Miss Trinidad & Tobago 2012 Universe – Avionne Mark

Miss Universe Trinidad & Tobago 2012 - Avionne Mark

Miss Universe Trinidad & Tobago 2012 – Avionne Mark

I didn’t see the Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe show last Sunday and I do find nearly all the girls attractive and hard to judge from web photos alone. This is only made worse by a frustratingly low-definition broadcast from TV6.  What matters in the end though is how contestants are able to sway the minds of judges on the night with a lot of walk and a little talk. In the photo above, photographer Gary Jordan is able to show his amazing ability and beauty of Avionne Mark, the winner of Miss  Trinidad & Tobago 2012 Universe. She already has the Cover Girl effect.

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iPad Mini – 7-inches of Heaven

iPad Mini

iPad Mini

I will not be needing or even wanting any of the new iPads as I already have a 4th Generation iPod touch which makes me happy and I am quite contented with my current level of happiness. If however you are one of the unhappy ones or happy but need more happiness because you are addicted to new pleasures and boosting the economy then a new iPad may be for you.

If Apple is aiming the iPad Mini at women then Apple will have to convince females the new tablet, despite being a battery-powered device that is around seven inches long and thin as a pencil, is not only a bargain at US$329 but smarter and less trouble than the average man.

iPad Mini

iPad Mini

iPad Specs

iPad Specs

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Renee Bhagwandeen is A Hot and Hopeful Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe 2012

Renee Bhagwandeen

Renee Bhagwandeen

Renee Bhagwandeen is very hot and if I looked like her I would also be very hopeful of winning the contest. Why did aka_lol get run over by a Coosal truck carrying a full load of gravel destined to fill the country’s latest sinkhole? Because he was trying to cross the road to get a photo of Miss Renee Bhagwandee standing on the other side wearing a bikini and a smile, .

Renee Bhagwandeen

Renee Bhagwandeen

Renee Bhagwandeen

Renee Bhagwandeen

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Salma Hayek – More Than Just Good Wallpaper

Salma Hayek - The Wallpaper

Salma Hayek is the stuff my dreams are still made of. Selma is currently 45 years old but it probably doesn’t matter to my memory of her and the pictures I downloaded from websites quite unlike Megaupload. Like most beautiful actresses, she takes to a bikini like voyeur takes to a zoom lens.  Apart from having the legs that will make any miniskirt look good, she once kissed a woman in a movie. Selma Hayek is Mexican by birth but sexy by nature. Unlike some fading female celebrities, she doesn’t have to do nudity in Playboy to get noticed once again.

Salma Hayek - Bikini

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What to Give Women For Christmas by A Man Called Aka_lol

It may be green but it is not for novices

Most men find Christmas gift giving for women to be a pain in the butt cheeks since it has become nearly impossible for men to know what women really want  irregardless of what women say they want or how much men spend on them. I have thought long and hard about this problem and realize that spending too much creates bad habits and sends the wrong signals to the bank thus the solution is not in the amount of money but in the cleverness of the thoughts behind the gifts. In an attempt to unravel the mystery of women gift-giving on the cheap without looking so, I make the following win-win suggestions  hoping it will help the confused man score big on a budget this Christmas.

a.) If you want the woman in your life to make you happy I recommend the stable Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, 15th Edition together with the exciting Naughty Net Micro G-String. The cost of the two items together will not break even a pauper’s piggy bank but will bring mammoth joy to  the world of the better women and all men. The gift combo is known as the shake and bake solution.

Bedtime reading for the woman in your life

b.) For men who are a bit less selfish, the woman in your life who enjoys a good book will appreciate Sexy Hot Tales: Selected Erotic Stories by Anonymous Authors and Barbara Hot. It may give her some creative ideas on how best to use the man in her life for things other than simple plumbing jobs. If she is into photography The Mammoth Book of New Erotic Photography by Maxim Jakubowski is not funny but may help tickle her pink if you are a failure at it.

c.) If the woman in your life is struggling with losing a few extra pounds and needs some motivation I highly recommend you ditch those fad diet books and instead buy a copy of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Portfolio: The Explorers Edition.

Illustrated for men but useful to women

To use as a weight-loss guide you, the smart man in her life, should constantly look through the book and circle here and there as if you intend to order something.  For obvious reasons, make sure she sees you circling and drooling but use a bib. This method has been known to cause women to do what ever it takes to lose those extra unwanted pounds that separate them from looking like a Sports Illustrated pinup girl with sunken eyes and breast. She may seem annoyed at first and the method on the surface may appear unkind  but she will thank you later if you survive the ordeal.

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Oh Gord, We Cyah Vote Fur Dat! – Ishmael Samad

Ishmael Samad on Elections 2010

Ishmael Samad on Elections 2010

You can click on the ad to get a better read. I thought he scored some very good points and I did not see any reply from those concerned about the points Ishmael Samad made. Full-page ads are not cheap and I saw this ad twice on the newspapers. One can’t help but conclude that Mr. Samad is using his money to help save the country. I don’t think Mr. Samad is mad or an attention-seeker but just an individual who passionately believes the country should be saved.

