National Jelly Bean Day – aka – World Dentistry Day

Jelly Beans

Today, April 22nd, is National Jelly Bean Day. The origin of the Jelly Bean is as mysterious as the origin of National Jelly Bean Day. Some say the Jelly Bean was created by a dentist who was short on cavities so he opened a bakery and confectionery store to feed his habit of extracting more money from his customers. The urban legend goes on to say the now infamous, filthy and rich dentist realized that the jam fillings in his iced cupcakes was not enough so he created the jellybean. The rest is oral history.

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Here We Go Again

Trinidad and Tobago latest oil find

We found oil and since we have mislead many times in the past, we walked with samples as proof we are telling the truth

Now that some oil was found after many years of not being found, the population can stop burning tires to fix roads or protesting in front of Dopey Singh’s office since he is not fond of protests or the protesters. Not only that but the 5% freeze will be unfrozen if only to help the Poor Party get reelected. The showing off of the latest oil find with numerous ads in the press and on radio can be seen as a way to boost the local economy with misplaced confidence and without cement. The local economy seems to be stagnant and as proof ask any doubles man why he now also has to sell pholourie and biganie. The new oil discoveries are being seen by both analysts and optimists as the tip of the iceberg  of more oil discoveries that will help propel an idea-starved government back into the old ways of the country and in power.