Riding The Bitch of Trinidad and Tobago

I don’t know if there will be any parties to celebrate the successful hounding out of office and into the dog house of the incompetent and dotish UDeCOTT Board, but I hope so. That is the public’s sentiment and now that the proverbial blood has started to spill, citizens have become sharks and want to bite a few more asses. I have to admit the firing of the UDeCOTT Board was necessary since in the public’s eye they appear to be a part of a diabolical scheme to siphon public money from hospital beds and big to mid-size businessmen’s swimming pools into White Elephants and probably even a church here and over there. The public could be wrong but they could also be right.

The plot is unfolding like a movie where the bad guy is cornered by the handsome and bleeding good guy who suffered years of horrendous torture by the bad guy. Now, in the bad one’s last desperate move to survive, he pushes his loyal minions to their death in front of him as he huddles in a corner of a remote church, awaiting his inevitable, cruel and wajang fate that even a seer woman could see coming.

But the villain’s demise is not yet sealed as he is loved too bad by those who believe he holds the secret to their prosperity in the form of pay-for-little-work and overpriced contracts to sweep a little drain here and there.  These countless, loyal minions may yet ride in at the last minute and swoop the trembling, wet-pants leader to safety, allowing him to continue to ride citizens’ backs in the same way a dog in heat rides a bitch in public.

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Trinidad and Tobago – Running on Empty

I yawned last night when the news on all local TV stations reported that the police, famous for being loyal to our incorruptible leader, raided UDeCOTT offices, Sunway International’s offices and the home of Calder Hart, possibly looking for remnants of The Treasury. They did this after months of intense investigations – the AG claimed the investigations started since September last year but it appears nothing was done until the suspect fled the country maybe on a tipoff from one in the know. From what I saw on TV, the investigators wore shirt jack suits and detained some Dell and Lenovo PCs, a few external hard drives and laptops probably sporting quad and dual core processors. The police will probably find nothing but some local and foreign pornographic photos, a few good Malaysian jokes, family photos of long lost relatives and very little about churches or bank accounts. Even I don’t leave that kind of thing lying around my hard drive.

This raid was very entertaining and caused the press and print media to squeeze as much mileage from the recent government orchestrated stage show featuring loyal supporters of the God of the Government. The media however missed the most important piece of news to affect Trinidad and Tobago now and way into the future and that news is the money done. This report was pushed to page 10 of the Trinidad Express which says “BPTT Head: Natural Gas boom over.” Now, if a man like BPTT’s current head can face reality for a change and tell the public there will be no more easy money and we in Trinidad and Tobago must start to actually produce things the world wants  besides gas, oil and Chubby sweet drink, then things must be really bad. The Government knows this and many sensible people also know that the chances of getting their money from any failed insurance companies are getting dimmer by the second despite a bankrupt Government’s guarantee.

All these non-productive Port of Spain cosmetic projects, including the billion-dollar-fiasco-summits, have finally taken its toll on the country and all the money ain’t even done pass yet. The freeloaders appointed to cabinet are shaking in their shoes trying to justify their existence to the Prime Minister by nodding after every sentence the man utters, even when he is in a heightened state of delusion. I guess they must be suffering from his delusion as well.  A snap election is inevitable as more news of suspected financial wrongdoings is leaked to the public. Those contractors who had the foresight to milk the country dry before the downturn must be commended for their clear vision of the future. Hopefully they were smart enough to change their money into US dollars and bank it in Miami before our TT dollar floats away. I also hope they found the time and took those well-deserved European vacations. Hopefully, Citizens finally realize that God is not a Trini and he is extending the drought,  and WASA’s and UDeCOTT’s officials tenure just to prove this point.

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Under CONstruction

Maybe we in Trinidad and Tobago are Australian in nature and that is why we believe in the Kangaroo Court while the Government just like to cover up with construction dust and derelict Government Ministers.

I doubt very much that Mr. Hart will be arrested, much less found guilty of any wrong doing because the rumor is he has many files he will buss if they push him too far – we live in the land of rumors about escape clauses. It is heartening to know that Independent Bob is once again on the case but what Independent Bob finds may remain with those who have plenty to lose. All these investigations are an attempt by the Government to say to the public “We are on top of corruption” and I don’t disbelieve them for a second. What I find strange is that everybody had an idea that things were not right at UDeCOTT years ago except the Government who sang, and still sings praises to UDeCOTT all the way to Malaysia and back.  These announcements about criminal investigations are designed to save face and to distract. What the kangaroo-loving public must remember is that they should always keep their eyes on the real ball though that ball might still be under construction, or else the public might get shanghaied.

