An Unsavory Incident

Aka had caught The Master and Mini in a position that was not only compromising, but requiring great skill and Wisdom. This sighting drove Aka into a gloomy state, and caused, a fellow bloger (name withheld for security reasons), or blog-fellow, as it commonly referred to in modern bloging circles, to urged Aka to seek comfort in his own blogs. And this he did, much to the regret and annoyance his blog-fellows.

The Master had obviously not taught Aka everything and this had him disenchanted and bitter. It is true Aka wasn’t as flexible; I mean wise, as The Master but Aka was always willing to learn. What hurt Aka the most (no, not the position) was that Mini had to seek Wisdom from someone other that himself. Aka was proud of his Wisdom and was always willing to share it with Mini, if she so desired. Instead she went to the source, The Master, the great imparter of Wisdom. Everything in life teaches us a lesson but the only lesson this unsavory incident had taught Aka was that The Master’s Wisdom stood out more than his.

Scary Movies

We love to get scared when we have some control over the scare. That is the jolt we sometimes need when life gets too routine; otherwise we can blog. I never let the scary movie get to me, and that is why I don’t have nightmares about them. But I do have nightmares about dumb and useless movies. I call no names because those movies know who they are.

I saw The Omen once, and found it scary. The Exorcist was frightening and a head-turner. The Ring did surprise me during the first look but the second time it fizzled, maybe because I sat next to someone who was even scarier. Friday the 13th (the first) had its moments, and generally bloody good. Some say I should see the original Psycho if I want a scare, but I saw enough movies with JLo, and don’t ever want to be that terrified again.

A Con Job

Aka was not one for frills. He was the type to throw reality onto the bed of life, as it were, and get down to the task at hand, sometimes even with a finger to his lips. Naturally and in reality, this made him very popular with his imagination, but unpopular with his conscience.

Aka and Conscience, Cons, as Aka once affectionately called him, had known each other for several years and though inseparable, their relationship was now more of tolerance than friendship. However, when it was friendship it was close. But, as the nursery rhyme said, when it was bad it was horrid. Aka and Cons would often have these revolving-door type conversations, which always left both parties less than amused. Here is one such “Con Job,” as Aka calls them.

Aka: I was thinking, Cons, when was the last time you took a vacation, alone.

Cons: You know I can’t do that, you would be lost without me, and I, you.

Aka: Do you always have to speak like a Shakespearian character?

Cons: It adds to my credibility.

Aka: It adds to your stupidity.

Cons: I am not bothered by your feeble taunts, save those for lesser minds.

Aka: Really Cons, not bothered. Your whole life is based on being bothered. You need a vacation, go to the beach, collect some drift-wood, build a fire, bond with it. Do what all other consciences do, leave, maybe even meet Miss Conscience. That would get you off my case.

Cons: HaHaHa. How ironic it is for you to be tempting me with your weakness.

Aka: It is consciences like you, which makes life difficult for people like me.

Cons: It is consciences like me who keep you away from the law, the fast cars, the faster women, the sweetest temptations. It is I, who keep your bones intact and teeth in place.

Aka: Full of your self aren’t you? You sound like a Calcium advertisment.

Cons: No, full of you. And Calcium is good for you.

Aka: What does that mean.

Cons: I don’t know, there was a void in the blog and I filled it.

Aka: Ok, no probs. Thanks.

Cons: You are welcomed.

Aka sips some water. He turns the magazine to get a better view of the centerfold. He is impressed, he always is.

Aka: Have I not been a good boy Cons. Have I been too much trouble for you.

Cons: You have your moments, most bad.

Aka: Name one recent “bad” moment.

Cons: Mini Skirt.

Aka: What of her?

Cons: What of HER? What of HER? You could scarcely keep your mind away from her….from her….her…….You know what I mean!

Aka: So you were also looking! Where was your conscience, my good man. You are a guilty conscience!

Cons: I did my job, I worked overtime. Didn’t you see me? Didn’t you see me waving like a mad mind. Did you not hear me scream. And when that didn’t work didn’t you not see me “wine down de place,” just so that you would remember me!

Aka: Yes, yes the “wine.” The worst thing in the world is “ a Con wine,” and your wine was……uncalled for. Have you no conscience!

Cons: You frustrate me Aka!

Aka: And you, me!

Aka, looks untroubled, he turns to another page, his eyes pop out a bit and his blood rushes where it should. A truce is called, but the truce is never long. A temporary calm appears.

Cons: So Aka, what’s on your mind lately.

Aka: You should know.

Cons: That’s what I am afraid of.

The torment never ends…….

The Speed of Life

Aka wondered how fast life could travel, how fast from the beginning to the end. Aka had reasoned that there wasn’t any way for someone to travel faster than the speed of life, because if you could you would be dead, or probably not have ever existed. “You cannot live faster than anybody else because life travels at one speed and no faster” he told a friend. Not a very good friend, because this was not something good friends could put up with. Luckily, or unfortunately, this was the reason Aka blogged.

Sin City

The few unhappy, and probably disturbed people who walked out on the movie Sin City were victims of their own ignorance. Thankfully, ignorance has its own rewards, ten percent bliss and ninety percent punishment. These folks probably thought it was a remake of The Last Boy Scout because conventional wisdom said, how many different ways can you make a Bruce Willis movie. A mind gone bad is a difficult thing to change, and if you happen to have one that was typically entertained for several years, and never once complained with any conviction, then this movie isn’t for you.

Sin City was not only good, it was dam good. The entire movie was presented in black and white, with red and yellow thrown in when appropriate. You had valiant heroes, diabolical villains and females who stun with their fist as well as their curves. The gore was both implied and stated. The language was riddled with clichés that were so good it made you want to blog right there and then. There were no intolerable scenes, there were no sluggish plots; every piece of the jigsaw fell into place like a banana into its peel. It was a movie designed to pump masses of adrenalin into you, and it did just that.

Unfortunately, this movie is not for those who are offended by comic book style dismemberment, fluorescent blood, dangerously sexy curves and tastefully arousing nudity. Sin City is no freak of celluloid and it did what it had intended to do, and it did it without any apology to the conformist minds of our ever-changing planet.