Hurricane Names for 2009 – Including Hurricane Bill


2009 Hurricane Names

By the time you read this blog post, if you ever read it, Hurricane Bill might be a category 4 or 5, which means your house, land, car, Julie mango tree, and love life would be in serious danger if hit by such a hurricane. The good news is that Bill is not going to seriously affect any land masses or insurance companies. Update 19th August, 2009 @601 p.mBill is now a categoery 4 and may affect Bermuda, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland.

I did some research using Google, not Bing, and came up with a list of Hurricane/Storm names to be used in 2009. As usual, the names may offend some while numbing others into sleepy indifference. I doubt my name will ever be used for a Hurricane since Hurricane Aka sounds placid and even good looking. I list the names for the season below along with comments frivolous comments.

  • Ana – I know a couple Anas and who knows if they can be stormy. But all women go through the phase Depression, Storm, Hurricane, and in just five minutes.
  • Bill – I know a William who is never called Bill or pays it. Brilliant Hurricane name – Kill Bill
  • Claudette – I don’t think I ever knew one even in a novel
  • Danny – I know a Danny and he is the least destructive person I know when not drinking
  • Erika – Nope, no Ericas except for Eric’s daughter but I know a couple mild Erics
  • Fred – Yes, I know one Fred who is German and would take great offence if he only knew. I will let him know.
  • Grace – I know a young Grace and a Grace who is a bit older.
  • Henri – I know one Henry but no Henri
  • Ida – I da think so
  • Joaquin – Nope, not a name I could associate outside of Mr. Pheonix. Who names a baby or a Hurricane Joaquin? A Mexican.
  • Kate – As strange as it may sound, I don’t think I ever knew a Kate
  • Larry – Yes, I knew one Larry from high school but it’s not a popular Trinidad name or ever will be since Larry Gomes stopped making runs. It will never be used for a Hurricane after this year. I was a mistake
  • Mindy – Yes, but she was a cat. A real cat.
  • Nicholas – Everybody in Trinidad and Tobago knows at least two boys and one man called Nicholas.
  • Odette – Sounds Old English and not a name I would call a child.
  • Peter – I know one Peter too many
  • Rose – I know a Rose but an old one.  A bit thorny.
  • Sam – Sam the man and the woman I know
  • Teresa – Yep, know a couple girls called Teresa and it’s a very popular Venezuelan, Colombian ,Miami and Baratarria name.
  • Victor – I am sure I knew a Victor but I am trying to remember who he was. Maybe a sales rep.
  • Wanda – Crap, I know a Wanda but she is hardly a storm. More like a Depression.
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