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Trinidad and Tobago – The Flag and The Flagging Public

Trinidad and Tobago FlagWhen they out for you, they out for you and if you happen to be named Minister Gary Hunt, they out for you even more. Yesterday a reporter asked the Minister Hunt if TT$2 million was too much to pay for the big Trinidad and Tobago flag at the Hasely Crawford Stadium and The Minister was politically clever to say if the flag cost around 2 million TT$ then that was a small price to pay for National Pride (not to be confused with Country Pride, which is a brand of flour).

The difference between Gary Hunt and the member of the media who asked Mr. Hunt the question is that, as a Government Minister, he is privy to information the public has no access to, such as the cost of national pride and salaries at UDECOTT. But Mr. Hunt misunderstood the question and the reporter did not ask about the cost of national pride, but the cost of the flag – two different things the last time I checked. Were the flag bids rigged? Was UDECOTT brought in to not only ensure unheard of transparency, but also to ensure we bought the best flag and hired the best flag installation contractor possible at the best price known to man? All the reporter was asking from Mr. Hunt was reassurance that when the public sees the giant flag flapping in the wind we will feel no nausea, but a sense of National Pride in where we money gone.

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What Trinidad is Famous For

Port of Spain Map - Duke StEverybody knows that Trinidad and Tobago is the land of the cocrico, the humming bird and unproductive, billion-dollar mega-projects but how many know that Trinidad is also the land of the Traffic Light.

Let’s say you leave Port of Spain and enter Wrightson Road at Duke Street corner and would like to get to Arima via the Churchill Roosevelt Highway. Do you know you would meet no less than twenty traffic lights and a bridge under repairs for nearly a year due to typical Ministry of Works’ incompetence? Here is the list of these traffic lights:

  1. Dock Road/Hyatt
  2. Independence Square
  3. Light House
  4. Sea Lots
  5. El Socorro
  6. Aranguez
  7. Uriah Butler
  8. Bamboo/Labor College
  9. Valsayn
  10. Valpark
  11. Kay Donna/Southern Main Road
  12. UWI
  13. Pasea
  14. Macoya
  15. Golden Orange Grove added to list 0n 7th October 2009
  16. TrinCity
  17. Golden Grove
  18. Maloney
  19. Mausica
  20. Omera
  21. Tumpuna

Trinidad Traffic LightIs it any wonder the population is edgy and the slightest provocation by Government arrogance is met with angry headlines, editorials, blogs and Wade Mark? Is it any wonder we couldn’t care less about the UDECOTT Board and we don’t believe they are made up of people of integrity despite the fact they wear suits and some speak with peculiar accents.

We are a nation that takes too long to get anywhere and when we do get there we are met with No Parking signs, wreckers and gun-toting bandits who already have a sale for your car. Not only does the city flood with short clouds but the arrogant, pro-flood Mayor wants to ban wee-wee trucks. The population is fed up of the visionary who thought the entire population must work in the same tall buildings in the same cramped and waterlogged city plus get there at the same time without thinking about the reintroduction of hanging. The population is fed up of short-man syndrome policies that attack the people instead of help. We are a population that wants to stop fighting with our elected Government and selected President and start worrying about how much of the Heritage Fund will be used for conferences and bribes.

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Trinidad and Tobago – Even Worse Than UDECOTT

ball and legs - Kill Bill Vol 1The first thing people must understand is that despite the bad press the UDECOTT fiasco is generating and even if big, big, unsmiling, arrogant men in Government were implicated it won’t change the outcome of an election. What would change the outcome is if this current economic situation and mismanagement by the government affects people’s pockets.

Who thief” was always a form of vile entertainment for the population but not a reason to change die-hard political allegiance. However, despite the middle-class expressing annoyance with the Property Tax’s bigger ball and shorter chain, the inevitable slide of the TT dollar will be the blow that cracked everybody’s gold-plated egg. The currency slide will take away any gains people thought they made over the last few years. Big screen TVs and even big hard drives will once again become long-term dreams of the population just like winning the lotto. This currency slide will turn the manna from heaven our PM promised into anger and rage. That is why the self-righteous but corrupt trade union leaders are now vocal – they too need bigger TVs at good prices and vacations to Disney World.

