Riding The Bitch of Trinidad and Tobago

I don’t know if there will be any parties to celebrate the successful hounding out of office and into the dog house of the incompetent and dotish UDeCOTT Board, but I hope so. That is the public’s sentiment and now that the proverbial blood has started to spill, citizens have become sharks and want to bite a few more asses. I have to admit the firing of the UDeCOTT Board was necessary since in the public’s eye they appear to be a part of a diabolical scheme to siphon public money from hospital beds and big to mid-size businessmen’s swimming pools into White Elephants and probably even a church here and over there. The public could be wrong but they could also be right.

The plot is unfolding like a movie where the bad guy is cornered by the handsome and bleeding good guy who suffered years of horrendous torture by the bad guy. Now, in the bad one’s last desperate move to survive, he pushes his loyal minions to their death in front of him as he huddles in a corner of a remote church, awaiting his inevitable, cruel and wajang fate that even a seer woman could see coming.

But the villain’s demise is not yet sealed as he is loved too bad by those who believe he holds the secret to their prosperity in the form of pay-for-little-work and overpriced contracts to sweep a little drain here and there.  These countless, loyal minions may yet ride in at the last minute and swoop the trembling, wet-pants leader to safety, allowing him to continue to ride citizens’ backs in the same way a dog in heat rides a bitch in public.

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15 thoughts on “Riding The Bitch of Trinidad and Tobago

  1. allowing him to continue to ride citizens’ backs in the same way a dog in heat rides a bitch in public.

    If I was looking for an appropriate analogy, this would be it…

    • I have to agree with you, Captain. I don’t have much hope any change in the short term. But when the tank is down to its last few drops, it wouldn’t be a bobbolee they beating.

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  3. Well said, akalol. I keep remembering that press conference (a year ago? two years?) where these *expletive* board members poured their arrogance, disdain and conviction of invincibility on the reporters present, and on the country. This is sweet.

    Things fall apart, to quote whatsisname. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

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