The Breathalyzer in Trinidad and Tobago


I don’t know if people have noticed that statements by Government Ministers are no longer featured in the Political section of the daily Newspapers but under Entertainment. The recent statement by The Minister of Works reaffirms the correctness of this trend when he blamed Technocrats of his Ministry for the delays in implementing the breathalyzer in Trinidad and Tobago. The Minister did not say to whom these delinquent Technocrats reported or even if they were obligated to take instructions from any Minister. After The Minister’s statement there was a hush across the room and fear in the eyes of more than half the crowd. Thankfully, no date was given for the implementation of this dreaded device and it was business and Bloody Marys as usual.

The Minister went on to reveal that a 50 million dollar plus contract was awarded, hopefully not UDECOTT style, to a contractor to implement a traffic management system along the East-West Corridor. The system will include many high-tech devices such as Closed Circuit Cameras which can snap clear photos of people breaking red lights, driving on the shoulder and hugging the front seat passenger who may not be a spouse or of the opposite sex. These photos are expected to stand up in court since the charges would neither be due to victimization nor would the Integrity Commission be involved. What the Minister did not say was the system has to be implemented with great haste because he dreamt on more than one occasion that the Interchange would do very little for people from the East heading into Port of Spain in the morning. The Minister offered no solution for the bottleneck into Port of Spain, Government interference in various Commissions, or The Prime Ministers recent scandalous outburst in Parliament.

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9 thoughts on “The Breathalyzer in Trinidad and Tobago

  1. “Of all the irresponsible remarks made in Monday’s special sitting of Parliament, the most egregious was undoubtedly Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s, who threatened to investigate CL Financial Holdings in order to discover a supposedly corrupt link between CL’s Lawrence Duprey and Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday.” as stated in the Trinidad Newsday’s editorial of the 4th February, 2009. This statement did nothing to bolster confidence in the financial system, or in Government’s ability to not victimize. Coming from the PM, this is a very telling statement about what the Government is really about. No shame, no apology, no nothing.

  2. Entertainment.. isnt that what its all about… who can out talk the other…

    the problem with CCC is that I can say its use is illegal evidence… the same way that the MOWT man is making excuses for the Breathalyzer… they first have to amend the existing laws/framework to allow the use of this as evidence… I can put your car on the shoulder using Photoshop… there also has to be signage alerting me of its use…

    just a note… I have to check if my idea was passed on… cause I counted cars last week and lost my notes for my blog post… I was going to work using a 10% commission for every car I snapped on the shoulder… in half an hour i counted more than 50 cars… the fine is $200 do the math…

  3. I think you are correct, bandi. I doubt with the present law the photos could be used as evidence but I am sure the Government has already thought about that. I am not being sarcastic this time 🙂

    If your plan works, you will be a millionaire before the country bus 😉

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  5. breathalyzer:
    what are the fines for which amount of alcohol intake? Where is the limit, i.e. 0.3 is limit in Germany. after that you get fined according to your intake. Obviously only if they catch you due to random checks or accident related.

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