Everybody knows the PM isn’t as stupid as he looks and sounds and that the PM loves power as much as he loves his million-dollar drapes, thus he is likely to call an election early in the New Year to protect the two things he loves the most. He will call the election months before all hell breaks loose and after he regains power the crime rate of today will seem like the good old days. The PM will get the majority in Parliament he longed for because the Opposition, having big, unaccounted for foreign bank accounts, has become an arm of the Government – surprise, surprise.

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Cell Phones, Horns, Foreplay, and Bull Pissel

mackAn old Ford Cortina moves at donkey-cart speed on the fast lane of the highway. The driver is a gray-haired,  old man taking on a cell phone to his 21-year-old, pregnant girlfriend who just came home from partying all night. He is unaware he is being tailgated by a big Mack truck running on diesel and rage. Several horns pierce the busy highway and the old man’s life but he doesn’t notice; he is cut off from the rest of the world by the joys of technology and the promise of Viagra  ~ aka_lol

That was not the opening paragraph from a novel I have any intentions of writing but it was triggered by a scene I noticed on the highway this morning. The old man seemed unaware of the disruption he was causing or the danger involved and he is like the millions who use cell phones on the road; ignorant of the horns.

The most abused modern device is not a laptop downloading porn but a cell phone being answered. The cell has made pigs of most of us since when it rings it becomes our master, even interrupting foreplay, or when on vibrate mode, starting it. The call could be something as trivial as a wife asking a husband to make his own meals from now on, or eventful as a special offer from KFC – Extra Crispy.

Tobago BullCell phones have made pigs of us and we seem powerless to stop it from taking over our lives, from hearing sirens, from noticing horns. The abuse of cell phones doesn’t end with pig-manners but instead it sometimes ends in embarrassing insurance claims or undertakers.

Making the use of cell phones in moving cars illegal will not solve the problem since most aren’t afraid of the law because the law is hard to find except at casino vaults and in police station ceilings. But most of us are afraid of the bull pissel aka the bull bouy, or pizzel, a potent whip made from the penis of a bull. But in order to ensure animal rights, a synthetic bull penis is being developed for whipping purposes only at a popular, secret bull bouy laboratory.

Trinidad and Tobago folklore says, when used properly and regularly, the bull pissel has the potential to point crooked lives in the right direction just moments after the deviant regains consciousness.  I think we need to allow the bull pissel to play an important part in the lives of cell phone abusers and some at UDECOTT. We need the bull pissel not only to straighten out the crooked ones but so that the better people can feel satisfaction again.

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Producing Productivity in Trinidad and Tobago

productivity-chartProductivity – A country’s productivity is usually measured by the country’s GDP per hours worked.

GDP – Measuring GDP is complicated (which is why we leave it to the economists), but at its most basic, the calculation can be done in one of two ways: either by adding up what everyone earned in a year (income approach), or by adding up what everyone spent (expenditure method). Logically, both measures should arrive at roughly the same total. ~ Investopedia

Productivity isn’t everything but in the end it is almost everything. A country’s ability to improve its standard of living over time depends almost entirely on its ability to raise its output per worker. ~ Paul Krugman

Short skirts in the workplace has been shown to boost productivity by boosting attendance. ~ aka_lol

productivity cartoonPrime Minister Patrick Manning said the country’s productivity has been falling for the last five years and though I didn’t have the figures to prove it I had a gut feeling it was so since everybody I knew was either stuck in traffic or flood during productive times.  The Prime Minister is saying we citizens were being paid more and more over those five years but we produced less and less. I feel a sense of shame because of this. What The Prime Minister didn’t say was people were being paid more and more for one of several reasons –  to avoid starvation due to inflation, to go apartment shopping in Miami or to help win elections. The Prime Minister also said in his speech to launch the Productivity Council that citizens must work harder and come to work on time – the answers are always so simple.

productivitySo we need to produce more corn curls, Crix and painted stones (aka GDP) per man per hour.  How we in Trinidad and Tobago achieve more productivity will not be easy since UDECOTT is already spending efficiently and the new helicopters will produce more than just dust in we face. The Parliamentarians are taking the lead and agreed to a much deserved wage freeze but will produce more hot air in return. All these efforts must be commended but I am mostly hoping the 15-man Productivity Council has enough productive members to produce a productive report worth producing at a competitive price.