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Maxim Models

Maxim Maazine CoverMaxim is a magazine for men containing women but not just any women but women who are role models for other women. Maxim models are famous for knowing many things, especially how to bend for the camera. This feat of bending while starving to stay slim has earned them more money in a day than the average male spends on beer in a lifetime. The women who have been lucky enough to have made it to Maxim are a combination of celebrities and those girls in the gym next door.

There is something about being adored by millions of men every month, which attracts attractive women to want to pose for Maxim. Maxim is not like Playboy so it doesn’t encourage magazine nudity in most countries. Maxim magazine is now published in the US, UK, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, India, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Indonesia, Israel, Belgium, Romania, the Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, the Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine, and Portugal. The women’s equivalent to Maxim is probably Better Homes and Gardens.

Men all over the world are the same and are attracted to the shape of shapely women. Maxim provides men with all the information they can understand about women in pictures. Maxim speaks the universal male language known as sexy in most countries and hotness in others. Some women consider the male obsession with looking and drooling over nearly nude, sexy women to be disgusting but most men are quite happy with this.

I doubt there will be a Maxim Trinidad and Tobago because local men don’t spend money on women on paper. We prefer the real women though that can also cost paper.

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Steups – The Mood of the Nation

steupsI got this idea from Scene’s last blog post.

Only a few weeks ago I  saw the Mint from Diana with the word that I, and everybody in Trinidad and Tobago have been saying (in bold and red) more than usual, Steups.  Because of this, I decided to give Diana’s Steups some free ad space for understanding the mood of the nation better than any politician alive today. I also dedicate this blog post to those who make us feel no National Pride but only Steups instead.

Patrick Manning – Steups

Basdeo Panday – Steups

Gary Hunt – Steups

$2 Million Dollar Flag Pole – Steups

Colom Imbert – Steups

Bailey Bridge – Steups

Flooding – Steups

Trincity Mall – Steups

Neil Parsanlal – Steups

Calder Hart – Steups

Michael Annisett – Steups


Barry Sinanan – Steups

Corruption – Steups

Traffic, Traffic Everywhere – Steups

Martin Joseph – Steups

CoP Philbert – Steups

The Blimp – Steups

Crime Wave – Steups

Jerry Narace – Steups

Karen Nunez-Tesheira – Steups

Integrity Commission – Steups

Max Richards – Steups

Licensing Office (especially Omera) – Steups

Passport Office (ALL) – Steups

Shoulder Riders – Steups

CHOGM – Steups

WASA (Pothole Crews) – Steups

Please Feel Free to Add

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The Five Best People Who Are Not in Heaven…Yet

I have been tagged

I have been waiting to be tagged for almost a year and now that I have been tagged, I am at a loss for words. This tag came from Onedia of Onedia in the Ozarks blogging from Arkansas in the US. Here is the tag:

If you could spend an entire day with any five people who are now living

  • who would they be
  • why would you choose each person in the group
  • how would you like to spend the day with them
  • where would you like to spend the day with them

The five living people I would like to spend an entire day with are with old man Hefner in a mansion somewhere in the US, but I would like to have a more active day than Hef. With that out of the way, I would like to get down to serious business. I once heard someone say in a movie the best people are either married or dead, and I thought that was being repetitious. Anyway, my choice of five living people would be Barack Obama, Richard Dawkins, Stephen King, Bill Gates, and Sir Paul McCartney.

Barack Obama is an obvious choice because he has caused the world, and maybe even the people in the United States, to look at him closely and commercially. Obama may be just another charismatic politician but that is what I would like to find out. I would like to spend the day on the campaign trail to see first hand how he talks to people and if he swears.

Richard Dawkins is a disliked man in the religious world but I admire his courage to speak out, with scientific reasoning and logic, against some dangerous practices adopted by people. It doesn’t matter where I spend the day with Mr. Dawkins once there are no suicide bombers around.

I would like to see Stephen King work. Stephen King is a master storyteller, to use the old cliché, but to be so prolific and for so long is an amazing feat. I won’t talk ghost and accidents with the King, but I think everyday conversations would be enough for me to find out who he is. I don’t think he is a scary man and I doubt he could raise the dead in real life.

The first thing I would like to ask Bill Gates is why did it take so long to come up with a stable version of Windows and why is Vista so bloated and expensive. I would also tell Mr. Gates that I admire his success and charitable nature but I am curious to find out what he does with his money all day. Probably a day at the Office with Bill Gates would do it.

I decided on Sir Paul McCartney because he is one of the members of The Beatles who is not dead. I could go on and on about The Beatles but everything I say would have been said before and with better grammar and punctuation. Things like, they changed the face of music, they changed the world forever, they had stupid haircuts. I would like to ask Sir Paul what some of his lyrics mean such as “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.” I would also like to find out how he gets his protein and was she worth it. I would like to spend a day with Sir Paul when he is not in court in England.