money_550Dear aka_lol,

You have just been awarded, £750,000,00 GBP in the TOYODA AWARD, send us your info for claims



Soon, very, very soon aka would be saying good bye to all the small and poor people, and hello to the big and better people. My luck has finally changed and it had to do more with saying the right prayer in the right way than getting something from a government contract from an undisclosed contact. My wealth will not be based on raiding casino vaults or the bribing of officials to allow my shipments through. My wealth will not even come from laundering with a grocery or stabbing for a Blackberry. My wealth will come from above via Gmail.

Now that I almost have the wealth I can look for a high-rise apartment in Miami since nobody with any sense and money want to live in this hell-hole, especially if you win a lottery or into big robbery. I now know what it feels like to be rich – independent of this land of Commission of Enquiry. Now that I have some money I could set up a little company and rub the bigwigs’ shoulders. I have to let them know my one-day-old company could build box drain, cut grass and build overpass. This will be just the foreplay before I screw the country. So what if people live in water in a shed. Is it my fault they poor and live to dead?  Well, ok, maybe one day I will give the poor a little thing but only if ah sure God looking.

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