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Summit of the Americas – Why Protests Matters


If the Government of Trinidad and Tobago wants to forbid protest during the Summit of The Americas in April they should think again. The Government agreed to host The Summit not to show off the made in China Prime Minister’s Mansion, or the modern but empty Waterfront Project but to highlight the real Trinidad and Tobago; or so he said. The Government must understand that only through protests will people see the real Trinidad and Tobago and not through elected empty vessels.

Journalists are normally not stupid and are never energized by talk but by protests and unruly behavior with a cause. Video clips of the Summit proceedings will have a dead look especially when our Prime Minister speaks or is shown in his daily, haughty, clueless pose. Only Obama will be of any interest and the rest of leaders will be faces in the crowd, hopefully not picking their noses on camera. The world craves substance in the form of real emotion and not a billion-dollar-waste-of-time.

People did not know or care where the G20 Summit was being held until the protesters jumped (danced) in front the cameras. The G20 protestors were unfortunately not there to highlight the wastefulness and corruption of the Trinidad and Tobago Government, UDECOTT, the childishness of our The Minister of Works or even the stupidity of our Minister of Finance. The protesters were there to protest a cause known as greed. The Summit of the Americas can give our local protesters, along with foreign protest consultants, a world stage to highlight both international and our version of greed, incompetence, and massive ego tripping. This is something all suffering countries will identify with. Maybe The Protest in Trinidad will become popular on YouTube and blogs and shame our Government into caring.  Naturally, well staged protests will make people curious about Trinidad and Tobago and soon enough people will learn the names Patrick Manning, Calder Hart, Lawrence Duprey and Golden Grove.

The Problem With UDECOTT


The biggest problem with UDECOTT isn’t that the public thinks it is a corrupt organization staffed with people who are born to be crooked. The biggest problem with UDECOTT isn’t that the designers of the Brian Lara Stadium couldn’t tell the difference between a tulip and a coconut tree. The biggest problem isn’t even the stadium may become a billion dollar white elephant and make Israel Khan more angry. The Biggest problem isn’t even with the millions of taxpayers’ dollars that is being spent on lawyers to defend foolish men employed by taxpayers against taxpayers.

The biggest problem with UDECOTT is that the masses who screamed about the corruption with the Piarco Airport Terminal are now silent and indifferent about UDECOTT. These are the masses that are on standby to either wave a flag in support of something that can’t be defended logically or keep their tail between legs. It depends on what their Leader says and not their brains.

People in Trinidad and Tobago believe right and wrong isn’t based on logic but based on who thief. Kevin Baldeosingh,  in his masterful Trini trolleys and More Trini trolleys articles, pointed this out. Sadly, Trinidad and Tobago hasn’t developed into a logic-thinking  society but into something frightening.

Please Complete – The Cabinet Note

humor_kiss_my_ass_red_shirtA Cabinet Note was discovered pinned to a tee-shirt which was found in a shinny, black, new SUV. Here is the content of that note and it is being made public for the first time.


Dear Cabinet,

Here is a list of things I want done ASAP since many, many years is a long time even by my standards (for those who don’t know or are just too stupid ASAP means As Soon As Possible and sometimes pronounced Ass Arp or Ass Up in your case). These things are not to be done for the Summit but for the lovely people. Please have all task finished at least seven days before 17th April.

  • Paint concrete dividers on the highway so that drivers and dignitaries will notice how clean they look and think our hands are also clean. Have no fear; we will stick posters on them before the Local Gov elections.
  • Cut trees in airport car park so that thieves can be seen smashing car windows to get to valuables and bags of bene balls left on car seats. Seeing is believing.
  • Cut trees near lighthouse to prevent the Sea Lots bandits from hiding in them. Those bandits will have to hide elsewhere so think of somewhere else for them to hide. Bandits are our friends and supporters.
  • Widen road near Light House so that people will feel we want them to come to town.
  • Get somebody at UDECOTT to make up another completion date for the white…I mean the Brian Lara Stadium.
  • Pave airport tarmac to accommodate VIPs (for those who do not know or are simply stupid it means Very Important Planes)
  • Cut bush where necessary.
  • Install CCTV where it matters.
  • Remove tints from cars so we can see who we looking for with the CCTV.
  • Move the homeless but make it sound humane. I don’t care what you do with them since most don’t have ID cards.
  • Promise the Unions dialogue since talk is cheap.
  • Lock down appropriate areas.
  • Promise the people anything to keep them from burning tires.
  • Monitor blogs which are critical of the Government and take appropriate action but keep action quiet.

p.s. Mr. Minister of Works, why am I paying a consultant to tell the public the steel no good. I have a good feeling to pay him from your cu…your salary.


The President of The United States Writes The Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago


The US President decides to write the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago a brief, informal letter to discuss a few things. Here are the contents of that fictitious letter:

Greetings Mr. Prime Minister and lets hope we could work together in the spirit of cooperation and all that crap.

Only recently I became aware of who you were but knew about Trinidad and Tobago from my Geography classes and apparently there might even be a Trini in the Whitehouse since Trinis are everywhere, I am told by the CIA.

I am due to officially visit your beautiful country for some Summit thing ah hear yuh having and I hope the security in your country is tight but from what I have been reading it sounds frightening. Seven murders in one night in a country so small? Well, I was going to write “You can’t be serious, Mr. Prime Minister” but my aides said it would be impolite to imply incompetence and stupidity in an official letter to a Head of State. But seriously, “Wuh going orn, man. De country so small and the murder rate out of control. Yuh know wah yuh doing?” However, it was heartening to read your Police Commissioner is more than a little concerned.

I will be coming for one, two or three days by Air Force One and hope you have secure parking for my plane. De way I hear dey thiefing things from foreigners over in Trini ah feel ah go have to put mih own guards to watchman mih plane. Ah hear yuh wanted yuh own plane too buh yuh couldn’t get though. Next time, nah. Boy, you real big, yes.

As you are well aware, I am new to being a Head of State and I met tons of problems caused by a dumb administration when I entered office. I suppose you, being in power for so long, must understand what a dumb administration is.  This is a crazy world we live in where the population is getting brighter and have access to Google so pulling wool over people’s eyes by politicians is not as easy as it once was. The world is now so crazy people of democratic countries are now demanding their politicians perform or else they would be voted out. I would like to find out how you became the exception to that rule. Maybe we could discuss this at the Summit thing but I think it’s better to perform than to find wool.

The US and Trinidad have always been allies but I understand your heart and one kidney is with Cuba. I suppose you are a big man and can make big man decisions. I don’t think Cuba is a threat to the region and my good friend Bill spoke highly of Cuban cigars. I just thought I would bring up Cuba since you seem to have a thing for the place.

I heard so much about the natural beauty of The Asa Wright Nature Centre, the Splendor of Carnival, The Wonders of The Pitch Lake, The Height of The Hyatt, The Floods of Port of Spain and The Truth About UDECOTT. Nice place you have there and I have one word of advice for you, if I may be so bold, and that is The Truth doesn’t always set you free. But I suppose you knew that long time.

Anyway, got to go now and stimulate the economy so…

…will chat later

The UDECOTT Defense

appellate-argument1There are two teams of high-power lawyers defending UDECOTT at the Commission of Enquiry, which means citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are paying millions of dollars, times two, to represent (or is it defend) itself against itself. The people at UDECOTT would argue they didn’t ask for the Commission of Enquiry (and for good reason) but now the Commission is a fact of life, it has to defend itself with all its might, all its soul, and all the taxpayer’s dollars it can, once again, lay its hands on.

The teams of lawyers representing UDECOTT are saying their client is being unfairly attacked which I take to mean their client would prefer to be fairly attacked but have no problem with an attack, per se. That, however, is a layman’s view and subject to misinterpretation by even an average lawyer. I don’t know if these lawyers are that clever or worth the money they are being paid but as far as I am concerned these lawyers are inciting thoughts of violence when the word attack is used in the same sentence with the word UDECOTT. Instead, these lawyers should have used the more passive synonym for attack, bother and say “UDECOTT just doesn’t want to be bothered.”

When highly paid lawyers are being paid big taxpayers’ dollars to defend something that cannot be defended they beg for the stadium not to be consider as a typical example of their client’s work. This is similar to a man being sentenced for robbery saying “look how many people you can’t prove I robbed.” I would be the first to agree that lawyers have to do their job which is to represent their clients to the best of the lawyers’ ability, even if that means they ( the lawyers) have to stand up in full view of the public and bray like an ass. It seems the law is not the only ass in town and taxpayers continue to fund stables of them.

The Breathalyzer in Trinidad and Tobago


I don’t know if people have noticed that statements by Government Ministers are no longer featured in the Political section of the daily Newspapers but under Entertainment. The recent statement by The Minister of Works reaffirms the correctness of this trend when he blamed Technocrats of his Ministry for the delays in implementing the breathalyzer in Trinidad and Tobago. The Minister did not say to whom these delinquent Technocrats reported or even if they were obligated to take instructions from any Minister. After The Minister’s statement there was a hush across the room and fear in the eyes of more than half the crowd. Thankfully, no date was given for the implementation of this dreaded device and it was business and Bloody Marys as usual.

The Minister went on to reveal that a 50 million dollar plus contract was awarded, hopefully not UDECOTT style, to a contractor to implement a traffic management system along the East-West Corridor. The system will include many high-tech devices such as Closed Circuit Cameras which can snap clear photos of people breaking red lights, driving on the shoulder and hugging the front seat passenger who may not be a spouse or of the opposite sex. These photos are expected to stand up in court since the charges would neither be due to victimization nor would the Integrity Commission be involved. What the Minister did not say was the system has to be implemented with great haste because he dreamt on more than one occasion that the Interchange would do very little for people from the East heading into Port of Spain in the morning. The Minister offered no solution for the bottleneck into Port of Spain, Government interference in various Commissions, or The Prime Ministers recent scandalous outburst in Parliament.

Stay Tuned For More Entertainment News.

An Open Letter to Calder Hart

chDear Mr Hart,

Commission of Enquiry Commissioners, Professor Uff and Mr Khan, last week, asked, maybe not in the friendliest of tones, what your compensation package was and you told them that you, a man paid by the public, did not want to disclose the figure to the public in a public hearing by a Commission of Enquiry. Can you see the irony here, Mr Hart? Is your package so big that is must be kept hidden from the public to prevent scaring them? This hiding of packages, as your would be aware by now, left your-salary-paying-public quite annoyed and caused much speculation about the size of your package, compensation package that is, on the Internet. As you are well aware by now, without facts rumors spread and then rumors become the facts. As you are also aware there is a great level of distrust in the minds of the public about your company’s conduct in spending the people’s money, which is caused by the hiding of information from the public. There is also a view that your company is not only mismanaging public funds, but also are overpaid, overrated and shady. This Enquiry is the golden opportunity for you and your team to dispel these perceptions but you appear to have more to confirm and hide than deny. As I said before, it is only a perception by the public and may be far from the truth.

Your supporters and fans said you are a man who can get the job done but Wall Street were full of can-do individuals, some even as competent as yourself. What I  understood, or misunderstood from the enquiry so far is that you appear to operate like a secret agent, probably nicknamed 009 or something, with an unrestrained license to build. You appear to get your orders from a mysterious and unknown boss like Tom Cruise did in Mission Impossible, and your approach is that of an unbridled bulldozer. You can correct me if I am wrong and I hope I am.

However, Mr Hart, in your defense, your approach might be what the public needs to jolt us out of slumber. After all, our Public Service was designed to find creative and innovative ways to not get anything done or to get it done in the slowest way possible but not without lunch. Just look at the Police Service, the Licensing Division, Ministry of Works and the Immigration Department. Ineffectiveness seems to be their mandate and the staff is well versed in carrying out this mandate. Your team, on the other hand, was designed to provide buildings on time, within budget, without excuses and without public outcry. I suppose you can’t behave like a public servant and deliver like the private sector. But, Sir, even in the private sector there are rules and codes of conduct which are followed and it’s not a free for all by any means. It is almost always someone else’s money to account for.

So, this is the dilemma. Should we continue with the traditional way with a prolonged and inefficient tender procedure where the contractor with the lowest bid and who can’t do the job is selected or should we go the way of the unbridled bulldozer? The answer is almost obvious and the best of both worlds is what the public demands. The public did not get value for money using the traditional method and will certainly not get any value for money when there is no accountability. But how we go in the future will be a political decision guided by public sentiments and I don’t mean to burden you with decisions that are not yours to make.

Managing the public’s purse is always tricky and surely the powers that be must know how hard it is to justify cost overruns on useless projects and the awarding of tenders to friends and sometimes, even family members from distant lands. Maybe that is why you were considered the right man for the job, I don’t know. I am not suggesting you did anything illegal, immoral or unscrupulous since that is for the Commission of Enquiry to decide. My job, as a member of the public, is an everlasting one and that is to express my displeasure at what I see and keep on wondering whey de money gone.